Queen's Mafia Rescue

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Sebastian's POV

While driving my amazing niece and Hunter to their jet, I get an idea!

Sebastian- Kenzi, why don't killer, Newbie and I come with you!

Kenzi- What about your Mafia business?

Sebastian- Kenzi I have someone I trust to handle any and all Mafia problems and business! After all Axl was my family to and I want to help catch the one's responsible.

Kenzi- Sebastian if you and your men don't mind and really want to come along, it's perfectly fine with me!

Sebastian- Great I'll call them up.

Kenzi's POV

Sebastian immediately makes his calls and gets his men to hury and pack! I'm lost in my thoughts mentally preparing myself for what now has to be done!

Hunter- Kenzi

Kenzi- Hump (looks over at him)

Hunter- Are you okay?

Kenzi- Honestly I have no fucking clue, I was just getting to know my brother and now he's gone. All I know is i'm going to behead everyone involved! I just hope by me beheading people doesn't make you change your mind about me.

After saying that I immediately look down.

Hunter- Kenzi look at me (puts finger under chin and lifts head up)

Kenzi- (looks at him)

Hunter- I'm amazed how strong you are! I promise i'm going to be right beside you beheading people! Axl was extremely important to me, your not in this alone!

Kenzi- Promise?

Hunter- Promise! Now come here.

He pulls me into him our lips emerging instantly against one another and it's like everything disappears! It's a kiss that goes deep into our souls!

Jess Hunts POV

My name is Jess Hunt i'm not apart of the Mafia world but I take out people who hurts my family! There are a few family secrets and Axl deserved everything he got!

Fallon- Man I just hacked into the Mafia's database, we might have just started a war! What if she come after us? I seriously would rather not be beheaded!

Jess Hunt- Fuck relax man, there's no way she will ever find out it was us!

Fallon- If you haven't noticed she looks and sounded serious as hell.

Jess Hunt- Axl needed to die, Hell he has been lying to Kenzi ever since they finally found each other!

Suddenly in walks my fuck buddy Raelynn.

Raelynn- Why don't I go talk to Kenzi?

Fallon- Fuck no!

Jess Hunt- FUCK NO!

Raelynn- Why not?

Jess Hunt- This is not your problem and has nothing to do with you, plus Kenzi wouldn't believe you!

Raelynn- She needs to die, ever since you found her again you've been fucking obsessed.

Jess Hunt- Threaten her again Raelynn I fucking Dare you!

Raelynn- You've never even met her, yet she is all your worried about! I've been here since day one, that whore doesn't even know you!

I walk over to her I wrap my hands around her throat not putting pressure and say "Leave before I decide to show you how serious I am. Kenzi is my FAMILY you not!"

Raelynn- She will never hear you out, she is a Mafia Queen for FUCKS SAKE!

Now I put a littler pressure and shout saying "She isn't a Queen, SHE IS THE MOTHERFUCKING QUEEN!"

Fallon- Raelynn you better leave before you end up dead! Look at him, he isn't playing anymore.

Then Fallon's fuck buddy walks in.

Sarah- Raelynn let the fellas handle this!

Raelynn- Fine!

I let Raelynn go and Sarah looks at me and says "Well guys we're going outside to the pool."

Jess Hunt- Sarah keep Raelynn under control.

Sarah- Of course, Let's go Raelynn.

Sarah's POV

Ever since Kenzi killed Carter, I've been looking for a way to pay her bacl! What's the saying " Karma has no menu. You get served, what you deserve."

Raelynn- Sarah your plan isn't going to work.

Sarah- Of course it will! The guys will get me close to Kenzi and I'll betray then and stab Kenzi in the back!

Raelynn- Literally?

Sarah- YES Literally!

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