Queen's Mafia Rescue

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Chapter 4

Chase's POV

My name is Chase, I had a twin sister her name was Mia Magaddino! My mother said I was evil and gave me up. Mia got everything and she turned out Evil maybe even more then I ever was. Now i'm going to kill her precious daughter and take back what is mine! I never thought someone wanted to kill Kenzi more then myself, but Evan came to me with an offer I couldn't refuse! Now he is apart of my mafia! Chase this is Paul! I look up and see Evan and Paul. Nice to meet you Paul, so I believe your son and his mother are under the protection of Magaddino's Mafia! Which means it will take some time.

Paul says "I want them brought here now!" I don't take order's Pal. "Neither do I, one more thing nobody tells me NO!" This cocky bastard is about to meet his fucking match. I pull out my gun and see Paul has his out first! "Buddy I wouldn't do that if I were you" he say's with an evil smirk. Evan you better let this pussy know who he is fucking with!

PAUL drop the gun! Evan shouts."Fuck you, I want my family!" Paul listen to me we will get him Evan says to his ass. While Paul is looking at Evan i pull the motherfucking trigger. The bullet goes right in the heart! "WHAT THE FUCK YOU JUST KILLED HIM!" Shouts Evan. He fucked with the wrong fucking monster. Now let's send the Queen a message! Skin his face and Leave room for my letter, then send it to Kenzi! Evan does as I demand!

Kenzi's POV
I'm sitting at the bar having a few drinks, when Spencer walks up. Kenzi you want a drinking partner? Fuck Yeah I reply. He sits down beside me. So how are you and Axl doing? Fine, something just feels off! Like what? I can't explain it! Kenzi whatever it is, you know you'll figure it out. Yeah! So let me ask you something I say to him. Okay what? Of course as on cue i'm fucking interrupted again. Wyatt and Carter run in. Kenzi mail shouts Wyatt! I look at a box and it was sent by Evan and Chase Lockly. I open the package. Now that's fucking gross but I suck it up and pick up the skin of someone's face and look to see who it is!

Damn! Well looks like he won't be a problem anymore! I slowly turn to show the guy.

Wyatt- Fucking hell!

Carter- That's fucking gross!

Spencer- Yeah put that thing away Kenzi!

I put the face back in the box and see a letter.


Ah Kenzi, Just a heads up if you are going to destroy me your going to have to tap into your mother's evil shoes! I am coming for you, i'm coming for everything that is MINE!

FINE OUT EVERYTHING ON THIS MOTHERFUCKER NOW! Everyone rushes away! I'm going to slaughter this piece of shit! I get up and go find Axl. I walk in his room and he isn't here. The room is spotless, I look around at all the pictures of us through all the years. When I accidentally touch a tiger statue and the wall opens up! What the hell! I step inside and wow it's a secret room, he has tech everywhere. Then I see a box full of letter. I open one and read it.

Mia's Letter

Dear Kenzi, I hope your brother and you are getting along. Is he making you train on your fighting skills, he has always been into training! He always said he wanted you to know how to be the best fighter, please look after one another Love Mia!

What the hell why does Axl have all these letters from Mia! I quickly put the letter back the way I found it and leave. I go to call Joey. Six rings and he doesn't answer, so I go to Spencer's room and knock. Spencer opens the door after a few seconds. Hey come in he says as he steps aside. Thanks!

So what's on your mind Kenzi?

Well a lot actually! You know what never mind, it's fine!

Kenzi wait! I know after Jax and finding out all the lies and betrayal it's hard for you to let someone in. I promise you I won't ever hurt you! So just trust me and tell me what's wrong!

Maybe another time, can you call John up and ask him to come by? When he gets here just bring him up to the office, we need to tell him that Paul is dead!

Yeah i'll go ahead and call him. I walk out.

Spencer's POV

Damn I love that girl! I know something is really bothering her, the Mafia ball is in three days and i'm thinking about asking her to be my date! Anyways I better call John.

Phone conversation

Ring. Ring. Ring


Hey man, look can you come by the house? I have something we need to talk about!

Yeah i'll just catch a ride with Axl!

Why is Axl there?

Just checking the alarms, i'll see you soon!


Call ends

I go to let Kenzi know. The door to the office is open so I just walk in. Hey Kenzi, John is going to catch a ride with Axl! "What! Why is Axl with him?" Checking the alarms or some bullshit! I think he has a thing for Emery."Yeah but we have a lot we need to get done before the ball, hell we are announcing the Fallen Angel's Mafia and he is off fucking around!" I'll talk to him, you know remind him of his duty as a leader! "Thanks so about this Ball!" What about it I say grinning. "You want to go with me?" Hell yeah, i'd be honored to be your date Kenzi! She smiles at me and says "Alright then!" Suddenly Dexter and Wyatt comes in.

Wyatt-Kenzi we got him! Kenzi looks up and says "You got Jax!" Hell yeah! "Good job men now take his ass to the chamber, I'll be down there after my meeting!" Alright Dexter replies and they walk out. Thirty minutes later John and Axl show up and I go down to meet them. Hey man, thanks for coming follow me! You to Axl. We all walk into the office where Kenzi is sitting facing the door.

Kenzi- Everyone have a seat. So John I have some fantastic news for you.

O yeah? What's the news?

Paul is no longer alive so your family has their freedom back!


Yes! Seems like Paul made an enemy and that enemy killed him!

Fuck well that's awesome, thank you all for helping us! You really have saved us.

Everyone needs help, your out of hiding now! Please give this to Emery it's an interview at a lawyers office for an assistant!

I will thank you again Kenzi!

Hang tight and i'll get someone to take you home. Axl can I speak with you for a moment?

Sure! He follows me into my room down the hall. As soon as we are both inside I shut the door. What is going through your fucking head?

Why are you suddenly up my fucking ass Kenzi!

I have had enough, I send a right hook to his motherfucking cheek! AGHH FUCK KENZI! You are a leader now Axl! They are finally safe, unless you fuck it up for them! I'm going to tell you this one motherfucking time STAY THE HELL AWAY FROM THEM!

Axl says "Stay the fuck out of my business!" as he walks out slamming the door.

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