Queen's Mafia Rescue

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Chapter 15

Wyatt's POV

Kenzi looks just like Mia did after her slaughter spree, the only difference is Kenzi was protecting herself in her own home! Kenzi didn't just kill people who had nothing to do with the attack! She finally ended Alexanders's life because he chose to be a coward once again. After killing Alexander she walks up stairs leaving us men down in the chamber to clean up. I look up and over to Spencer.

You think she's got the guts to kill now bitch!

I was wrong.

Yeah you were enjoy your cell, because if Kenzi doesn't let you out herself that's going to be your new home!

Hunter's POV

After the clean up crew arrives I leave all the men and go upstairs. I walk around trying to find Kenzi. Suddenly I run right into someone and sure enough it's Kenzi!

Kenzi are you okay?

Hunter, i'm fine a few cuts and bruises. I've been through worse!

We have Chase Lockly locked up at my home, if you want to come and take care of him.

Actually I'd love to but first I need to check on Sophia and Joey, you want to come with me and then we can go to your place!

Sounds good lead the way!

we talk while we're walking.

So what happened to make you put Spencer in a cell?

He attacked me before Chase sent his been to attack me, It's been a night full of surprises!

It's a good thing you were up for the challenge!

Did you doubt me?

Not for a minute Kenzi.

We are finally at the safe room. Kenzi punches in the code only her and Joey know and the door opens. We walk in.

Hey Sophia are you okay?

Yes Joey helped me in here and we've just been talking.

Well it's safe to come out, but before you do I need to know where your father was before you got away!

He was at the loft in the city the address is 312 Walker Street Loft 2B.

Okay thank you! I have a meeting tomorrow at four then i'll deal with him. We've got to make it safe for you so you can start living your life again!

Kenzi I'm glad your safe, everything turn out okay?

Yes I took care of it Joey!

Good now we need to find Evan.

Well i'm going to go handle Chase right now! I'll bring back some food for all of us on my way back home.

Sounds good, don't worry i've got Sophia!

Thanks Joey I love you!

I love you right back (grins).

Kenzi and I head to my place. Once we get there I take her to where Chase is being held and open the door for her.

Well hello Chase, sorry it took awhile. You see I had to clean your men's blood and brains off me!

If my men are dead it's because you had backup!

Actually it was quite easy I took all your men out by myself! Everyone arrived just in time to watch me kill the last one that you sent!

You Evil Murderous Monster!

(Evil smirk) That's a compliment coming from you! Now where is the girl and her son?

Haha good luck finding them.

Actually I don't need luck!

Kenzi walks up to Chase pulls his head up by his hair and says,

You underestimated me Chase, I'll see you in Hell! (slits his throat)

She sits down in a chair and watches Chase bleed to death!

Okay Hunter i'm ready to get home.

Kenzi wait!

As i call her name and I walk up to her, I've been dying to do this! Suddenly my lips smashes into hers and I feel electricity flowing through my entire body, it feels like this kiss lasted for hours.

Then she speaks.

Umm that,was the best fucking kiss I've ever had!

Haha o really, mind if I kiss you again?

Go for it!

The moment those words escape her lips, I smash my lips to hers for another smoking hot kiss!

We should be getting back I have a lot to take care of.

Okay let's go.

We pick up the food and head to Kenzi's house.

Kenzi's POV

We are finally home and we're sitting around the table eating amd laughing.

Well everyone it's been a long day so i'm headed to bed, i'll see everyone tomorrow!

Wyatt- Night

Dexter-Night Kenzi and i'm really sorry.

Don't dwell on it Dexter, you paid for it now it's over and done with.


Sophia- Goodnight Kenzi!

Hunter-Kenzi i'll see you tomorrow (smirking)

I head to my room and get ready for bed, I crawl in and fall fast asleep!

Time Jump

It's time for my meeting with Donnie Genovese, Wyatt and Dexter are walking in with Donnie!

Welcome Mr. Genovese (reaches hand out)

It's truly a pleasure meeting you Kenzi! (shakes hand)

Well go ahead and have a seat.

Everyone sits down. So what can I help you with!

Well first I wanted to say how impressed I was with you at the ball!

Well I appreciate that!

So I would like to hire you and your Mafia for a job!

What kind of job Mr. Genovese?

I need help finding someone who was kidnapped?

All of a sudden I see Joey and Sophia, walking up and knocks on the door on the camera.

Sorry Mr. Genovese, if you want I can have them come back.

No No! Go ahead.

Dexter please get the door.

He leaves and opens the door, Joey and Sophia walk in.

I'm so sorry for interrupting but I was hoping Joey could take me shopping! I'm in desperate need of some new clothes.

Yes Sophia and thank you for asking before going out!

Joey- Alright Sophia they have business to get back to! They walk away.

Donnie- Hold on (looks at phone) You kidnapped that child (stands up)

No! She is safe because of us!

Lies! Wait until all the Mafia's know you kidnap children!

He makes a move towards me, Dexter and Wyatt stop him. The hold his ass as I walk up to him,

Mr, Genovese you asked for this meeting, now I don't know where your getting yout information from but the intel is wrong!

Her father and step brother hired me to find her, she was kidnapped three days ago then I find her here with you!

She called me asking for help, my men and I found Sophia in an alley beaten, sexually assaulted with cuts and burn marks all over her. Men let him go!

(fixes his jacket) Sophia finally told us it was her father and fucking step brother!

They are saying she was forcefully taken Kenzi.

Well then I suggest you go back and do some research and decide who is being honest, before you come back and accuse me!

How about i get them both here and you bring Sophia in.

I will not force that child to face them. I will however ask her if she agrees to it then my men and the Gotti's men will be here. Your men are welcome to come as well, but when she tells her story you have to execute them both!

Fine! Speak with her and please let me know immediately what she decides.

Of course just leave your number with Wyatt and i'll get back to you within a few hours

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