Queen's Mafia Rescue

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Chapter 22

Kenzi's POV

Hunter and I have been on this damn private jet for 12 hours now. We are finally about to land.

Hunter- Are you nervous?

Kenzi- No anyone who fucks with me will die!

I have all my gear, flash and smoke bombs, my knives, dagger and my fucking guns. I'm ready for war just in case. Alright it's time to get off this jet and make everyone Bow Down to me. Hunter looks at me and says "Do you want all this Kenzi?" his eyes are clued to mine, i feel like he can see into my soul.

Kenzi- Nobody has asked me, but my answer is I just want whats rightfully mine. I like being able to help family's like John and Emery's. I'm not power hungry however I do like that i'm protected and Strong, where anyone who dares to fuck with me will pay the price. Could you imagine this kind of power in someone else's hands?

Hunter has a sexy damn grin on his face as he takes in every word i'm saying and then he replies.

Hunter- No I couldn't! Someone else with the power you have would be consumed by it and many innocent's would be killed. It would be total chaos, your the only one I'd trust with this kind of Power. Myself included I don't think i could be as noble as you are Kenzi.

Our private jet is landing and I have all my weapons ready! Our car is waiting for is, we get in and drive an hour to the Reapers Mafia house! We finally pull up and Hunter takes my hand and says "You ready Kenzi?" Yes I reply giving a smile. We get out of the care and walk right inside, everyone stares.

whore- Who the hell are you?

Kenzi- Someone looking for Sebastian!

Whore- You can't just walk in here!

This bitch tries to grab my arm and remove me. I immediately spin out of her grip while I grab her arm and twist until it fucking breaks!

Whore- AGHH! You broke my arm (crying)

Now everyone is looking.

Kenzi- This is your ONLY FUCKING WARNING don't ever put your hands on me again!

I see this guy pulling his gun out then all the other guys follow his lead and pulls theirs! He must be the second in command!

Kenzi- MY name is Kenzi and i'm looking for Sebastian, The man in charge! (speaks loudly and demanding voice)

This douche steps up to me.

Eden- You will never be our Queen!

I start to pull my blade out when I hear a voice.

Sebastian- ENOUGH! Lower your fucking weapons NOW!

Everyone does as he demanded. Sebastian walks over and steps in the douches face.

Sebastian- Are you trying to get all our men killed, along with yourself? They don't follow you, THEY FOLLOW ME!

Sebastian looks to all his men and says "This is Kenzi the Queen and YOU WILL RESPECT HER OR FUCKING DIE! UNDERSTOOD?"

Newbie- Yea boss

Killer- Yea boss

Eden- Whatever!

I couldn't take anymore of the disrespect from this asshole. I pulled my blade out in one swift motion I kicked the back of his kneecaps and he dropped to his knees. I was immediately behind him with my blade around the front of his throat holding him by the hair of his head.


Eden- Yes I understand!

I push his ass down with my foot and put my blade back away.

Sebastian- Kenzi follow me we have things to discuss!

Kenzi- Mind if my business associate comes along?

Sebastian- Of course not, right this way.

We walk into his office and all take a seat.

Kenzi- Nice to finally put a face with the name.

Sebastian- (Chuckles) You as well, I've heard a lot about you!

Kenzi- All good I hope.

Sebastian- Your definitely Mia's daughter, but also very different then her! I have noticed how powerful and what a fair leader you are, many Mafias has noticed the same thing. You definitely don't coward in the face of danger, even when your out numbered!

Kenzi- I certainly do not, Now I have a few person questions I'd like to ask you!

Sebastian- Okay

Kenzi- My family line!

Sebastian- Haha ours is definitely fucked up that's for sure. Sasha Mia's mom and our father Alex got a divorce! Then our father remarried and my mom had me. Our father Alex had an affair with a whore and she had Donnie and his twin! Wyatt is from Sasha's second marriage! Now your all caught up, it's kist the siblings that are alive now!

Kenzi- Besides Mia and of course Lisa!

Sebastian- Haha, I was very fond of the demonstration with Lisa's death!

Kenzi- She deserved every second of the torture.

Sebastian- Kenzi I will get everyone to fall inline and give you respect!

Kenzi- No has Queen I have to be the one to do it, or i'll never truly have their respect. Trust me I will get them to!

Sebastian- Haha well I have no doubt.

Suddenly we hear a bunch of fighting and yelling. Sebastian, Hunter and I hurry downstairs where we hear Eden and another guy yelling and fighting each other.

Killer- Are you out of your mind? No one here will fight Kenzi along side of you, you'll get us killed!

Eden- You will or I swear you'll die RIGHT HERE RIGHT NOW!

I step out from the shadow where everyone can see me.

Kenzi- NO HE WON'T! You want me bitch then come get me! COME ON!

He immediately starts charging towards me.

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