Queen's Mafia Rescue

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Second Book! Kenzi is now the Queen of two Mafia's and shit's about to get real! With all the Lies and Betrayal will she become a Merciful Queen or a Merciless Queen like her mother? We will soon find out!

Action / Romance
Holly Thompson
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Chapter 1

Hey Everyone before I get started this is the second book of Hell's Mafia Rescue, so if you haven't read it please do! You will notice the same character's and some new ones. I hope you enjoy, now on to the story.

Kenzi's POV
It's been a week since I ran Jax out of town! I've tested the men for the past week, today everyone will find out their position's and who the top dogs are. I'm sitting in the office and I turn the intercom on.
Alright Men! It's time everyone come to the office. I say over the intercom. A few minutes later everyone is in my new office! Alright guys each one of you are important but their can only be so many top dogs! Spencer you will be helping me run the Magaddino's Mafia! Axl you now sit at the desk of the Hell's Mafia but I suggest a new name and Wyatt will be helping you! I'm good with that are you axl? Yeah Spencer I'm good with it! just the Carter says "what the fuck about me"? I look up at him and tell him "Carter if you could ever get that mouth of your's under control, you'll be my left hand man"! Hell yeah now i'm the boss. O brother I gave you the spot of a leader, but don't get it twisted I'm still in charge and the top bitch! I promise I haven't forgotten Axl replies. Good now you and Wyatt need to come up with a new name, ya'll have an hour or i'll pick. We go this right Axl, Fuck yea Spencer. One more thing we still need to find Evan, i'm pretty fucking sure he is out there planning something big! Kenzi we will find him says Carter. Well everyone get to it Axl remember you've got an hour! Now yall get the hell out. Everyone leaves.
Spencer's POV
So i'm in our tech room searching for fucking Evan when my cell rings. I pick up and answer. Hello? Hey man it's John Thompson. Fuck man, it's good to hear from you! I'm actually calling to ask a favor, my sister, nephew and I need a safe place to stay. John just head this way and I'll cal right back, I've got t check something out real quick. Alright thanks Spencer! Without another word I end the call and walk into the office. Kenzi do you have a few minutes? Yeah have a seat. I do. Okay so what's up Spencer? I just got a call from an old friend. He saved my life once and I owe him! He needs a place for his sister, nephew and him to stay. First why are they on the run? Well I don't know I just told him i'd call him back.
Kenzi hands me the phone. Do it from here and keep it on speaker, I want to hear. Alright I say and I call him.
Phone conversation
Hello? Hey man before I can agree I need to know why your family is on the run! Well my nephew's father is literally just set my sister's house on fire. We barely got out in time! Trust me Paul is literally the Devil Incarnated! I look up to Kenzi and she's shaking nodding her head Yes! Alright man I've got a place for ya'll to stay, how long until you get New York? About 17 hours. Alright I'll send you the address. Alright sounds good and thanks man. I end the call passing the phone back to Kenzi. Spencer I want all the information we can get on John and his sister! Trust me Kenzi they are good. I don't care I want to have all the information, I don't just take peoples words. Now Go! I walk out of the office and get Dexter he is our tech guy now. Hey Dexter Kenzi wants you to get all the information on John Thompson and his sister. Alright i'll let her know what I find he says. Just then Axl and Wyatt walk in. Hey guys, So Wyatt and I came up with a name. How about ya'll tell us what you think before we go to my boss as sister. Alright let's hear it I said.
Fallen Angel's Mafia Axl says. I think your sister is going to like it! Nah She's going to love it. Wyatt say's I guess we're about to find out, pointing to Kenzi walking up. What's up? We have a new name says Wyatt. Then Axl says "Fallen Angel's Mafia". I like it! Alright we will officially announce it at the Mafia Ball next week! O Kenzi while your here, I got the information you wanted! Alright Lets's hear it. John is good the sister Emery has one speeding ticket and a hell of a hospital record, the son Ethan is six. Good Job Dex! Dex is a nickname Kenzi gave Dexter!
Emery's POV
My brother, son and I are on the run from Paul the devil incarnated! I left Paul when my son was born. Things have always been bad and have gotten worse in time, but two day's ago I saw our lives flash before my eyes. Paul came over trying to take Ethan, I promised Ethan I'd never that that happen. This caused me to almost being choked to death, until John showed up at the right moment! John and I finally got an opening and ran into the house and locked the door behind us. That's the moment I realized Paul wasn't going to stop!
No one takes what is MINE he shouts while banging on the door and windows. Send Ethan out and we will leave. NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN I yell back. THEN YOU WILL ALL FUCKING BURN! I see Paul walk off the porch and goes to his truck, then I see him carrying a gas can. Paul walks back over and starts pouring the gas all over the trailer and porch as he can. Then he lights a match and tosses it on the porch! Ethan is scared shit less. I grab Ethan and my purse. Hurry Go out the back door. My brother says "Let's go", as he pulls his gun out and takes the safety off.
John opens the door and right there is Paul, ready to pounce. John knows we don't have time to waste this place is coming down. John shoot's Paul in the shoulder, he keeps lunging towards us so John shoots him again this time in the leg. Paul drops to the ground in pain. AGHH he shouts. RUN NOW! My brother yells. We run like hell and get in the car and haul ass, we don't stop until we are a few hours away! Then John makes a call to an old friend!
Flashback ends
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