Queen's Mafia Rescue

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Chapter 26

Kenzi's POV

Tonight is the night I meet my brother Jess! Wyatt and his new members are coming and Hunter and his main guys. Emery, John and of course little Ethan! I'm in the office when I hear a knock on the door! I say "come in." Shouting! Emery opens the door and walk and takes a seat.

Emery- First off I wanted to thank you for everything, you saved my family twice Kenzi.

Kenzi- Emery you don't have to thank me, i'd do it again.

Emery- Haha okay on to the last thing. I've been thinking about what I want to do with the rest of my life!

Kenzi- Okay what have you came up with?

Emery- I'd like to start a shelter of shorts but not just for women. I want a place where people who are in danger or bad situations can come, even families like mine!

Kenzi- Actually now that you said it, i have an idea. Hold on let me call Abby in!

Phone conversation

Ring. Ring.

Everything okay?

Yeah, where are you?

The safe house!

O well can you come to the office?

Sure i'll be right there!

Call ends

A few minutes goes by and she walks in,

Abby- Whats up ladies?

Kenzi- Would you and Emery like to go into business with me?

Emery- For real?

Kenzi- Yeah! I already help families but I was thinking we could buy a hotel, hell even a mansion that way we could help more at a time. Then we could actually help with getting people jobs, and if they had kids they'd have free child care! Families would be able to have fun and be less stressed out while they get help from us. Kids would have a pool and we could set up a game room and theater! Lets go all out!

Emery- Lets do it!

Abby- Hold on what about profits?

Kenzi- The Mafia's make enough money! This is to help people not to bring in money! I would pay you guys and whoever else we hire! Hell the people who come for help could maybe even work and help out while earning some money! With kids around we would have to make sure no one bad is able to get in though!

Abby- I'm in let's do it!

Kenzi- Perfect ya'll start looking for places and we'll go check them out together! Now let's get ready to head back to the main house!

I walk downstairs where all my guys are.

Kenzi- are ya'll ready to head back to the main house?

Sebastian- Lets go!

Joey- Yup

Dexter- Yes

Wyatt- Yes let's get out of here

Nolan- Yeah O Hunter had some things to take care of, he said he'd meet us back at the house!

Kenzi- Okay that sounds good lets go!

We all load up and I drove the first car back while the others follow behind. We finally make it to back to the main house, everyone goes in and gets settled! Nolan, Wyatt, Joey and I do a perimeter check and Sebastian tags along. After everything is clear Sebastian, his men and I go to my office, I go straight in and check my home voicemail.


Queen Kenzi this is Albert Donnie's right hand! Colton and Issac got away, Donnie is no where to be found, but there were signs of a huge struggle! Please be on the out and call me back. 919-789-2295

Voicemail Ends

Kenzi- FUCK!

Sebastian- Who's Issac and Colton?

Kenzi- Issac is my biology father and Sophia's monster along with Colton who is her step brother.

Sebastian- We've got to find Donnie!

Kenzi- I agree let me call Albert.

Phone Conversation

Ring. Ring.

Albert speaking!

Albert this is Queen Kenzi, I just got your voicemail, have you found anything?

No and what the fuck took you so damn long?

I understand your upset and freaking out but WATCH HOW YOU SPEAK TO ME ALBERT!


Now if you would kindly send over any and all security footage it'd be greatly appreciated!

I've already checked there's nothing on it.

Listen Albert send me the goddamn footage! I don't like repeating myself, and fresh pair of eyes can't hurt so do it! I want it sent to my email in the next thirty minutes.


Call ends

I get on the intercom and tell the guys to come to my office 15 minutes later everyone starts walking in.

Joey- Kenzi is everything okay?

Kenzi- No!

Dexter and the other guys walk in.

Kenzi- Dexter I need you to go and find whatever you can on Issac and Colton! I want every place they could lay low, then i'll have Joey bring up the footage for you to go over! I believe Donnie is in danger they got away.

Dexter- on it!

Kenzi- Men I want you scatter the weapons around for tonight, you know where and how I like them. After I want you to do your own research and help find those bastards!

Joey- Got it.

John- On it Kenzi.

Asher- I'll help to!

Everyone scatters off and start doing as they were told. Sebastian and his guys stayed with me. Finally after 40 minutes the footage is sent to me, I check it with Sebastian and his men.



"There!" Sebastian and I say at the same time, I zoom in. It's Donnie leaving me a message.


Your house 9pm on the 10th, be prepared.

message ends

The next thing we see is Issac stabbing Donnie in the eyes and colton knocking him out Cold! All my men come back to the office to let me know everything is done.

Joey- I couldn't find anything!

Dexter- Me either.

Kenzi- It's fine! Donnie left me a message they will be here tonight at 9! Expect a different time though you know how Dead Men Walking like to do a surprise attack!

Sebastian- Are we cancelling dinner with Jess?

Kenzi- No everything stays on course, although I don't won't Sophia, Ethan or Emery at Dinner. I want them feed and taken to the fucking safe room! After tonight we are moving!

It's 7:30 everything is set and we're all ready for whatever pops off. The girls and Ethan are finally in the safe room.

Sebastian's POV

I grilled 20 streaks to make sure everyone had enough, Kenzi cooked corn on the cob, baked potato with all the toppings, fired okra and some delicious looking homemade mac and cheese! My men helped set the table and now we are bringing everything and placing it in the middle of the huge ass dining table! Then the door bell rings!

Kenzi- I got it.

I watch her put her hand behind her back and grip her gun! My niece is always prepared.

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