Queen's Mafia Rescue

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Chapter 14 The Attack!

Dexter's POV

I'm in bed just relaxing, thinking about my relationship with Abby! We don't spend enough time together! I know I love her, we've got to figure out what we want! Suddenly I'm drown out of my thoughts when I hear loud yelling, I know one is Kenzi but the other is a manly voice! When I hear the sound of a loud (Thud) I jump up and run into her room! Shortly after Joey is right behind me. When we enter we see Spencer on the fucking floor looking fucked up! He also has an all out full rage look in his eyes.

Get him out of here, before I blow his fucking brains out!

We both know she is Dead Serious Right Now! Joey call Wyatt since he is technically his boss since they are based at the New Mafia. I take Spencer to a cell till shit calms down.

What the FUCK? Your really going to lock me up!

Calm down it's for your own good. If we don't then you'll get yourself killed tonight.

Someone has to dethrone her Dexter!

I hear Alexander laughing. He can definitely hear us.

Dexter- Why are you laughing Alexander?

You can't dethrone the Queen! It's written the only way to get rid of the Queen of Magaddino's Mafia is to kill her, and of course send each Mafia a piece of her dead lifeless body! That is if you wish to take her spot! haha Good luck with that Spencer!

I wouldn't allow anyone to hurt Kenzi but i'm curious about what he said.

Hold on so what happens if someone just kills her?

Dexter it's not an option! No one can take over until someone send out pieces of her body to each and every Mafia!

So your telling me if Kenzi dies, people will then literally be fighting over her dead body!

Yes! Tell Kenzi to dig into the whole entire prophecy, she hasn't even begun to have all the answers!

I leave both of these fuckers and go back upstairs!

Kenzi are you okay?

I'm fine! What the hell is his problem?

Kenzi's POV

Suddenly I hear people walking in. I know it's an attack! I open my own secret door that leads to the basement then whisper to Dexter. Go unchain Alexander! He runs off immediately. Joey go get Sophia and take her to the safe room. He rushes off as fast as he can. I run to my own weapons room and get some bombs,wire, knives and guns, then I immediately set up my traps and hide the knives and guns in different places around the room!

Axl's POV

Once Nolan gets Chase's ass in the dungeon, and I calm down I go to join him!

So Now let's Begin! I take the bonce cutter off the table and cut then snap his knee cap.

Haha (in pain) You let me go and i'll cancel the attack on The Queen!

That's Never going to happen, Kenzi can take care of her self!

You seriously think she can win by herself and one and a half! My understanding her Mafia members are dwindling. (Evil smirk)

You think this is a goddamn FUCKING JOKE?

I grab the torch and put the fire up to the wounds Kenzi caused.

AGHH! Shouts in pain

I'll be back and Chase you better hope she's still alive!

I leave without saying another word and go straight into Hunter's office, not even taking the time to knock!

Axl you know to fucking knock!

There's an attack on Kenzi happening NOW!

Let's GO!

We rush out and drive as fast as we can and Hunter call's the men.

Dexter's POV

I go through the secret passage I didn't even know about and get to the cell door and unlock it!

Alexander- What's happening?

We are under attack and your going to help!

Okay unlock me then!

If you dare to make a move to harm Kenzi I will fucking burn you alive!

Fuck you then, call the real Axl.

This motherfucker is wasting time, suddenly I start hearing gun fire!

Kenzi's POV

I hide in a place I can get in and out of fast, and where I have a view from all angles. I count ten big ass men. I have my knifes on me as well as a few guns. The first one walks right into the wire causing the man to fall and cut his ankles, i immediately screw the silencer on and shoot him right in the head!

Suddenly a knife is thrown at me! I dodge it and send my knife right into his fucking forehead, and quickly walk up and pull it out of him and stand behind my door! Two more men walks up I let the first one pass then as the other man is walking through I slam the door on him. With his wrist on my side of the door I slit his wrist with my knife which causes him to scream in pain!

Stranger- Well Kenzi it's time to say goodb..

While he is talking I send a roundhouse kick to his chest and instantly pull my gun to his head and pull the trigger! The blood from his brain splatters all over me and my room. I go to the joining room and wait suddenly five walk in and I set the smoke bombs off as they come through the door. I immediately pull the trigger and shot! Five shots Five dead bodies! I hurry walking on the the fucking bodies when another dude comes out of nowhere!

Dexter's POV

If your not going to help tell me and stop being a fucking coward!

I'm not fucking helping, How's that! I see you must not trust Axl.

I don't say another word I lock the cell doors back and run to try to help Kenzi!

Axl's POV

As Hunter and I are pulling up I see Wyatt pulling up as well. We all get out of the cars and run straight in the house and up the stairs, with our weapons ready!

We stop dead in our tracks when we see all the dead bodies and brains splattered around. Then we step around the corner and see Kenzi and a guy coming out of nowhere aiming at her head, about to pull the trigger! I quickly get my boomerang and throw it knocking the dudes gun from his hands then Kenzi starts fighting him!

You motherfucker I'm going to kill you!

Stranger- I'd like to see you try BITCH!

Kenzi's POV

This guy and I are in a full out motherfucking fight, I swing then he does we both look like we've been beaten to a bloody pulp. When I see the knife i hid earlier poking out from my mattress I send his ass flying right into the knife! Blood gushes out and all over myself and my fucking bed!


Suddenly he comes running in.

Kenzi i'm so sorry Alexander wouldn't let me get him out, he wouldn't help! I'm sorry I wasn't around to help you!

I don't say a fucking word I start walking down to the torture chamber! Covered head to toe in blood and brain splatter.

Hunter's POV

Holy Shit! She is literally soaked in her enemies blood with chucks out their brains all over her! She starts walking downstairs towards the chamber and we all just follow behind like fucking puppets! We finally get to the cell door of where Alexander is and Kenzi speaks.

So I hear you didn't want to help?

Alexanders eye's are huge, looking at Kenzi he can tell he just fucked up!

Now you will die!

Kenzi! WAIT! Please have Mercy on me!

She grabs some gasoline and pours it all over his body as she speaks.

I did, you chose to deny it! Now there's no more mercy to give.

She lights a match and throws in on Alexander. He starts burning.

AGHHHH! Screaming at the top of his lungs in excruciating pain

After a few minutes Kenzi puts him out of his misery with a bullet between the eyes.

Now Dexter clean this shit up!

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