Queen's Mafia Rescue

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Chapter 19

Kenzi's POV

That was absolutely fucking amazing! My shit is sore as hell but i'm not complaining! Now I have to deal with this son of a bitch Evan!

Asher- What's the plan boss?

Hunter- Kenzi is the boss while we're here!

Kenzi- Okay well i'm sure he won't be expecting you and your men to be here Hunter. So you'll been our secret weapon. Sophia will take Ethan to the safe room and stay with him? Joey will give you the code!

Sophia- Of course, come on little man!

Ethan- Okay, Kenzi please be careful.

I kneel down so i'm looking straight at him!

Kenzi- I will, listen to Sophia until I come to get you now go!

Joey whispers the code to Sophia and they leave.

Kenzi- Alright men let's take Evan's ass down once and for all!

I take all of Hunter's men to the secret places with perfect views of all angles, they know the plan!

Kenzi- Alright men it's time spread out have your silencers on your guns, the smoke bombs are spread out around everyone! There's two per person use them wisely. Everyone put your infrared goggles on now!

Evan's POV

I'm the head of the Lockly's Mafia now and tonight the fucking Queen dies! I've had Lisa the whole time and I came up with the plan for her to take Ethan to Kenzi as a distraction. My men and I are like ghost they'll never see us coming!

Ryan- lets take care of this bitch!

Evan- John once Kenzi's dead I will return your nephew. I swear if you chicken out I'll kill Ethan right in front of you while you watch and then i'll kill you!

John- I understand!

Evan- Lets end this!

We all get out 5 guys go in all different windows and 2 goes through the chamber. The rest of my men and I go in right through the motherfucking front door. As soon as we barge in smoke bombs go off and I hear a bunch of gun fire.

Kenzi- Bang. Bang .Bang

Spencer- Bang. Bang.

Wyatt- Bang. Bang. Bang.

Dexter- Bang. Bang.

I hear ten bodies drop to the ground each with a loud ass thud.

By The Chamber Stairs

Joey's POV

I see two guys, one has a knife and the other is placing a bomb. I watch closely so I know how to deactivate it, as soon as he is far enough away I shoot him right in the fucking head! When I see the other mans face I instantly realize it's fucking John! I sneak right up behind him, choking his ass out just enough to where he's unconscious! Then I tie his ass up and deactivate the motherfucking bomb. Finally I close and lock the cell door! I know there could be more bombs so I head upstairs through the secret passage and start trying to locate them.

Axl's POV

I'm hidden where I can see three windows. The moments the first one steps in I send my knife right into the fuckers chest, exactly where his hearts located and boom he drops to the floor.

Ryan- ( Looks at his man on the floor) FUCK RETREAT. RETREAT!

As everyone of those men turn their backs I see Kenzi dragging Evans ass and I see all her men following behind. They all have their guns pointing to the men retreating!

Kenzi- Everyone come out!

All my men come out and goes to her with our guns pointed to the Lockly's men as well.

Kenzi's POV

Once all Evan's men that came through the the front door are dead on the floor, I shot Evan in both knee caps so he couldn't get away. Then when I hear his pussy men retreating I drag Evan's ass right onto the room with my men behind me.

Kenzi- Leaving so soon Ryan?

Ryan- (eyes Wide)

His eyes grew big, guess he wasn't expecting me to know his name.

Kenzi- I suggest everyone of you get your asses back in my house!

Stranger- No way!

I hold my gun aiming right at him.

Kenzi- You either come back or DIE your CHOICE!

All four of them look at one another and turn around walking slowly back inside.

Kenzi- Tie them all up together!

My men do as I request.

Kenzi- Now Evan say goodbye!


Kenzi- (evil smirk) Now that wasn't very nice.

I walk right up to him and force his mouth open. I put my gun inside of his mouth and say "Goodbye!" and I pull the trigger! The four men of his left all have bug eyes.

Kenzi- Now YOU! (pointing to Ryan) You think you can kill me?

Ryan- You killed Chase!

Kenzi- I killed him because he came after me!

Ryan- He was my dad.

Kenz- Well he wasn't worried about you only me. In this life we live you get what you deserve! He shouldn't have sent his men after me.

Ryan- One day someone will end your pathetic life!

Kenzi- Ahh well damn I was going to spare your life but not anymore.

I step right up to him and put the barrel of my gun right to his temple and shot. The other three are scared shitless they all look young like 18.

Kenzi- You have a decision to make.

Stranger 1- What?

Kenzi- You can leave with your life and go live a normal life or you can stay and die!

Stranger 1- I choose a normal life!

Kenzi- Good to hear, Spence let this one go!

Spencer- Okay (unties him)

Kenzi- GO NOW!

He runs off. I step to the next young man.

Kenzi- well what's your decision?

Stranger 2- We both choose a normal life!

Kenzi- Let them go.

Spencer unties them, just as they walk out the front door i yell "If I ever catch you back in this business I will kill you!

Stranger- We understand!

They take off running!

Kenzi- Clean this shit up!

Joey- Kenzi, John's down in the cell!

Kenzi- Well lets go speak to him.

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