Queen's Mafia Rescue

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Chapter 5

Kenzi's POV

I'm in my room pacing around trying to get out of my head! Then Spencer walks in.

Kenzi you okay?

I can't let him see me being an emotional wreck. I'm fine, you ready to go get some answer's?

Yeah, but the real question is are you ready to kill Jax?

A few more minutes and I will be.

Mind if I sit with you?

No as long as we can sit in silence! We sit in complete silence! Having him beside me is actually calming my nerves! A few minutes later I stand up. Okay i'm ready let's go!

Lead the way boss!

I walk out and Spencer follows me. We walk right into the chamber and see Jax looking scared as shit! My Stomach twist in knots. Well hello Jax! Here's how this is going to go! Your going to answer my questions if you don't i'll torture you! So let's get started shall we?

Fine what do you want to know?

Why were you at the Lockly's Mafia club?

That's easy! I went to find out why they are so interested in you, and your slimy brother!

I wouldn't go there if I were you! So what was the answer?

Well they asked me to deliver something to you, guess your going to have to get it out of my pants pocket. (smirking)

Smirking back at him I go up to him, and whisper in his ear. Try not to enjoy this to much! I run my hands down his chest and then put my hand in his pants pocket and pull out a fucking usn hard drive! Seriously? What's on this Jax?

Guess you'll just have to find out for yourself!

SOMEONE BRING ME A FUCKING LAPTOP! Dexter runs off and comes back, places the laptop on the torture tools table. I open the laptop and put the usb in. Suddenly a file pops up and I open it up! All my men beside Axl is here. When I press play I see someone getting tortured, crying out saying "I won't tell you shit" Then Chase Lockly comes into view!

Chase- Well looks like the precious Queen has been Deceived AGAIN haha

I close the laptop, I pick up my tool of choice and go over to Jax! What does he mean?

Sorry baby, can't ruin the surprise. (evil grin)

Carter you want to see how evil I can be? Cut his pants and boxers for me!


After carter gets his shit off everyone looks to see what I do next. I take the screwdriver and put in inside the hole of his dick and screw as far in as I can possibly go!

AGHH! You psycho BITCH!

O you shouldn't have said that, it kind of hurt my feelings, so enjoy you punishment! Carter make sure to record this next part!

On it!

I grab some gasoline and my torch. I put the gasoline all on his fucked up dicks that still has the screwdriver inside it. Any last words Jax!

(Eyes Widen) Have Mercy!

I already showed you mercy! Now there's no more mercy to give! Without saying another word I light his cock on fire. AGHHH FUCK AGHHH! After a few minutes of crying out in pain, I walk up and shoot him right between the eyes!

Carter cut his dick off and put it in a box wait for my letter before you send it to the Lockly's!

I'm not touching his dick!

You will because I fucking said so, or you can join him! Pay back is a bitch! He does as I say! I write up a letter for Evan and Chase and have Carter send it off!

Axl's POV

Kenzi can't tell me who I can or can't be with! I like Ethan and his mom! Makes me feel like once I finish my job, that I can actually have a life! I'm walking trying to clear my head when I end up in the cmetery where I usually go! I'm walking around and suddenly a headstone catches my eyes! I look down and see the name Brooke Miller, and suddenly I fall to my knees and break down!

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