Queen's Mafia Rescue

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Chapter 13

Chase Lockly's POV

I see John walking out of the room with Kenzi inside! Did he tell her? Guess i'll have to make sure everyone here knows that Kenzi is just a weak little girl trying to be a Queen! I pull out my knife and walk up to Kenzi, when someone yells!

Dexter- Kenzi WATCH OUT! (Shouts)

I go straight for her throat with my knife. I'm about to make contact when she suddenly turns around and grabs my arm and flips me over her shoulder. Suddenly she takes my knife and lays it against my throat!

Trying to kill me so soon Chase?

Everyone is watching!

Get off me.

Of course (Lets him up) Suddenly I send the knife right into his leg.

AGHH YOU FUCKING BITCH! (in rage I walk closer) I hadn't noticed she pulled out a hand gun.

Not so fast! (aims gun)

You wouldn't dare, not in front of everyone here.

Your wrong! I move my gun aims and I shoot.

AGHH FUCK! she shot me in the same fucking leg, that she threw my knife into.

I chose to spare your life, this is your ONLY WARNING! Fuck with me again and you will DIE! O and Chase I DARE YOU TO TRY!

She walks away and the room fills up with whispers.

Spencer's POV

Damn Kenzi was a bad ass that was before she spared Chase's fucking life, in front of everyone! I walk up to Wyatt.

Do you see what I mean NOW!

She did great!

Until she spared his life in front of everyone in the Mafia WORLD! Now they know she doesn't have the guts!

Your an idiot Spencer!

Donnie Genovese's POV

My name is Donnie! I'm the Mafia Boss of the Genovese's. I just watched as Kenzi the Queen of Magaddino's Mafia, humiliated Chase Lockly! In my eyes Kenzi was fantastic, she just proved she's strong, feisty, and determined! She also showed compassion, Power and she proved she is a fair Leader! I walk up to the men in her Mafia.

Ahem (clears throat) Excuse me,

They all turn to look at me.

Spencer- Ah Mr,Genovese, What a pleasure! What can we do for you!

I'd like to speak with you about your Queen!

Trust me, we are going to fix it! Suddenly Wyatt speaks.

There's nothing to fucking fix, Spencer you should be getting back to our new base!

Your serious?

Yes! Now go. He walks out of the ball.

Sorry about that Mr. Genovese, what is it you would like to say?

Actually I wanted to congratulate you on having a great leader! Not many would have let him live, but to me having the ability to allow someone to live shows so much strength and Power in a Leader!

Well Mr. Genovese, I couldn't agree more and we appreciate your approval.

I'd like to set up a meeting to speak with your Queen Kenzi!

Hey Dexter. (Shouts) This Dexter guy comes over.

Wyatt, Mr. Genovese! What can I do for you?

He would like a meeting with Kenzi.

O Okay, that's not a problem how is tomorrow say around four, at our home?

Perfect I'll see you then! I shake their hands and walk back to my men.

Joey's POV

While everyone is at the Mafia Ball i'm hanging out with Sophia, I ordered pizza for us!

So Sophia how are you holding up?

Not to well but Kenzi is helping me a lot! I still have a lot to deal with, the fear overtakes me!

Well I know you'll get through it.

O yeah, how?

Because you have Kenzi! That girl has been through hell and back, she's only came out stronger! Your monster's won't be around long trust me!

I trust you and Kenzi.

Good, now do you like video games?

Dude, i'm sixteen I love video games!

Let's see what you've got! I hand her a controller and turn on the game, we play four hours and she kicks my ass most of the time.

Hunter's POV

This ball has finally ended, once my men and I get home I see Chase Lockly standing there! I step out of the car and go up to Chase. What a surprise to see you here Chase!

I think it's time we finish out meeting!

This motherfucking dares to come here. I go up to him and put my hand around his neck while picking him up against the house door.

How dare you come here after you took and tortured my second in command! Suddenly Axl steps out of the car, I see Chase's eyes get wide. I had already told Axl what Kenzi told me about the family she helped and about her guy feeling!

Axl- Well hello Chase!

Axl sends two jabs to his face followed by an uppercut.

Where is the girl and the little boy?

haha ( painfully laugh) You'll never find them.

We will see about that!

Axl picks his ass up and throws his head against the brick wall of our house.

You ready to talk yet, you son of a bitch!

you'll have to do better haha.

Suddenly I step in or Axl is going to literally kill his ass.

Nolan get his ass down to the torture dungeon! "On it Boss!"Axl you know if we kill him right now, our chances of finding them will be slim, we will get him to talk! "Your right! Let's head in!"

Kenzi's POV

So when the ball ends Dexter and I leave, we drive home!

So Kenzi after your the whole thing with Chase Lockly, Donnie the Boss of Genovese's Mafia came over to Wyatt and I.

Okay! What did he want?

Actually a meeting with you, so I arranged it for tomorrow at our house at 4 o'clock.

Sounds good, you know I like to get straight to business!

We finally get home and walk inside. I immediately go check on Sophia and Joey they are both asleep! So I decide to go to my room and get a shower and changed. After I get changed I walk out of the bathroom and there Spencer is!

Wow! What the hell Spencer!

He doesn't say anything just looks extremely pissed off.

What are you doing in here?

You have royally Fucked us Kenzi!



While he talks he grabs me and pushes me up against the wall pretty damn hard.


Final Warning GET THE FUCK OFF ME!


I bring my knee up as hard as I possibly can and get him right in the nut sack! As he bends down I send my other knee up while pushing his head down and get him right under the fucking chin with my knee!

You are going to pay! Suddenly Dexter runs in and Joey walks in at a fast pace!

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