Queen's Mafia Rescue

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Chapter 21

Sebastian's POV

My name is Sebastian Reaper, i'm the boss of the Mexican Mafia. My father Alex was the TRUE KING until he died! Now it's all mine and you don't fuck with my MAFIA! I'm in the middle of a meeting when one of the new guys barge in.

Newbie- Boss.


Newbie- You've got to see this! It's on your computer screen and every one of the TV's around the house.

I walk out with all my men following me and it's a video of someone killing Lisa! Then I hear the name Kenzi.

Killer- That's Kenzi?

Sebastian- Yes that's her!

Eden- That's nice right there.

My cell suddenly starts ringing I answer.

phone conversation


My name is Kenzi, did you receive my gift Sebastian?

I did, i'm grateful she's finally dead.

I'll be headed into the Mexican territory tomorrow! Just wanted to give you a hands up.

To kill or visit?

Visit unless someone gives me a reason to kill of course!

I'll be waiting.

Call ends

Sebastian- Kenzi will be here tomorrow, No one fucks with her. She is Queen!

Eden- Haha she's not mine!

Before I can response to this fucker another message suddenly appears on the screens. It's Kenzi talking to us.

Kenzi- By now i'm sure THE BOSS has told you i'll be arriving tomorrow, Let me make one thing Clear! I am the Queen and also a fair leader! If you fuck with me you will suffer the consequences! So for all of those who want to try me, GIVE IT YOUR BEST SHOT!

Then the video saws her throwing and gun shooting skills just so we know she's not a weak Queen!

Killer- Yeah she's OUR QUEEN!

Eden- I can take her ass

Sebastian- Try bitch, she'll take your fucking life!

Kenzi's POV

I go to check on Emery, she was there at Mia's bunker and she was brutally beaten! When I arrive Hunter is there sitting by the door of her room.

Kenzi- How is she?

Hunter- Looking better but she will be out for awahile!

Kenzi- Okay well can everyone meet me in the office?

Hunter- I'll get my men.

Joey- I'll get everyone else!

Kenzi- Okay but tell them not to keep me waiting long!

I head up to my office and take a seat, everyone starts straggling in and they all sit down. I sit straight up in my chair and speak.

Kenzi- Alright I am packing to head out of town for awhile, i'll be in the Mexican Territory!

Nolan- Why, if I may ask?

Kenzi- I need to speak with my other Mafia, I won't be leaving until they all Bow to me and the ones who refuse I will Kill!

Spencer- Hold the fuck up, what do you mean your other Mafia?

Everyone's eyes got big as fuck when they hear how Spence just spoke to me.

Kenzi- Spencer watch your motherfucking tone! Turns out my grandfather is none other then Alex Reaper!

Everyone of my men's and Hunter's jaw drops.

Spencer- SO now your even more powerful?

Kenzi- Is that a FUCKING PROBLEM?

Spencer- Yes! People will be fucking after you and your damn Mafia's. Nobody wants someone that powerful because it comes with a price! Death!!

Kenzi- Are you out?

Spencer- Hell Yeah! I'll find another Mafia!


Kenzi- That's not going to happen, there's only one way out for you Spencer!

Spencer- Finally! I see your just like Mia, your not a fair Leader at all.

My blood is now boiling everyone is standing now, I see Hunter blocking the door. I'll have to remember to thank him later.

Kenzi- I am a fair Leader, I'm just not a stupid Leader. If I let you go, you'll join another Mafia telling secrets and try to come after me! After all your running scared because how POWERFUL I TRULY AM! The choice is still yours of course.


I pull my gun aiming at his head and pull the trigger.

Kenzi- Wyatt i'll need you to keep up with business on your end.

Wyatt- Got it, no problem!

Kenzi- Axl and Joey your both in charge of this Mafia until I get back. I want updates on everything, don't let me down!

Joey- I got you Kenzi!

Axl- Wait you want me involved?

Kenzi- Of course it's juch as much yours as it's mine, we're in this together Axl!

Ac=xl- OKay I won't let you down,

Kenzi- Sophia please keep me updated on Ethan and Emery and the rest of you I want all eyes on John. I need to make sure he can be trusted!

Sophia- I will.

Dexter- Got it

Nolan- Got it

Kenzi- alright will someone clean Spencer's body up? You all can leave now.

Suddenly Hunter speaks up.

Hunter- Wait!

Kenzi - Whats wrong?

Hunter- I want to come with you!

Kenzi- What about your mafia?

Hunter- Nolan your in charge until I get back, keep me informed! You fuck up our shit, you'll pay!

Nolan- Got it Boss! I won't let you down.

Hunter- Alright Leave!

Everyone leaves besides Hunter.

Hunter- Alright Kenzi, i'm going to go get packed i'll see you in an hour!

Kenzi- Okay!

Before he leaves he brings his lips smashing on mine and just like that i'm soaking wet.

Kenzi- Mmmhmm! (moaning)

Hunter- Sweetheart you know what your moans do to me.

Kenzi- Well you caused it (smirking)

Hunter- We will finish this later!

He walks out and I head upstairs to pack.

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