Queen's Mafia Rescue

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Chapter 16

Axl's POV

Hunter told me about the family Kenzi saved and now they have more than likely been taken by Chase and his Mafia. I decide to go own my own and find them, so Kenzi doesn't have to worry as of right now i'm just doing some recon.

Kenzi's POV

Sophia and Joey have been back from shopping for about an hour, I go to speak with Sophia I can'r keep putting it out and neither can she. I walk up to her room and knock on the door. Sophia comes to the door right away and open it.

"Hey Kenzi, come on in" she says. So I walk in.

Kenzi- So how was your shopping trip?

Sophia- It was great! It felt so good to get out, I can't wait until my father and step brother are out of the picture so i'll be safe.

Kenzi- Actually that's what I came to talk about. Seems your father hired someone to find you, he told the people that he hired you were kidnapped.

Sophia- Are you serious?

Kenzi- Yes! You remember the meeting I was in earlier today?

Sophia- Yes.

Kenzi- Well I didn't know it at the time but he was the one hired to find you, when you left he tried to attack me. He was completely convinced I forcefully took you so I told him what really happened!

Sophia- Okay so what happens now?

Kenzi- He wants to bring your father and step brother here , and for you to tell your story and face your monsters. If you you this Sophia he has promised to care care of them, so you can live a free life without being in danger! I will be there every step of the way but it's ultimately your decision.

Sophia- You promise you and Joey won't leave my side!

Kenzi- Sophia I don't just promise I swear Joey and I will be there the entire time.

Sophia- Okay then i'm in.

Kenzi- Okay i'll let him know.

I leave and go call Donnie.

Phone conversation

Ring. Ring.


Yes it's me, Sophia has agreed to face her monsters.

Okay how about everyone meets at your house in an hour?

Sounds good!

Call ends

Now I have to call Hunter to see if they can come over as well.

Phone conversation

Ring. Ring. Ring.

This is Hunter!

Hunter it's Kenzi!

Ahh missing my lips on yours already?

(giggling) Well yes but that's not why i'm calling. I was hoping you and your men could come over in an hour. Sophia has decided to face her monster's so I may need backup.

Sure we will be there in 45 minutes, see you then Queen Kenzi!

Call ends

Hunter's POV

So I let all the men know we have business to attend at the Magaddino's Mafia, I can't find Axl so I try calling him. After 6 rings there's no answer so I leave a voicemail.


Axl man, all the men are meeting at Kenzi's in 445 minutes when you get this please get there as soon as possible. By the way i'm going to kick your fucking ass for leaving without telling me where your going. That's how you were taken two years ago, Idiot!

Voicemail ends

Kenzi's POV

It's time for the meeting, our house is filled with two different mafia men, shit could definitely go wrong fast! Everyone comes into my big office I have enough chairs for everyone.

Issac- Where is my daughter that your kidnapped?

Kenzi- I saved her from you! Donnie Sophia is going to have a hard time confronting them, so please make sure they don't speak!

Donnie Genovese- I'll make sure nobody says a word until she is done, no matter how long it takes.

Kenzi- Thank you.

I turn on the intercom. "Joey, you can bring Sophia in now!" After five minutes Sophia followed by Joey walks into the office, you can tell she's terrified!

Kenzi- Hey Sophia don't look at them, just look at Joey and I tell your story so they'll never be able to hurt you again.

Sophia- Okay i'm ready. The day my half brother moved away was the day my life changed forever! That night my father got so drunk and changed into the devil, he beat my mother to death right in front of me. When I begged him to stop he back handed me so hard I flew across the room I was six at the time.

Colton- LIES!

Donnie punched Colton for speaking.

Donnie Genovese- Next time you speak I'll go ahead and kill you! Continue sweetheart!

Sophia- After I flew across the room my father called for my step brother.

Flashback Sophia's POV

Issac- Colton come get this fucking cunt and go teach her a goddamn lesson! (shouts)

Colton- Let's go!

He drags me all the way up to his room by my hair. Then he threw me on his bed and forced my hands over my head, where he then handcuffed me to the headboard.

Colton- I can't wait to teach your ass a lesson!

He kisses me on thr mouth, forcing his tongue inside.

Sophia- Please stop your my step brother your suppose to protect me!

Colton- FUCK YOU, your just a little cunt.

Colton punches me hard in the face i'm crying. He rips my shorts and underwear off and pulls his thing out and pushes his self inside of me. Trust me he wasn't gentle either! When he finishes he called for our father,

Colton- Dad I'm done, she was so fucking tight it's your turn! (shouts)

Sophia- (crying) Please please stop!

Colton punches me right in the face again for begging. Then father comes in a pulls his thing out!

Issac- Ahh open her my for me son!

Colton literally forces my mouth open and our father put his entire penis inside my mouth. I couldn't breath I felt like I was dying in that moment. I chocked on throw up and his penis.

Issac- Now take the handcuffs off and flip Sophia over and hold her ass down, i want her tight ass!

My step brother obeys him. My father sticks his penis inside my butt and I screamed in pain, there was blood everywhere

End flashback

Sophia- Things only got worse from there, four times a week I would suffer the same way until my 13th birthday. From 13 until the day I escaped and found a safe home with Kenzi, I was sexually assaulted by both of them and their friends. After my father finished raping me he would smoke a cigarette and he'd put it out on my skin. I was his human astray! The day I escaped I was beaten to a pulp, broken bones and terrified.

Donnie Genovese- Sweetheart i'm so very sorry you had to live that way!

Axl's POV

I believe I just found the girl and her son, my cell is dead so I head to Kenzi's house. I pull up and there's a shitload of cars, I walk inside and go to Kenzi's office the moment I step in I see men everywhere. Then I see him!


I go straight up to him knocking his ass backwards from his chair and beating his motherfucking face in. It takes five guys to get me off his ass.

Kenzi- Axl you know him?

Axl- Yes!

Kenzi- How?

Issac- I'm his father!


Kenzi immediately attacks his ass too! When Hunter and Joey pull her off him, his face is already unrecognizable!

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