Queen's Mafia Rescue

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Chapter 10

Axl Magaddino's POV

Last night I watched my sister, I saw how she is with her Mafia family. Kenzi is strong and caring, a lot of people would consider her weak for caring so much but that's her strength! Kenzi will never give in or up as long as she has her people! I get drawn out of my thoughts when Hunter walks in.

Hey man!

What's up

Well you know the ball is tomorrow, you know there's going to be a lot of announcements! More then any before, you should make sure Kenzi knows what she's in for!

Alright i'll talk to her or at least try!


Kenzi's POV

Abby and I went to get our dresses for the ball, Sarah hasn't been around since I killed Carter last night! I don't blame her but it had to be done! We are finally home from shopping, I sit at the desk and turn the intercom on! "Men please come to the office immediately!" Five minutes later everyone's here and sitting down.

Okay so as you know the desk for the Fallen Angels is now open again, I have made my decision! Wyatt tomorrow I will be announcing you as the Leader of the Fallen Angel's Mafia! Dexter you are now my right hand man and Spencer you will be Wyatt's right hand man. Two days after the ball we will be training and picking out new Mafia recruits!

Spencer- Okay sounds good! Wyatt- Thank you Kenzi, I won't let you down, Dexter- Neither will I they all say.

Wyatt after we announce you as the Leader of the New Mafia you'll have to move into that base!

I know but this will always be my home Kenzi!

Alright everyone get out!

Axl Magaddino's POV

After picking up my tuxedo, I go over to Kenzi's house to speak with her, as i'm pulling up I see a guy standing off by the woods looking extremely out of place. I get a strong feeling her shouldn't be here. I get out and lock my car. Once i'm at the door I ring the door bell. Joey answers a few minutes later.

Hey man, come on in.

Before I step inside I say "Hey who is that guy by the woods?" Joey looks but says he doesn't see anyone.

I swear someone was just there and he looked like he didn't belong, just keep a look out alright?

Of course, so what are you doing here?

Hoping to speak with Kenzi about the ball, I hear this Ball will have a lot more announcements! So I just wanted to make sure she was prepared!

Haha man, she went to her first Ball awhile back and I swear it lasted about five minutes before shit got real and then we all left!

Haha Damn it! So how long have you known Kenzi?

I met her a few days before that ball! At the time we thought she was my sister but turns out she was actually my cousin and Evan's niece!

The Evan who is working with the Lockly's?

The one and only! Once he found out Mia was Kenzi's mom he went ape shit. He will do whatever it takes to kill her and anyone who gets in his way.

Guessing that's why you were taken and about to become a play toy when I first saw you.

Yup pretty much!

Joey and I are chatting like we've been friends for years, then Spencer walks in.

Joey what's up, (looks at Axl) What are you doing here?

Just talking and he came to see Kenzi.

And yet here he is talking to you!

Okay so Joey i'll talk to you later, I'm going to go find my sister!

I'll let her know your here.

No need i'll walk up to her office. Without another word I leave and go to her office and knock. She shouts "come in."

Hey Kenzi , do you have a minute to chat? Yes come sit she replies. So I stopped by to let you know this ball is supposedly going to be more eventful then normal!

How come?

Well this is your first Ball as the Queen and also there's suppose to be a lot more announcements, I hear you a few as well!

I do, which i'd like to go ahead and tell you now! "Okay go ahead!" Wyatt will be thr new Leader of the Hell's Mafia also we are renaming the Mafia to Fallen Angel's Mafia!

Okay! (wow, she seriously gave it to Wyatt)

I know what the prophecy says about us uniting Axl!

Kenzi stop! It's okay really the Gotti's is my Mafia!

I figured that, I just want you to know the I see it is you and I are still together. Our Mafia's can be allies if Hunter and you will allow it! We can still be united without having to be in the same Mafia!

I agree and will speak to Hunter! Well now that I've given you a hands up, I should be going!

Axl wait, I have a few personal questions, if you don't mind answering them.

Okay go ahead.

Your mentioned our father was remarried!


would he want to meet me?

Kenzi .. I don't think that's a good idea, i haven't even talked to him in years! All I know about him is now he has a daughter she's probably 15 now, and he has a step son around your age.

I'm sorry, losing your mother then dealing with that must have been hard!

We all have darkness and pain Kenzi, it's how you get through it that truly matters.

I couldn't agree more, thank you for talking to me.

(grins) I'm always here when you need or want to talk! Now I should get going, i'll see you at the Ball Kenzi!

(smiles) Bye!

Kenzi's POV

I'm actually having a conversation with my brother Axl and it's going well! After we are finished he gets up to leave when my office phone rings! I go ahead and answer it.

Phone conversation


Yes i'm looking for Kenzi!

This is her.

Hey my name is Sophia i'm in danger and need immediate help.

Okay Sophia where are you right now?

Hiding in a alley, I bought this burner phone with my last 20 dollars just so I could call you.

Do you know what street your by?

31st Street.

okay i'm going to trace your cell and I will be right there stay hidden!

o my god thank you so much!

Call Ends

I stand up and turn on the intercom. "Wyatt, Dexter please be down at the SUV by the time I get there. Axl i'll walk you out.

Is everything okay?

There's a girl in danger, I have to go she sounds pretty young.

I can go with you!

Okay let's get to the SUV.

we leave and arrive in 15 minutes. I walk into the ally with Dexter and Wyatt behind me, Axl waits in the SUV. I quietly call her name Sophia? Here I am she says whispering. Holy hell she looks like she's been beaten, I run up to her. Sophia i'm Kenzi, this is Wyatt and Dexter! Your safe now okay?

O thank you!

The guys help her to the SUV. She has bruises everywhere, looks like her eye socket is broken and she has cuts and burn marks on her arm and chest! No Mafia does what I do! I help people who are in need, people who are trying to get out of a bad situation! We take her back to our place and I call the Doctor to make sure she will be there waitin.

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