Queen's Mafia Rescue

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chapter 3

Kenzi's POV

It's morning I swear being the Queen, I rarely get a fulls night of sleep. I go downstairs to the kitchen to see Abby and Sarah cooking breakfast. Hey it smells incredible in here. Thanks girl! O before I forget here are the paper work for Emery to get Ethan enrolled at Lincoln! I've made them new identifications so it will be harder for Paul to track them down. Your always on top of shit Abby says. Yeah, well if i'm not shit tends to fall apart. Breakfast is finally done. We eat and then I go to make sure Axl is ready to pick Emery up. Hey brother are you about ready to pick Emery up? I don't won't you being late. I'm about to head that way now, but first I found out the Boss of Lockly's Mafia is a guy named Chase! Turns out he is Mia's brother. No one knew because their mother gave him up because even as a child he was evil to the core! Okay Axl,we will talk about it later. Thanks for keeping me updated, now you better get going. Alright i'll just bring her to your office when we get here. Okay I reply. Axl leaves and I walk back to my office only to find Wyatt and Spencer sitting in the chairs.

Is Everything okay? Spencer and Wyatt both answers. No really! Nope! Well what's the problem? Someone saw Jax walking into the Lockly's Mafia club Spencer says. That's a few hours away, so this motherfucker is still around? Yeah! So what do you want to do asks Wyatt! Keep eye's on that fucker, when he is alone I want our men to grab his ass and bring him to me! We need to know why he is speaking with the Lockly's Mafia. Just then Carter walks in. He says "And if he doesn't talk"? I whip my head around to face Carter. Then I will FUCKING TORTURE HIS ASS UNTIL HE DOES! Then when i'm finished I will shoot him right between the eyes for disobeying me! Spencer looks up towards Carter. Carter man you've been warned. Next time you speak to any of us like that, Kenzi won't have to knock you down a beg I'll fucking kill you! Alright everyone calm the hell down, go find me something on The Lockly's and bring me Jax! Carter her better be alive when ya'll deliver him to me. Now get out my 11 o'clock will be arriving soon. Every stands up and leaves.

Axl's POV

I pull up to the safe house and walk and ring the door bell, Emery answers. Hey Axl, let me grab my purse and we can leave. Emery is walking back when Ethan runs up to her. Mom can I come with you please. Baby i'm going to a meeting, i'll be back stay with John. Ethan gives Emery a sad face. Actually if it's okay with you, I can take him to get ice cream while your with Kenzi. Ethan's eyes widen, Yeah please mom! Emery looks at Ethan and then to me. Okay fine, let's go! Emery shouts out to John that we're taking Ethan with us. Okay! H shouts back. We leave. When we arrive I walk Emery to Kenzi's office. Kenzi your 11 o'clock is here! Kenzi stands up. Greet, it's good to meet you Emery she says as she shakes Emery's hand. Then I leave Kenzi and Emery alone.

Kenzi's POV

I tell Emery to go ahead and have a seat, she does. So I found one of the best schools around, it's Lincoln Elementary and it's about ten minutes from here. Wow that's awesome. I hand Emery the paper work. That's everything you need to fill out to get him enrolled. Okay i'll fill them out this evening. I actually had you all new identities made. That way it will be harder for your ex to track you down. Thank you so much, i hadn't even thought about that! I know a lot, I was once in need of some help! it's a good thing I had Axl. I feel the same about my brother she says giggling. Okay now what kind of job are you looking for? Suddenly I hear her phone beeping. Sorry,do you mind? Of course not go ahead!

She looks at her phone and suddenly I see that look in her eyes. The one I use to have, FEAR! Emery are you okay? No! Here look. she hands her phone to me. I read the message from her ex Paul. "There's not a place on this earth to hide from me. When I find you Emery your death will be Torture! I'll see you soon". This motherfucker is going to die! I hand her phone back and use the intercom. Dexter please come to the office right away. He rushes in. Kenzi is everything okay? I need you to track this number, It's her ex! Okay give me five minutes, then he rushes off. Okay Emery first i'm going to let you know everything is going to be okay. Although we should get you and Ethan home, I'll come over tonight and we can discuss jobs! Okay Kenzi, but your brother was kind enough to offer taking Ethan out for ice cream! When she say's that i'm a little surprised. O well when they get back I will have someone drive ya'll home.

Suddenly Dexter runs back in and clears his throat. Kenzi can I speak with you for a moment? Sure! I get up and walk out of the door. It's not good i'm guessing Paul and Evan are friends, Paul reached out to Evan to help track down Emery! One more thing Evan is getting the best tech guy of Lockly's to do it. Fuck Okay, One more thing call Axl and tell his ass to get back here and that it's an order from me! Okay. Emery and I sit and just talk about life, dreams she has and dreams I had once upon a time! Finally I see Axl walking in. Hey how was the meeting? O it was great but we should be getting homes, thanks again for taking Ethan Axl. No problem, we had fun! Ethan laughs and says "so much fun". Well Wyatt is going to drive you two home, have a great night! You to, Emery waves and leaves. As soon as they pull out of the driveway all hell breaks loose.

Axl What the FUCK is your problem I say shouting. What the fuck are you talking about? YOU taking Ethan out in public! You fucking idiot! I took him for ice cream, whats the big deal? The kid is in danger! Paul is getting help from Evan and he Lockly's FUCKING MAFIA! Shit Kenzi I didn't know. That's the motherfucking point. They needed to keep a low profile and you as a mafia leader being out in public with a fucking child is NOT LOW PROFILE! This is your goddamn job Axl! All our men are standing around looking scared as shit! Kenzi, STOP FUCKING talking to me like i'm a child.

Then stop acting like one. If you ever make a decision like this again, with out talking to me i'll fuck you up brother. What do you mean brother? You haven't been acting like a fucking sister! Ever since you found out we were siblings you have only gave me orders! Treating me like one of your fucking men. EVERYONE OUT I scream. Everyone rushs out. Brother you are only alive because I love your ass! You don't fucking love me, hell you barely even talk to me, since the day you found out i'm your brother! Suddenly it hits me, Fuck! Axl I love you. Your still my best friend and now brother, it's just a littler weird now. I mean hell we talked about shit as best friends. I came to you for sex advice and we talked about some crazy shit, now that your my brother it's like i have to change our relationship! Kenzi I know a lot has changed for you, but I miss my best friend! I know your the boss but we also have years of memories. I love you Axl, I promise i'll get back to normal. I hope so! So are we good now? Yeah come her. We finally hug it out.

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