Queen's Mafia Rescue

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Chapter 29

Kenzi's POV

I walk upstairs to my room and walk in slamming the door behind me, I immediately take my shirt off and walk into the bathroom. I get out all my medical supplies and clean the wound first.

Kenzi- AHH FUCK! (screams in pain)

I pull the bullet out and scream out in pain once again.


I clean it once again and try to stitch myself up, you can say it's hard as hell. I get frustrated!


I don't like asking for help, suddenly I hear something so I poke my head out of the bathroom. I see Him!

Hunter- Sweetheart I came to help you with that!

Kenzi- I don't need help!

Hunter- O I know, but you have to admit it'll be a lot easier and faster if you let me.

I just turn away and back to the mirror. He walks up behind me and places a gently kiss on the side of my neck.

Kenzi- Mmm!

Hunter- (Kissing and stops) You like that? ( Kisses her along her neck and goes a bit lower and longer)

Kenzi- Mm Yes I do!

He wraps his arms around my waist and turns me to face him. Now my back is to the sick and mirror. He kisses my lips and picks me up by my ass and sits me on the sick! While leaning over he grabs something. Then he stops kissing me.

Hunter- Now let me stitch you up so we can continue! (sexy naughty grin)

Kenzi- Fine (Smirks and shakes head)

He starts stitching me up.

Kenzi- You know your the only one who's managed to do that!

He looks me in the eyes.

Hunter- Do what?

He continues stitching me up.

Kenzi- Make me stand down on what I said, you distracted me with you mouth! Nobody has ever been able to do that!

He gets down closer to me and looks in my eyes. He smirks and says "That's because I was made for you and you were made for me Kenzi!" He cuts the thread and drops it in the sink. He quickly picks me up.

Hunter's POV

I take her to the dresser and stand her in front of the huge mirror that's connected to the dresser. I turn her facing the mirror, and start kissing her neck and down her sexy spine.

Kenzi- Mmm

I unclip her bra and she lets it fall to the ground. I continue kissing down her back side and while kissing and nibbling on her skin right above her sexy see through thongs.

Kenzi- mmm

I slowly pull her thongs down and she sexually steps out of them! I put my arms around her front side and grab her breast and touch them squeezing firmly. All the while kissing her back side.

Kenzi- Mmm Hmm How do.. you.. Do . This. To. me.mm

After I hear those words I unbuckle my belt and pull my pants and boxers down in one swift motion, and step out of them. I run my hands up and down from her neck all the way to her ass and move my hand in between her legs! I start rubbing her pussy she's soaking wet for me, I instantly send a finger inside her and start pumping in and out of her!

Kenzi- ahh yes mmm

I lean to her ear and whisper "Are you ready for me Queen Kenzi?" She replies by moaning and saying "Y.e.ss!" as her voice is shaky. I use my hand and press down of her back to make her bend down, and I take my rock hard cock and stick it at her entrance. I'm getting my cock all lubricated from her wetness and i finally push in.

Hunter- Mmm FUCK Mmm!

Kenzi- MMmm AHH!

We both say at the same time as I push myself all the way in nice and slow.

Kenzi- Ahh mm You feel soo mm good!

I start moving my hips, moving in and out never leaving the inside of her nice, tight, wet, hot pussy!


Hunter- Yes my Queen!

With that I drill into her using a hell of a lot of power going fast as hell.



We continue every moment feeling better then the last and finally I hear her say "AHHHHH YES IM CUMMING!!" That's all it took the moment I felt her walls tighter up around my cock I exploded! We exploded together all our juices mixed inside her pussy! We stayed attached together coming down from our high! Kenzi looks at me through the mirror has her breast and chest are glistening from the sweat she says "I've never experienced that! Holy Hell!" I step away allowing myself to fall out of her and she turns to me and pulls me into her.

Kenzi- Your my King!

Hunter- Yes my Queen!

I smash my lips into hers, I'm addicted to this woman.

Kenzi- Round two shower King?

And shes addicted to me! without another word or thought the shower was on and I stepped in carrying her.

Meanwhile back downstairs

Nolan- What the Fuck is taking so long, he said he was going to check on her!

Asher- Haha I can guess what's taking them so long!

Nolan- (whack) (back of Asher's head)

Asher- Damn bro I was playing!

Wyatt- (walks up) Hey they haven't came back down yet?

Nolan- Nope! How's Donnie?

Wyatt- He is good a few broken bones and messed up face but he'll live.

Kenzi's POV

After two rounds in the shower we finally managed to get our selves cleaned and dressed! He walks up behind me and wraps me in his arms!

Hunter- I meant everything Kenzi, your my Queen and I'm YOUR..

Kenzi- KING! Yes baby I meant it when I said it! Now let's go finish business so you can bring me back to my new favorite spot!

Hunter- And where's that?

I turn in his arms and face him and say "This room in your arms with you inside me, that's my new favorite SPOT!"

Hunter- Umm baby mine to, lets go the faster we handle shit the faster i'm inside of you!

He smacks my ass making me laugh. We walk downstairs and all the men turn to face me, I continue walking to the chamber door that lends farther downstairs.

Kenzi- Ya'll coming or what?

Everyone starts following Hunter and I! Finally we make it to the girls ans I open the cell door and walk in.

Kenzi- Well well Sarah what am I going to do with you?

Sarah- Just kill me and get it over with!

Kenzi- I've never done anything to you! I had no choice but to kill you pathetic man. I wanted you to stay you left! Not ONLY THAT BUT YOU GOT OTHER PEOPLE INVOLVED NOT CARING IF THEY WOULD GET KILLED!

Sarah- There were only a means to an end for my agenda!

Raelynn- What?

Kenzi- (smirks) Which was?

Sarah- Killing your ass!


I pull my gun out and one by one I shot both her shoulders.

Sarah-AGHH (crying)

Then I shoot both kneecaps.

Sarah- AGHHH IM SOR.. (crying) SORRY!

Kenzi- You came here to kill me, you set your friends up Now you will pay with your life! Send the Devil my regards.

I aim the gun between her eyes and pull the trigger. Then I step over to this other chick.

Kenzi- Now you!

She looks up with fear in her eyes. I say "What's your name?"

Raelynn- Rae.. Raelynn.

Kenzi- This is your only warning don't ever fuck with me again! Next time don't blindly listen to someone or take their word for shit!

Raelynn-Yes, I promise I've learned my lesson.

I unchain her and say "Your free to go!" She gets uo and walks out never looking back.

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