Queen's Mafia Rescue

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Chapter 17

Sophia's POV

Axl is standing here right in front of me, he left me with two fucking monsters.

Sophia- You left me (yelling)

I run up to him and start punching his chest like a fucking punching bag, he just takes it. Then I stop and break down crying he wraps his around around me, letting me get it all out.

Axl- I'm so sorry Sophia, more then you'll ever know! I didn't think he would hurt you, when I left you were his little princess.

Sophia- It changed when you left me. (crying)

Issac- She was never my princess! My Princess was stolen from me.

Kenzi- Your Princess was given up by her mother Mia.

Issac- Who the fuck are you anyways?

Kenzi- (smirk) My name is Kenzi Magaddino!

Issac- (eyes widen) (shocked)

Kenzi- By that look on your face, i'm guessing you know exactly who I am!

Issac- Your my missing daughter! I looked for you everywhere when Mia died!

Kenzi- Surprise here I am! Mia didn't die she was killed, her actions caught up with her! Sorry but i'm not your daughter, because your going to die for what you and your step son has done to my half sister!

I see Kenzi taking out a gun. I run up to her and say "Stop!"

Kenzi- Sophia what's wrong?

Sophia- Death would be to kind for them!

Kenzi- Okay well this is your revenge so you'll decide what happens to them.

Donnie Genovese- My men and I will take him back with us, Kenzi when Sophia decides just call and let me know the plan.

Kenzi- I will thank you Mr. Genovese!

Donnie Genovese- By the way it seems I owe you an apology.

Kenzi- No need however I do appreciate it!

Axl- Wait, Kenzi we may need his help!

Kenzi- With what?

Axl- I'm pretty sure I found the girl and her son, they're being held in the Lockly's underground bunker.

Donnie Genovese- Where's Chase Lockly?

Kenzi- In hell!

Donnie Genovese- What happened?

Kenzi- The night of the ball when I got home, he sent ten of his men to attack me. I killed every single one of them, and then I killed his ass!

Nolan- Damn! Your a bad ass.

Kenzi- No, I just defend family, Mafia and myself when someone sets out to attack us!

Nolan- Sorry but that's my definition of a bad ass!

Donnie Genovese- (chuckles) He is right Kenzi, and so was I when I said you were a great leader!

Kenzi's POV

Now we have some shit to sort out number one is to rescue Emery and her son Ethan.

Kenzi- Mr. Genovese we could use your help, but I understand if you can't or don't won't to get involved!

Donnie Genovese- Kenzi I consider your Mafia an ally. So once your men figure out a plan just call and inform me and my men will be there!

Kenzi- Thank you I appreciate it, and if you ever need anything don't hesitate to call me.

Donnie Genovese- Trust me I won't I enjoy doing business with you! (Looks at Sophia) Sophia when you decide how you want to handle Issac and Colton let kenzi know, then she'll let me know.

Sophia- I will sir, and thank you again for letting me tell my story and face my monsters!

Donnie Genovese- Alright I'll see you soon, men lets go!

Mr. Genovese and his men take Issac and Colten with them and leave.

Kenzi- Hunter, if you and your men wouldn't mind we could use your help as well. Although just like Mr. Genovese I understand if you can't or don't won't to help!

Hunter- We are allies which means we help each other, so we are ready to go to war with you!

Kenzi- Alright lets grab some dinner, eat then we'll get to business.

Nolan- Pizza?

Kenzi- That sounds good as hell, as long as I can get Pepperoni!

Nolan- That's all I eat.

Hunter- Okay let's get two large pepperoni's and two large meat lovers.

Asher- Sounds good!

Joey- Sounds great, I'll get the paper plates set at the table!

Kenzi- Thanks Joey!

Thirty minutes goes by when the door bell rings Hunter goes to answer it, and brings the pizza in to the dining room. He puts the food down, we all prey and then dig in. We're all laughing and actually enjoying hanging out, suddenly the door bell rings again. I start to get up but Sophia stands and says "I've got it Kenzi, finish eating." Okay thank you I say back to Sophia.

Sophia's POV

I go to answer the door as I open it up I see a beautiful woman with long dark brown hair. She reminds me of Kenzi then I notice the little boy. They don't look anything alike.

Sophia- Who are who looking for?

Mia- O sorry honey, I'm here to speak to the Queen, also known as my daughter!

Kenzi's and Axl's mom is suppose to be dead.

Sophia- Ugh okay, come in. (worried)

They walk in and follow me into the dining room. Everyone sitting at the table facing the door way stands up, suddenly Kenzi turns around and stands up. I immediately back away.

Kenzi's POV

I notice all the guys facing the doorway standing up so I turn around and look then immediately stand up. Then I notice the boy and I grab my gun.

Kenzi- Who are you and how did you get your hands on him?

Mia- I'm your mother and this is my son!

Kenzi- Ethan come to me!

Ethan walks over to me and steps behind me, I aim my gun at the imposter.

Kenzi- You see I believe you have a problem! I know the boy so try again.

Mia- I found him and you better watch how you speak to the Real Queen, daughter or not i'll kill you.

Kenzi- Your not fucking Mia, she was murdered!

Mia- That's what I wanted people to believe.

Suddenly Axl walks in.

Axl- What's all the commotion abo..

Suddenly he stops talking and then he says "who are you?"

Mia- Aww Axl, son it's me your mother!

Axl- If your truly Mia then what's my full name?

Mia- That's easy baby, it's Axl Demon Magaddino!

Kenzi- Wrong! Try again bitch!

I shoot her right in the shoulder. "AHH" she screams in pain.

Kenzi- It's Damon!

Axl- Mia never would let me change my middle name, i tried for years.

Kenzi- So Now,i'm going to ask one LAST MOTHERFUCKING TIME, WHO ARE YOU? (yelling)

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