Queen's Mafia Rescue

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Chapter 25 Brotherly Betrayal

Wyatt's POV

Both of our Mafia's are at the huge safe house with Hunter's men. I look up and say "Joey come to the office with me please." He says okay and follows me into the safe house office, we both take a seat.

Joey- So Kenzi should be back anytime now.

Wyatt- That's good she has been through so much. Do you think she will be okay?

Joey- Honestly I don't know that girl has had more shit happen to her then anyone else I know!

Wyatt- Any normal person would have broken already.

Joey- Kenzi is strong I don't think she'll ever break.

Just then Nolan and Asher walks in hearing the end of our conversation. Nolan then says "Well this may break her." What's this I ask.

Asher- Turns out Axl was not trustworthy.

Wyatt- WHAT!

Nolan- Here. (hands folder over)

I open it and as i'm looking Nolan is explaining.

Nolan- Turns out Jason and Axl were in cahoots together.

Joey- Fuck! So what's the reasoning?

Wyatt- Well here is the messages back and fourth between Jason and Axl.


Jason- Someone is using your name!

Axl- Find the person and kill his ass, keep Kenzi closer then ever before.

Jason- She's already gone.

Axl- We had a god damn deal, you keep Kenzi as your play thing and when you were done she'd die! If she realizes who she is she'll take all the Fucking Power as Mafia Queen! Then Jess can and will find her, which might I add is bad for both of us.

Jason- I'll get her back!

Axl- Don't contact me until you do, in the meantime i'll have to come up with a plan B.

Jason- I'd suggest weaseling your way into your sister's life.

Axl- Don't ever fucking call her that! This skank has fucked with my power and I will have it! If it wasn't for Jess I'd already have all the power. Kill Kenzi on sight that's if your stupid ass can get her back!

End of Messages

Joey- So he has been playing everyone? Even Hunter?

Nolan- Yup and trust me he'll be pissed.

Kenzi's POV

Everyone gets off the jet and there's a car waiting for us, we get in and drive to the safe house! Thirty minutes of riding we finally arrive.

Hunter- You ready?

Kenzi- Yup let's get down to business.

I punch in the security code and the doors unlock and opens. We all walk in together.

Abby- Hey girl!

Kenzi- Damn it's good to see you! Listen I have business to handle but when it's all said and done we are having a girls night! (Turns to Emery and Sophia) Sophia, Emery you two will be coming as well.

Sophia- I'm not saying no!

Emery- Sounds good!

The girls are looking at the men behind me.

Kenzi- O this is my uncle Sebastian adn his men Newbie and Killer.

Emery- Nice to meet you all! (smiling at Sebastian)

Sophia- Same nice to meet you guys i'm Sophia!

Newbie's eyes linger on Sophia who smiles and puts her hair behind her ear.

Sebastian- Nice to meet you all especially you Emery

Newbie- Same, you have a beautiful name by the way Sophia (grins)

Killer- Please to meet you all.

Kenzi- Ahem (clears throat) Alright well we'll be back.

We walk up to the office. I get to the door and I hear the guys.

Nolan- So how do ya'll want to handle this?

I open the door and walk in.

Kenzi- Handle what?

All the guys look at one another.

Wyatt- Just tell her!

Kenzi- I'm waiting!

Joey- Axl and Jason were working together Kenzi, something about a dude Jess finding you and that it'd be bad for both them if he found you.

Hunter- No way Axl was on the wrong side of shit!

Nolan- When that fake ass Alexander got Kenzi away, Axl had no choice but to find away into her life. He wanted Kenzi dead!

Hunter- For what?

Joey- Why else the POWER! Somehow this guy Jess wasn't going to let that happen!

Sebastian- Jess who?

Wyatt- No Clue!

Sebastian- I might!

Kenzi- What do you mean?

Sebastian- I found out a few weeks away Mia had another son, he actually contacted me and I did a DNA test!

Kenzi- Do you have his number?

Sebastian- Yes

Kenzi- Call him, put it on speaker! No one talks but Sebastian and then me, am I clear?

Everyone says yes then Wyatt says "are you going to kill him?"

Kenzi- I want the truth then i'll decide. Are you okay with this Sebastian?

Sebastian- I'm good!

I tell him to go ahead and call he does.

Phone conversation

Ring. Ring.

Jess Hunt- Hello

Sebastian- Hey Jess It's Sebastian!

Jess Hunt- What's up man, good to hear from you.

Sebastian- Yes it is but listen I have a few questions.

Jess Hunt- Alright shoot.

Sebastian- Do you know anything about a guy named Axl and a girl named Kenzi?

Jess Hunt- My brother and sister? Yes!

Sebastian- She'd like to speak with you.

Jess Hunt- Where does she want to meet?

Sebastian- Actually she's here and would like to speak with you over the phone.

Jess Hunt- Okay put her on, but i'm guessing we're on speaker phone, correct?

Haha he is smart, I already like him.

Kenzi- Hey it's Kenzi and yes we are!

Jess Hunt- Ahh it's good to finally hear your voice sister.

Kenzi- I was surprised to hear I have another brother! Now I have a few questions for you.

Jess Hunt- Okay go ahead

Kenzi- did you kill Axl?

Jess Hunt- Yes, I can tell you he deserved it!

Kenzi- How so?

Jess Hunt- Our brother knew you were in trouble with Jason and never helped you out. I guess I have the fake Axl to thank for that! Anyways when I found out about the two of you I contacted him, wanting to meet my family.

Kenzi- OKay so far so good keepy going please.

Jess Hunt- We met, chatted and then I mentioned getting in contact with you. That's when he attacked me and held a knife to my throat and said if I tried to find you, he'd kill me. I of course didn't listen I have some scars to prove it. I obviously managed to escape and since then I've been tracking him, and after you became Queen it was easy to find you!

Kenzi- Okay I understand, so what do you want with me? Revenge or just brotherly interest?

Jess Hunt- Nothing besides getting to know my sister!

Kenzi- Okay hows tomorrow dinner at my place,my men will of course be there just so you know!

Jess Hunt- Sounds great, may I bring a plus one?

Kenzi- Certainly I'll see you then Jess!

Call ends

Sebastian- What do you think?

Kenzi- I actually get a good vibe, but we will find out tomorrow night. Everyone keep your guards up!

Now I need a damn drink.

Joey- Kenzi what about Axl?

Kenzi- What about him? He betrayed me and got killed for it, it's over and done with as far as i'm concerned.

I just walk out leaving the door open.

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