Queen's Mafia Rescue

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Chapter 11

Kenzi's POV

We pull up and the Doctor is right there waiting. We get Sophia to the medical room and the doctor gets to work. While we are waiting I decided to go to Alexander's secret room! Once the walk opens I walk inside and sit down at the desk. I pick up the box of letters written by Mia and chose one to read. I open it up and it reads.


Dear Kenzi, I have many regrets in my life, I don't want that for you. I found a quote i'm hoping you can get some clarity from!

"If you had a friend you knew you'd never see again, What would you say? If you could do one last thing for someone you love, what would it be? Say it, Do it, Don't wait! Nothing last's forever"-One tree hill Love Mia

I decided to go see Alexander while i'm waiting for the doctor to finish up with Sophia! I'm walking down near the stairs that lead to the chamber, when Spencer stop me.

Kenzi, what are you doing?

Going to see Alexander! I start to continue down when Spencer gently grabs my wrist.

Kenzi your to close, to emotional! To run one of the toughest Mafia's you've got to stop caring so much!

I jerk my head away! I'm going down there! I walk the fuck away. I finally make it down to the chamber and see Alexander still chained up! Ahem(Clears throat) you want company? "You don't need to pity me." I don't!

Then what is this?

You want company or not dude? He gives a sad chuckle and says "yeah I do." I go inside the cell doors and pull up a chair beside him. There's nothing but silence and it's awkward, then he speaks.

I wish I could take it all back, and if it wasn't for my daughter Kenzi I never would have betrayed you!

You know what's strange?


Even after everything, I believe you! suddenly the silence is back. Look i'll have someone bring you some better food and some water down for you!

Thank you Kenzi! One more thing before you go. Don't let the lies and betrayal turn your heart into stone, your to kind to let that happen!

I promise I won't! I still love you and always will, i'm sorry this is how it's ending.

I get up and leave him, i'm almost at the top of the stairs when I hear Spencer talking to Wyatt!

Someone need to get through to Kenzi, before she fucks up and get's us killed with her caring fucking heart! It was attractive at first, but she's suppose to be the Queen! If you ask me This Kenzi is nothing more Mia! We need someone who will kill without their heart getting in the way!

Dude what is wrong with you? Kenzi will kill when she has to!

I guarantee she will break when more people start coming after us!

Your wrong Spencer! (walks off)

They both walk away and I continue up the stairs, I immediately go check with the Doctor! As i'm walking up the door opens and the Doctor walks out.

Kenzi Just in time, Sophia has signs she's been abused and sexual assaulted multiple times, but she's going to be okay! She has a few broken bones but she will recover!

Thank you, Dexter will get you paid up.

This one is free, Kenzi your doing a good thing here! Helping people in bad situations, I mean look your helping this young stranger! Your truly a gift from god!

I don't know about that, but thank you! I'm doing it because I had someone to help me, if I ddin't I would be dead right now! So I want to help other people.

Well your doing great, see you later! Hopefully not to soon though!

With that she leaves and I walk into the room where Sophia is recovering. I sit there for awhile then she speaks.

Hey! Thank you for helping me?

Your welcome, how old are you?

I'm sixteen!

Can I ask you who hurt you?

she doesn't speak, I know it must be someone close to her! I pull my chair up close to her bed and sit there. Sophia there's no shame in being scared, hell everyone is afraid! What you have to do is figure out what or who your afraid of. Trust me because once you put a face on it, you can and will beat it! Your stronger then you realize taking everything that's happen to you, and not giving up or breaking makes you the strongest person I know!

It was my father (crying) and step brother (sobbing).

Hey I know it hurts, I was abused then a friend saved me and I got past it! I promise they will pay and you will be okay Sophia!

I hope so! Kenzi i'm so grateful to you!

Can I ask you how you got my number?

someone at the cafe on 31st said I looked troubled and told me to call you and handed my your number!

Well i'm glad they did! One more thing I will be out tomorrow evening my closet friend and family member will stay with you until I get back, now rest up!


I leave and go see Joey, he is staying here until he heals completely!

Joey Gambino's POV

i'm just laying in bed when there's a knock on my door! I shout Who is it? Kenzi shouts back. Come in! She opens the door and walks in and closes it behind her.

How are you feeling?

Much better!

Good! So I need you to be 100 percent honest with me!

I sit up a little and say Okay.

Is me caring, causing me to be a wea.. (suddenly he interrupts)

Stop! No Kenzi, you are exactly what this Mafia needs! Tomorrow night at the Ball you make it KNOWN WHO YOU TRULY ARE!

(smiles) Okay I will!

I can't go because i'm still not healed enough, I'd become a walking target when they see i'm weak and we both know how a ball can end!

Haha Yeah I remember! Well since you can't go would you mind hanging out with Sophia?

Like you even have to ask! (grins)

Okay well i'm going to let you get some rest and head up to get a shower and try to get some sleep I love you Joey!

I love you to night Cuz!


I finally get to my room I shower and get to bed!

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