Queen's Mafia Rescue

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Chapter 2

Kenzi's POV

I'm in office doing my own research on where the fuck Evan is, i'm getting pissed off! No one has been able to track him down. Joey took back his role as Mafia Boss for the Gambino's, even he can't find Evan! Which only means ONE THING, he has a hell of a plan in the works! Well he better bring his best game forward because I WILL BE READ! My cell starts ringing as i'm about to get up.

Hello? Kenzi please don't hang up. You better not be around here Jax! I know you hate me Kenzi but I was just trying to find Sarah then I met you.. Before he can say anything else I speak. I don't hate you, I just lost all motherfucking respect for you! I let you live I suggest you forget about me and the Mafia world, so you can stay alive! I will keep my word and kill you if you ever come back. I immediately hang up.

Paul's POV

I will go to the end of the earth to find Emery and my fucking son! They won't get away again. I call an old friend.

Phone conversation

Ring ring. He answers.

What's up man, it's been awhile? I need to track my son and his fucking mother down! I just sent you all her information. Alright I'll get the Lockly's Mafia tech on it, then i'll call you back Paul. Good I'll be waiting Evan!

call ends

Kenzi's POV

I start to think about where i'm going to place the Thompson's. I soon realize I need to speak to my men. I turn the intercom on. All my men I need you to report to the office immediately! Everyone showed up within five minutes. What's up Kenzi? We are helping a family in trouble but they are not to know anything about this Mafia! All the Thompson's need to know is us as regular people. If anyone disobeys me there will be serious consequences! Am I clear? Where are you placing them Kenzi? Of course the first one to fucking speak is Carter! I was going to tell him but he needs to learn, i'm in charge and he doesn't have the right to demand answers. Carter your dismissed! Your fucking kidding right? Does it look like i'm fucking joking? There's nothing but silence. Well leave NOW I say. He gets up and leaves the room slamming the door behind him. Now i'm placing them in one of our safe houses. Axl will be playing the role of their landlord, I will be giving her an interview so I can actually meet her and help her get a job. Abby will be helping her get Ethan enrolled at Lincoln's Elementary! Now is there any thing you guys need to discuss with me?

Axl stands up and says "Actually there is, I found that fucker Evan! What how Dex replies. Don't worry about it! Anyways we have a problem. Well fucking spite it out already! He is with the Lockly's Mafia now. That son of a bitch! The lockly's have been dying to find Mia's daughter which means. I interrupt. They are after me! Great, well they can try and they can FUCKING DIE! Does anyone know what their involvement with Mia was? What's their reasoning for wanting me? Dexter speaks. I've never heard why the Lockly's wanted Mia's daughter. They have always kept the reasoning a secret Wyatt says. Well that's what we need to find out! Men let's start digging. Okay, on it Dexter and Spencer say at the same time. Axl, I need you to head over to the safe house and make sure everything is updated and working. Make sure the house is fucking clean from when ya'll partied like goddamn animals. He chuckles and says he's going and walks out.

Axl's POV

I go to the safe house, it's just a ten minute drive from us. I pull up and head inside to set up all the equipment and clean this pigs pen up. After six hours i'm finally finished. As i'm stocking the refrigerator I see a car pulling up, I go to greet them at the door. I watch as they step out of the car and that's when I see her. Good go a mighty she looks like an angel! They walk up to the house. Hey I'm Axl you must be John. Yeah! He reaches his hand out to shake mine.Nice to meet you and thanks for letting us stay here. No problem! As I look at Emery i say "and who are you"?

Emery and this is my son Ethan. Well it's nice to meet you lil man as I hold out my fist. Ethan fist bumps me back and says "You to". I grin, well the kitchen is stocked and everything you need is inside! Emery my sister said she knows of a school for Ethan and knows about some job openings, if you want to go by and speak with her tomorrow!Yes I'd love that! Okay well I wrote all her information down and set it on the counter in the kitchen. She says thank you while smiling. Alright well i'm going to get going, welcome to your new home. I get in my car and leave.

Emery's POV

Damn he was fine, I haven't been with anyone in six years. Nope don't go there. We walk in and find out rooms and look around. Okay baby you need to go get a bath, it's late you need to get to bed. Okay mom, Ethan runs to the bathroom and takes a bath. After twenty minutes late he comes back to me. Alright mom i'm ready for bed. Okay baby let's go. We walk to his room and I get him all tucked him, tell him I love her and kiss him on the forehead. Mom I hope dad never finds us. He won't baby! Ethan closes his eyes and I go downstairs to message Axl's sister Kenzi.


Kenzi this is John's sister Emery, I'd love to come see you and discuss jobs and the school for my son with you. Just let me know a time. I don't expect to get a reply this late, but I do. How's 11am? I'll have my brother Axl pick you up. Okay I'll see you then! Okay.

Text ends

I go to my room and crawl into bed and quickly drift off to sleep.

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