Queen's Mafia Rescue

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Chapter 23

Kenzi's POV

Eden charges me, he tries to throw a powerful punch. When I dodge the punch it throws his ass off balance. I smile and say "Your foot work sucks!"

Eden- UGH!!

He sends a jab to my face but I bob down dodging it once again.I instantly bob back up and punch him right in the throat. He steps back holding the front of his throat.

Eden- YOU BITCH! (trying to talk)

Kenzi- Well you'll pay for that!

I go up to his ass and sends a fake punch but instead of following through, i sweep down and knock him off balance with my legs. He falls to the floor hitting the back of his head and I put my foot right on his fucking throat! I press sending a little pressure and say "Never call me a bitch again." Everyone starts clapping even Sebastian and Hunter. I look back down to this asshole and say "Are you done?"

Eden- You'll never be my Queen!

Kenzi- Okay well you have a choice. Hunter Sebastian will you guys stand him up and hold him?

Sebastian- Yup

Hunter- Sure thing.

They stand him up and I walk right in front of him, then he spits in my face. I wipe the spite off and smirk and say "YOU WILL BOW DOWN TO ME OR LOSE YOUR HEAD! It's simple however the choice is yours!" He laughs and replies to me.

Eden- KILL THE QUEEN! (shouts)

Nobody moves. I walk over to my bag and pull out my full tang Hook blade sword. I walk back to Eden's ass and raise it up and say "I'll see you in hell!" I immediately swing it chopping his head off from his neck! I wipe the blood off on my jeans and look up to everyone.

Kenzi- Now i'm a fair Leader, Fuck with me and Die, Stand with me and have a family for life who you'll always be able to trust. BOW DOWN TO YOUR QUEEN OR MEET YOUR FATE!

Every single person bows down to me and says Queen.

Kenzi- Thank you now lets enjoy the rest of our time together!

Suddenly my phone rings.

Phone conversation

Ring. Ring.


Kenzi! O my god you have to get back!

Joey what's wrong?

Some unknown Mafia just killed Axl, shot him in the back of the head 5 times! He was dead with the first bullet.

Get both Mafia's and Hunter's and go to our safe house I'll be there soon.

Call ends

I turn to Hunter and Sebastian and say "Sebastian i'm sorry but Hunter and I have to go."

Hunter- Kenzi what's wrong?

Kenzi- Some unknown Mafia shoot Axl in the back of the head fie times.

Hunter- FUCK!

I take out my phone and snap a photo of Eden and his chopped off head. I look at Sebastian and say "Can I use your computer, it's time to send a fucking message!" He says yes and I follow him, once inside I download the picture then make a recording.

Kenzi- Whoever attacked my family I will find you and everyone involved will be beheaded like this! (shows the photo) YOU FUCK WITH THE QUEEN YOU WILL PAY! The one's involved better start FUCKING RUNNING! LET THE HUNT BEGIN!

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