Queen's Mafia Rescue

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Chapter 27 Attack part 1

Hunter's POV

Nolan called to let me know what was likely to go down tonight! I'm ready for whatever. I pull up to Kenzi's place and start walking to the door when I see a vehicle pulling up and two guys get out. I automatically pull my gun out!

Jess Hunt- (hands up) Wow my name is Jess and this here is Fallon! We were invited by my sister Queen Kenzi!

I put my gun back behind my pants.

Hunter- Sorry fellas, seems we may have some unwanted guests this evening.

Jess Hunt- Well then it's good we came prepared! We will be good back up if need be.

Hunter- Well let's go.

We all walk up to the door and I ring the door bell, a minute later Kenzi opens the door with one hand behind her back. I know she has her grip on her gun!

Hunter- It's just me, your brother and his plus on Fallon Sweetheart.

She lets go of her grip and moves her hand from behind her.

Kenzi- Well come in! Dinner is ready.

I walk in and then Jess step in and faces kenzi!

Jess Hunt- It's so good to finally see you in person Kenzi (reaches hand out)

Kenzi- ( takes and pulls him into a hug) It's good to meet you brother! (smiles)

Jess Hunt- Yes it is (wraps arms around her) (lets go) This here is my close friend Fallon!

Kenzi- Nice to meet you Fallon. (shakes hand)

Fallon- You to Queen Kenzi! (shakes hand)

We all walk into the dining room, after all the introductions are finish we sit down to eat! I sit beside Kenzi! Jess and Fallon sits across from us.

Kenzi- So what do you do for a living Jess?

Jess Hunt- I own five restaurants!

Asher- O yeah which ones?

Jess Hunt- Chipotle Mexican Grill, Longhorn steakhouse, Red Lobster, Olive Garden and Star bucks.

Joey- Seriously? You just name three of Kenzi's Favorites.

Kenzi- What can I say I love some Olive garden salad, that dressing yum and Starbucks has my favorite strawberry drink.

Hunter- Don't forget your crazy craving for Red lobsters!

Kenzi- Haha okay okay, enough about my eating habits.

Jess Hunt- Haha okay!

Everything is going great! We're all cutting up talking shit and laughing when my cell starts going off! I look and it's the chamber alarm.

Kenzi- Show time boys! Act normal.

We all keep talking everyone of the guys have their hands under the table right in front of them, so do I! Then Jess and Fallon say at the same time "What THE HELL are you doing here?" I immediately pull the gun from the holster under the table and get up and turn! When I see who it is i'm taken aback for a millisecond.

Kenzi- What are you doing in my home Sarah?

Jess Hunt- You know her?

Kenzi - O yes, she use to live here!

Jess Hunt- What the FUCK! Sarah why didn't you tell me?

Sarah- Because this has nothing to do with you! I'm here for her. (pulls gun)

Kenzi- Haha Bitch I seriously hope you know how to use that!

Sarah- You killed him!

Kenzi- He deserved it! You have 30 seconds to get the HELL OUT or YOUR DEAD!

Sarah- Go to Hell! NOW!

As soon as Sarah said "NOW" this other bitch pulled a knife and threw it right at my head. I immediately bent down and right back up, the knife missing me and I immediately shot Sarah in the knee cap! She dropped then I aimed my gun at this other girl while walking up to Sarah and kicking her gun away.

Kenzi- Sarah your as good as dead, and who are you sweetheart?

She didn't speak, so I say "ANSWER ME BEFORE I SHOOT YOUR ASS."while shouting.

Raelynn- Rae..

Just as she is answering the door flys open and all my men jump up with their guns pointed! I look and then look back at this unknown girl!

Kenzi- Hunter cuff the bitched Together, So I can deal with these other two pansy's.

Hunter walks right up and cuff the two women together behind their backs. Everyone else's guns are pointed to Issac and Colton, who have an extremely fucked up looking Donnie!

Kenzi- Guess you wasn't expecting a full house Issac, stupid move on your part! Hand Donnie over NOW!

Issac- FUCK YOU!

Before I could even pull the trigger a bullet goes right into Issac's stomach! He slouches over holding on to his stomach with one hand.


Colton- Who are you?

I pull the trigger and the shot goes right into Colton's left side of his chest. He drops bleeding out on my damn floor.

Kenzi- Issac drop the motherfucking GUN NOW!

He immediately goes to bend down like he's going to put the gun on the ground but shoots.

Kenzi- AHH (holds shoulder)

Immediately after I hear five gun shots. I see five bullets in Issac's head. I turn to see which one of the guys shot and my mouth drops causing each guy to turn around as well!

Mia- No one Hurts THE QUEEN!

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