Queen's Mafia Rescue

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Chapter 12

Time Jump

Kenzi's POV

It's the night of the Ball! Abby and I are in my room getting ready together! My dress is red and black with sparkles with an opening slit in the middle of my chest with another slit starting from my thigh and comes down to the floor!

Abby- Okay hurry up, let me see!

haha okay okay I come out and do a sexy pose and twirl around!

Damn girl your on fire!

haha thanks now get your ass in there!

Okay! A few minutes later she comes out! Her dress is all red goes around her neck and has one long sleeve with a slit starting for the thigh and flows to the ground.

haha I love it Abby! Now we can both be on FIRE!

Eyes are definitely going to be on us!

Okay are you ready? Heck yes let's get down stairs!

We both walk downstairs to meet everyone else!

Spencer's POV

Everyone is standing around waiting for Abby and Kenzi, when we finally hear heals on the floor coming towards us, we all look up!

Wow Kenzi you look stunning!

Thank you (small smile)

Joey- I'm so glad I decided to see you off, you look breathtaking Kenzi!

Thank you! ( big smile) Well is everyone ready?

Dexter- Let's do it! Abby you look absolutely gorgeous baby!

Abby- Thank you now let's go (giggles)

We head off to the Mafia Ball! After about 20 minutes we pull up and there are so many cameras and reporters! Way more crowded then my last ball, that didn't last long! We get out one by one, i'm the last one to step out and as soon as I do cameras start snapping like crazy. I smile and pose once then I walk inside with my Mafia! As I walk in I see Axl and Hunter they both walk up to me. Hunter has a Black tux with a red under shirt!

Hunter- You look Beautiful Kenzi!

You look pretty handsome yourself!

Axl- Kenzi!

Axl you look great!

Axl- You too, are you ready to mingle?

Yes I am, talk to you later.

I walk off and spend the next hour mingling and laughing with all the guest! I'm in a conversation with a couple when Chase Lockly walks over.

Ah well it's a pleasure to finally meet you Kenzi! ( Evil, creepy smirk)

Umm It's good to finally put a face with the name! If you'll excuse me I have a speech to make!

Ah right, well go ahead good luck Kenzi!

I walk midway up the stairs, I get everyone's attention with a clink of my champagne glass! I stand up confident and strong!

Good evening everyone, you all look ravishing tonight! My name is Kenzi Magaddino, Yes i'm the daughter of Mia Magaddino! I want to go ahead and make something clear I AM NOT MIA! I never and WILL NEVER KILL WITHOUT REASON! I never even knew her, but if and when someone comes after me for something Mia Magaddino did I won't hesitate to DEFEND AND KILL FOR MY MAFIA AND MYSELF! In my eyes RESPECT is EARNED, HONESTY is APPRECIATED, TRUST is GAINED and LOYALTY is RETURNED! Now with that being said I have a few announcements I am the Queen of the Magaddino's Mafia and I am placing Wyatt Magaddino in charge of the New Fallen Angel's Mafia, which is replacing the Hell's Mafia! NOw I hope everyone enjoys the rest of the evening!

Everyone applauded and cheered as I walked down the stairs back to the main floor with everyone else! Suddenly Spencer walks up to me!

Kenzi that was a great speech!

I'm about to make an excuse to walk away from him when I see Chase talking to someone who looks just like John!

Thanks Spencer, but I see someone I need to speak with excuse me. I head over when Chase notices and turns and walks in the other direction. I walk right up behind John and touch his shoulder.

John is that you? He turns around.


I didn't realize your involved in the Mafia world!

I.I'm not really! Look Thank you so much for helping my family, but I should be getting home.

I know something is off, John is looking nervous as hell standing here talking to me. John let's go have a chat somewhere in private!

I don't really have time.

John, don't make me ask again!

Fine, I guess I can spare a few minutes.

With that I lend him away from the ball into a more private room and close the door behind us!

How's Emery? Suddenly John starts stumbling over his words.

sh.. She is well, uh.

Enough! What's truly wrong are ya'll in trouble John!

Look Kenzi, I can't talk about it! If I do she dies and so does her son Ethan! I gotta go.

He swings the door open and takes off. I have a feeling in bones Chase Lockly has Emery and Ethan! I will find them and save them. I make my way back to the Ball when a strong arm, holds onto my lower back.

Hunter's POV

Kenzi finished her speech! The next thing I know she is walking off with some dude, I've never seen before! I decide to go find her, but no luck. About ten minutes later I see her walk back into the ball. Her back is turned to me so I walk up and put my arm around her lower back. She turns to face me.

Kenzi, that was a phenomenal speech!

Why thank yo! (smiling) are you enjoying the evening?

This ball is going well actually.

Suddenly a slow song comes on!

Kenzi (reaching my hand out) may I have this dance? She looks to my hand and back to my face and smiles. Her smile literally takes my breath away.

Yes, you may (smiles and places my hand on his).

Once we are out there, we are enjoying the dance and company of one another. When I whisper to her.

Where did you go? I was kind of worried!

Well I had helped a family, and I believe Chase Lockly took the guys sister and her son, because I saw the brother here tonight. I know for a fact he isn't in a Mafia!

Would you like help, looking into it? Suddenly I see worry in her eyes.

Why are you offering?

Kenzi you didn't save them from one monster for them to end up with another, plus a little extra help never hurt anyone. She looks up and gives me a smile.

You know what, your right I'd appreciate your help!

I lean down to her ear and whisper and say "Good!" The song ends and just like that, she has left my arms and the dance floor! I see her talking to a lady and older man. I go back to Axl and my men! They are all in the middle of a conversation, when Spencer walks up to me.

You need to stay away from her!


Kenzi is going to me mine!

(chuckles) She's not some prized possession you can claim! By the way, don't ever talk to me like that again Spencer!

He walks away. Then I notice Chase Lockly pulling a knife!

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