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Russell tosses and turns on his bed. It's been about four weeks since the classes have started. Tomorrow night is his next match, and the night before; as usual, he gets really nervous. His body is tense, and palms are clammy with cold sweat as he tosses and turns from the frustration he is feeling.

He has been training like crazy, every night without stopping, and feels he is improving, but Joe warned him, the guy he will be fighting with tomorrow night is good, really good. He was warned that his opponent is an actual professional fighter. If all goes well, Russell himself could be sponsored by someone, and he will be opened to greater paid opportunity.

He gets up, off his bed and walks out of his room. He goes directly towards the kitchen to grab a glass of water to try and relax himself. grabbing a glass off the cupboard and running the water from the faucet and filling up his glass.
Though October is just days away, the weather has been quite unpredictable this year, keeping him this night feeling like he's left the oven on all night. Needless to say, yes, it's hot! Very hot tonight.

Just as he is taking he endulges in the last gulp of his ice cold water, he hears a grunt, and Samantha comes out of her room, wearing her long t-shirt and tiny shorts to grab a drink herself.

She barely manages to open her eyes, her hair all messy and she stumbles a bit while trying to maintain her balance afoot.

Russell chuckles as he sees her coming in. Though he finds her completely attractive, he's been a charmer and a complete gentleman with her; just like his uncle taught him to be.

"Morning sunshine!" He chuckles as he places the glass down on the sink and allows her to walk past him towards the refrigerator.

She opens the door and grabs a soda can out popping it open and taking long sips from it.

She sighs, still half asleep and sits on the bar stool closest to her. "Morning? It's ridiculously early Russ! And ridiculously hot out tonight! How can you stand this weather? I figured it would have cooled down already."

"I'm guessing you haven't been to California much have you? Weather is unpredictable here. But honestly yes! It's really hot tonight, makes me miss my hometown right about now."

She tilts her head and gives him a lopsided smile. "I thought you were from California. You seem like any other kid out here. Where did you grow up?"

The question bringing him back to a time when he felt lonelier than he does now. But nonetheless, he clears his throat and sits across from her.

"I, uh, no. I grew up in Tennessee. I was born in New York, up until I was about ten I lived there, but then circumstances changed and I moved to Tenessee. What about you? You look like you have the whole beach glow going, where did you grow up?" He smiles and sees her surprised expression painted in her beautiful sunshine glow. Her cheekbones tinted in a nice rosie tone.

"Oh, well I was born and raised here in California all my life. I only leave when I go on vacation or when I had to tag along with my parents on business." She smiles and tilts her head down slightly.

"You know, this is the first time we actually have had time to sit and talk since we became roommates." She smiles and takes a sop of her soda pop.

He chuckles lightly, hanging his head low and biting his lower lip. "Yeah, I guess between classes and all, we haven't really had time to talk."

"Well, besides the fact that when we do have time, Brandon and Kim always take over our dorm with their video games!" They both chuckle and Samantha reaches down, realizing Figaro has gotten out of the room and came out looking for her.

He's slightly bigger and over all had become a well behaved kitten. But the only problem was, he had become extremely attached to both Sam and Russell.

"Hi Figaro! You missed mama didn't you? He turns his body escaping her hold and walking across the island, nestling between Russell's arms. Sam hawks her mouth open and crosses her hands over her chest. "Wha- Figaro? You traitor! I thought you wanted my attention." She pouts making Russell chuckle. He slowly runs his fingers on Figaros fur, making him purr loudly as he falls back to sleep.

"Quiet down you two! I got class tomorrow at 7 in the morning." Brandon's voice from across the livingroom startles both of them as they turn seeing Brandon sleeping on the couch.

"Brandon? I though you went home after the movie you and Kim were watching?" Samantha questions as she turns her body, placing her hands back, resting her elbows on top of the island.

Brandon yawns, bringing the back of his hand forward purtruting his yawn.

"Yeah, well I did. But I got stopped on the way to my dorm by someone I really did not want to see so I ran back over here. Sorry Russ! I think that may have been a big mistake. You had your earphones on when I knocked on your room and Sam was in the shower so Kim let me in. Thanks to her, the person left, but..." Russell narrows his eyebrows, as he now stands and holds his left hand on the island and right hand over his hip bone.

"Who is this person you're talking about? And why are you apologizing to me Brandon?" He tilts his head, pursing his lips in a thin line.

"Umm. . . .Someone you have been avoiding to talk to for the last two and a half years. I'm guessing she transferred back here again and was out looking for you."

Russell slams his hand on the island, startling Sam, making her jump in place.

"Damn it Brandon! You should of just went back to your own room! Now she knows where I'm staying. She's going to be nothing but trouble and you know that!" He fixes his glasses on his face and clenches his jaw. The cringe of his teeth make the hairs on the back of Samantha's arms stand.

"Who- who are you guys talking about? Who is this girl? And why are you avoiding her Russ?" She asks in a low nervous voice.

He looks at her, and sighs as he sits back down and grabs Figaro from the island as he walks around and hands him back to Samantha. He sits next to Brandon and pulls his body forward as he runs his face with both of his hands.

"Her name is Amber. We dated back in high school, a few months before graduation and well, unfortunately things didn't end well; we broke up towards the middle of our freshman year. I was able to avoid talking to her while she was busy with her new boyfriend. When things didn't work out with him, she kept coming around, calling me, sending me emails and even visiting my uncle back home whenever we had holiday breaks. I was glad to find out from a friend of hers that she was transferring out to Texas by the end of the first semester in our sophomore year. My guess is, she had finally found out where Marcus had transferred out to. But if she's back again, it just means she probably broke up with him and is back here to our school." Samantha sighs, she looks at Russell with melancholic and sympathy, slowly lowering her head and lets Figaro as he purrs asleep in her arms. The small speck of moonlight making his bell on his collar shine.

"Hey! What's going on? Why is everyone awake?" Kim walks towards Sam and grabs Figaro off her arms and kisses his nose. She sits on the barstool next to Sam and places Figaro safely on her arms as she snuggles him like a tiny baby.

"Um, just, you know? It's too hot. So we all came out for a drink." Sam smiles and Kim raises her eyebrow. The ten years or so of friendship has been more than plenty for Kim to know when she's lying or hiding something.

"This is about that blonde chick who came up earlier isn't it? She's very pretty! But rude as hell. She tried to brave in here so I stopped her and told her to back off or I'd call the police and the administrators. She cursed me and told me to go to hell, but she left anyway! So, you're welcome." She winks an eye at Russell and gets up grabbing a soda for herself from the fridge.

If Russell had been worried all day about the fight tomorrow? He had one, bigger, and more crucial problem in his hands now, the return of his ex nightmare. Amber Devoroux, the girl that broke his heart back in their first year of college, the one he thought was going to be THE ONE for him, until the day he found her sleeping with another guy.

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