Queen's Mafia Rescue

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Chapter 18

Kenzi's POV

I'm still waiting for a fucking answer from this imposter. I tell her she has five fucking seconds to answer me. Then she speaks "I'm Lisa, Mia was my twin sister." Why have you come here Lisa? "Isn't that obvious, to take back whats mine" she says.

Kenzi- Well that was a very stupid move on your part!

I see her reaching for her gun so I instantly shoot her in the other shoulder!

Lisa- AGHH!

Kenzi- Hunter please take her gun away!

Hunter- Right away.

I keep my gun aimed at her the entire time, just in case she tries anything stupid. You can never be to careful. I walk right up to her, I get so close to her face I could kiss her and say "You will never be Queen! Where did you get the boy?"

Lisa- After Evan killed the girl, I told him my plan and he handed the boy over to me.

Kenzi- Just like that?

Lisa- Yes!

Kenzi- I'm not buying it, I know Evan he doesn't just give up or give in. Someone put her in the fucking chamber and bring Spencer to me!

Dexter- I've got it Kenzi! Thanks she replies.

Dexter's POV

After I put Lisa in the chamber where Alexander use to be, I go and get Spencer.

Dexter- Let's go Spencer!

Spencer- I'm free?

Dexter- Kenzi wants you upstairs, that's all I know.

Spencer- Alright let's go!

I get his cell unlocked and bring him upstairs, everyone is standing around waiting to see what happens.

Spencer- You wanted to see me Kenzi?

Kenzi- Yes, I need to know right now are you with me and this Mafia or not?

Spencer- Yes i'm sorry I ever doubted you.

Kenzi- Spencer this was your one and final chance to fuck up. If you ever attack me or go behind my back again I will KILL YOU without hesitation! Am I Clear?

Spencer- Yes I won't screw up again!

Kenzi- Good now eat and lets get back to being a bad ass Mafia!

Suddenly Hunter steps up to Kenzi!

Hunter- Kenzi can we speak in private?

Kenzi- Sure lets go to the office, men I'll be back!

Asher- kenzi you mind if we stay for awhile?

Kenzi- Of course not, game room is on the second floor.

Kenzi and Hunter leave.

Hunter's POV

She is such a bad ass and fucking gorgeous! I want Kenzi to be mine and i'm about to see how she feels. We get to her office and walk in, she closes the door behind her.

Kenzi- So what did yo..

Before she could finish I back her up against the door and slam my lips against hers! To my surprise she kisses me back and opens her mouth so my tongue can explore her mouth, our tongues are fight one another!

Kenzi- Mmmm (moans)

I pull my lips away and look at her and say "Baby you keep moaning like that and I won't be able to control myself!" She instantly replies "Who told you to." Without another word my lips are once again slammed against hers and my tongue is back inside of her mouth. I put my hands up her shirt roaming her chest and then cupping her fantastic breast. She suddenly raises her arms above her head and that's my permission, I take her shirt off and admire the few for a moment. I pick her up by the ass and her legs instantaneously wraps around my waist!

Hunter- Gawd Damn baby!

Kenzi- Show me how bad you want me Hunter!

Hunter- You asked for it!

I walk with her still wrapped around my waist while exploring her mouth and take her to the desk. I use one hand to hand her in place and the other to slide everything off her desk! Then I place her on top of the desk and remove her pants and thongs. Kenzi immediately unbuckles my belt and yanks my pants and boxers down, I step out of them! All of out clothes are scattered all around the floor.

Hunter- Baby put me where you want me!

She strokes my huge cock a few times and lines my cock right at her entrance. She pulls me into her causing my cock to go all the way into her nice soaking wet tight pussy!

Kenzi- AH uhh Fuck mee, Ahh uhh baby you feel so gawd damn good inside me.

I start thrusting in and out of her while not coming up for air from kissing her.

Hunter- Fuck this is my pussy from her on out!

Kenzi- Take what's yours fuck me the way you want baby!

I start thrusting harder, faster and deeper! She's moaning so much and it's sexy as hell.


Hunter- AWWWW FUCKK i'm gonna cummm baby!

Kenzi- CUMMMmm inside of mee baby!

Suddenly all her walls tighten around my cock hugging it even tighter then before and we cum at the same fucking time!

Kenzi- Fuck that was Amazing!

Hunter- Fuck yeah it was!

Suddenly there's banging on the door.

Kenzi- WHAT! (shouts)

Wyatt- Just tracked Evan, he is on his way (shouts through the door)

Kenzi- Tell everyone to get ready, I'll be down in two minutes! (shouts back)

We get dressed and head back downstairs to prepare for fucking Evan!

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