Queen's Mafia Rescue

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Chapter 6

Kenzi's POV

I'm at the bar thinking about everything that's happened and what now needs to be done! What did Chase mean I've been deceived again! I swear the next person to lie to me and betray me I will kill them! I'm drawn from my thoughts when Dexter walks up and sits down.

How are you doing?

Actually I have a lot on my mind, do you think you can find out who that guy being tortured was?

Yeah i'll figure it out, hey have you heard from Joey I sent him an email and haven't heard back from him!

Actually I tried to call him earlier but he never answered, which seem weird because he always answers or at least calls back!

I'll head up to the tech room and see if I can locate him.

Thanks! Dexter i'm really glad you stayed and joined my Mafia! I know you probably miss Tyler and Aj!

I wanted to be here and I don't regret my decision! Your a great Leader Kenzi.

Suddenly my phone rings I answer on the first ring.

Phone conversation


Kenzi (in pain, weak voice)

Joey! ( put the call on speaker)

I need help

Whereare you, the men will come get you!

Pay phone by 31st Street, please hurry!

We will stay hidden Joey!

Call Ends

Dexter and I run to get the men.

Wow where's the fire Wyatt says.

I need you guys to go pick up Joey from 31st Street by the pay phone! He sounds like he is in pain shape! I'll get the doctor here, ya'll bring Joey back!

Carter- We will bring him back Kenzi!

Spencer- Let's go! There's no time to waste.

They all leave in our blacked out SUV to go get joey!

Axl's POV

I'm raging mad! This whole time and everything I've done was for nothing, the killed her and made me believe she was still alive! I'm staring at a small grave! I stand up and leave. I hop in the car and drive! I will get my revenge but first I have to talk to Kenzi. As i'm driving someone staggers in front of me, I slam on the breaks and my car screeches trying to stop! I stop the car just in time, I get out and go to this guy holding his side. He is beaten pretty bad, I get closer and he looks up to my surprise it's Joey!

Hey man, what the hell happened to you?

You! Get Away!

Come on joey, let's get you in the car!

NO! He tries to push me away, but he is to weak. I'm basically forcing his ass into the car when I see the other men pulling up and getting out!

Wyatt- What the hell? (looks at Joey) Shit Joey, we've got to get you to the house!

I'll take him since he is pretty much in the car anyways.

No! I'm not going with him! He isn't the rea..

Before he can finish he passes out!

Wyatt- Spencer, Carter ger Joey in the SUV! They get Joey in the SUV. What the hell was he trying to say Axl?

Fuck I don't know, but hopefully when he wakes up we'll find out!

Yeah well let's head back, the doctor will be there waiting on him!

Wyatt's POV

How did Axl find Joey?Why was Joesy so persistent on not going with Axl. What is Axl hiding? We get to the house and take Joey into the medical room, where the doctor is waiting.

Doc- Alright everyone out! I need to get to work so he can stay alive!

We all get out! I'm just trying to piece shit together so I go to my room, to get away from everyone!

Joey's POV
Flashback while unconscious

I had just gotten in my car to go see Kenzi alone without my men, when out of nowhere four cars traps me in! Ine on each side of my car, one behind me and one in front of me. Eight guys step out of the vehicles, two men in each car!

Evan- Come with us peacefully or DIE RIGHT HERE!

Joey- FUCK YOU! You may kill me but I won't go down without a fight! As soon as I finish talking someone throws, what feels like a brick to the back of my head! Immediately everything goes black. I wake up while three guys are chaining me up! Then out of nowhere this dude, who looks like he has been tortured for years starts killing the Lockly's three men! He immediately unchains my one hand and helps me up, then he picks up a piece of stone!

Stranger- Let's go before the rest shows up!

We take off running to escape, we make a lot of turns. My vision is still blurry! Suddenly a knife is thrown into my side. AGHH! I bend over in pain. I look up to see this bad ass,crazy motherfucker kicking four dudes asses all at once!

Stranger- Keep going i'll be right behind you.

I take off running never stopping, sure enough within a few minutes he is running up beside me. While walking I say "Who are you?"

I'm Axl Magaddino!

No your not! I know him.

Then your don't know Axl Magaddino, because that's me!

Suddenly we start hearing guns firing at us, we make it outside to the woods. Suddenly a bullet hit's me in the left thigh! AGHH FUCK! I fall down. The Lockly's men are gaining on us! I see this guy flipping the stone over and placing it near a tree then he speaks.

Stranger- Keep going, i'll hold them off! NOW GO.

Thank you! I take off running and staggering. I swear I've been running for hours finally i'm out of the woods! Thin a see a pay phone, I call Kenzi she sends the guys to come get me! I'm so disoriented I stagger into the middle of the road! Someone comes to help me, I can't make out the face at first and then I see Axl, but is he really Axl? Next thing I know everything goes dark.

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