Queen's Mafia Rescue

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Chapter 20

Kenzi's POV

Joey and I walk down to the cells where John is currently locked up! I walk up to the cell and speak "Well it's good to see you John." while Joey's unlocking the door.

John- Kenzi i'm sorry Evan didn't give me a choice, he said if I chickened out he'd kill Ethan while I watched and then he'd kill me.

Kenzi- Joey figured, that's the only reason he didn't kill you! Where's Emery?

John- He said she's dead! I saw him take Emery out of the cell and I haven't seen her since.

Joey- Why did he take you and your family?

John- He didn't Chase did because he wanted to use us to get to Kenzi! Then when Evan found out you killed Chase , he took over his Mafia!

Kenzi- well he's dead now.

John smiles so big it's like a weight was taken off his shoulder then he speaks "Can I go, where's Ethan?" he asks.

Kenzi- Ethan is safe! You both will stay with me until I make sure you can be trusted, Joey let him up and please set up a room for him and Ethan. I need to have a word with the imposter!

Joey- Certainly! Let's go, Kenzi i'll be back in a few minutes!

Kenzi- Take your time.

As Joey and John begin to walk away John turns around to face me and says "Kenzi thank you for helping my family twice now!" I reply "Ethan shouldn't have to suffer and i'm sorry you were dragged into this!" Joey and John walk away. I go to the chamber Lisa is in and unlock the door walking in closing the steel door behind me.

Kenzi-I believe it's time for a honest chat Lisa!

Lisa- Good luck with that.

Kenzi- You don't know me so let me set you straight before you end up getting yourself killed faster! I'm a fair Leader, I give one chance and then i'm done. You harm me, my mafia or the ones I save that's an attack on me, which i will not tolerate Lisa! So here's how this is going to work, you answer my questions and I don't harm you. After getting my answers if I have to kill you then i'll immediately put you out of your misery without torturing you! Now lets begin shall we.

Lisa- Save your breathe child, your NOT MY QUEEN!

Kenzi- O Really.

I walk up to Lisa and grab one finger and Snap it until I hear it crack, then I step back!

Lisa- Aghh!

Kenzi- Now let's try again.


I smile my evil smirk and start walking back towards her as I say "Guess I get to have some fun!" I grab a hold of one finger on each head and break them both at the same fucking time! Then I step back once again.

Lisa- AHHH FUCK! shouts from the pain.

Kenzi- Where's Emery?

Lisa- DEAD!

Kenzi- Where's the body?

Lisa's eyes are now widen, that's my clue that Emery is likely still alive! It takes Lisa a minute to answer.

Lisa- Burnt to ashes!

Kenzi- Wrong, try again Lisa.

Lisa- I answered you.

It look her to long to answer, there's my second clue. I walk up to Lisa and take her left wrist and twist until I hear it snap! Then I step back once again, hell i'm getting exercise from all the back and fourth.


Kenzi- Where is she? DEAD OR ALIVE I want the FUCKING BODY!

Lisa- Your just like MIA!

Kenzi- Wrong I don't slaughter without reason or people who are innocent!

Lisa- At least one person responsible for Mia's slaughter spree and for her reputation is still alive!

Kenzi- Enough! I don't give a flying fucking, i'm not concerned with the past Lisa. Only the present and future, now where is EMERY?

Lisa- Not even if it's your dear friend, I believe you know him by Genovese! (Smirking)

Donnie! Hump well that's interesting, but I don't show it. I step up to her and twist the other wrist until I snaps and step back.

Lisa- AHHGHH! What the FUCCK!

Kenzi- I don't like that smug look on your face, where's the MOTHERFUCKING GIRL?

Lisa- Mia's Bunker!

I immediately step out of the chamber cell and call Joey.

Phone converssation

Ring. Ring.

Kenzi you okay?

I'm fine, who's with you?

Axl and Hunter!

Good, put me on speaker.


Okay your on.

Axl do you know where Mia's underground bunker is?

Yeah why?

Take Joey and Hunter there, if Emery is there bring her back here.


Joey search the place and see what you find, bring anything that may be interesting to me!

Okay I will!

Call ends

I go back into the Chamber with Lisa.

Kenzi's POV

So i'm waiting for the guys to get back and this bitch starts running her dick sucker!

Lisa- I can't wait until you die, you have no idea the plans other Mafia's have in store for you!

Kenzi- When they come i'll kill every last one of them Lisa.

Lisa- Your nothing Kenzi, just a child playing in a grown woman's world!

I walk right up to her and bend down, I twist her fucking ankle until It cracks!

Lisa- AHHH!

Kenzi- Bitch i'd shut up if I were you!

Suddenly Joey walks down and opens the cell door, we go sit at the table. Joey says "You'll want to see this"as he hands me a letter from Mia. I open it and start reading.


Dear Kenzi, If you ever run onto a woman who looks like me, she's my twin sister! Don't trust a word she says, she's the one who got all those fucking Gambino's to do what they did! I let Genovese go because he also had a twin who was with Lisa, Donnie was not involved! Also Kenzi Donnie Genovese is my brother from my mother's side. My father was The REAPER Surprise your the QUEEN OF THE REAPERS! My father was Alex Reaper his son is Sebastian Reaper. Go speak with him, Yes that's the Mexican Mafia! First order of business get them to BOW DOWN to you, as their QUEEN! My dear Kenzi you have many blood ties to many different Mafia's, that's just another reason people will try to destroy you but it's not possible! Sebastian has the prophecy read the whole thing carefully! Love Mia

Kenzi- O Lisa!

Lisa- What?

I throw Joey my phone and of course he catches it.

Kenzi- Record this Joey!

Joey- My pleasure!

I step in front of Lisa.

Kenzi- How did you get the Gambino's to do that to Mia?

Lisa- I'm not answering.

Kenzi- O Sweetheart you will.

I take my knife and jab it into her ear!

Lisa- AHHHH !!! STOP!!

Kenzi- Answer the goddamn Fucking QUESTION!

Lisa- Screw you!

I walk over to the table and pick up the pliers i'm done fucking around I walk back to her ass.

Lisa- (eyes wide)

Kenzi- Last chance Lisa! When I get to one I better hear the truth! 5. 4. 3.2.1. Okay.

I take the pliers and force her mouth open and yank her front tooth right out of her fucking mouth!

Lisa- AGGHH! (crying) Okay!

Kenzi- Speak now and Lisa one lie all your teeth will be pulled out immediately! Now go.

Lisa- I pretended for a month to be Mia when I was alone. I had all the men thinking Mia wanted them. I set it all in motion then got the hell out of dodge when everything was going down.

Kenzi- Well payback is a BITCH!

I get the dear hooks set up on the ceiling and Dexter and Joey helps me hook her body onto them. Lisa just hangs there with the hooks going all the way through her body! Slowly and painfully dying. Then I pour gasoline all over her and light the fucking match and set her ass on fire!

Kenzi- I'll see you in Hell Lisa!

Joey and I walk out and I cut the video!

I go upstairs to my office and get ready to call Donnie!

Phone conversation

Ring Ring

Kenzi it's good to hear from you, what's the plan?

The Lockly's are dead I killed them. Lisa is also dead well she's currently on hooks and burning alive!

Lisa as in Mia's twin?

The one and only! Now the reason for my call, I need the number for Sebastian Reaper! Do you happen to have the number?

I do but can I ask what business you have with the Reaper? They are powerful Kenzi!

I know they are the Mexican Mafia and also my family.


Mia's Father was The Reaper also known as Alex Reaper!

Alex Reaper! (says at the same time) Kenzi, you know your the most feared of any one Mafia now!

I do and I will live up to it, while staying true to myself and my Leadership!

I'll send you his number immediately!

Did you know Mia was your sister?

I did, i found five years ago i wanted you to find out on your own. That way you would know I wasn't playing a game to get close to you Kenzi.

I've always trusted you from day one, let's keep it that way!

We will, Goodbye Kenzi!

Call ends.

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