Queen's Mafia Rescue

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Chapter 7

Kenzi's POV

I'm so shaken up Joey looked really bad! I walk into my room when Spencer just walks in and comes to sit beside me.

Kenzi, Joey is going to be okay!

You don't know that! (crying on his shoulder) Suddenly there's a knock on my door, I immediately sit up and wipe my eyes! Come in I shout. The door opens and in walks Wyatt.

Just checking on you, how are you holding up?

I'm okay, he will be okay!

Well there's something I think you need to know, and I don't want to hide it from you!

Okay what?

When we pulled up, Axl was putting Joey in the car. Joey wasn't having it he didn't wan't Axl touching him! Joey said something strange right before her passed out!

Well tell me?

He said NO! He isn't the rea.. and that's when he passed out!

What does that mean?

I don't know but we all need to figure it out!

Let's wait to see what Joey says, but in the mean time keep to the shadows and follow Axl's every move! My uncle Wyatt, Spencer and I just there in silence together on the floor of my room, When Carter, Sarah, Abby and Dexter comes in and joins us in silence. This right here is my family only one's missing is Joey and the Axl who use to be my best friend and god I miss him!

Chase's POV

I'm in the middle of a meeting with Hunter Gotti Boss of the Gotti's Mafia, when Ryan comes in holding a box.

Boss this was sent from Kenzi!

Hunter, I know we are in the middle of something but do you mind if I take a look?

Usually I would mind, but i'm just as curious.

I open the box. That's fucking disgusting I feel for who ever this was!

Ryan- There's a letter attached to it!

I tear the letter open and start to read it out loud.


Dear Chase, Thank you for taking care of the motherfucker Paul, and here is apart of your delivery man Jax! There's no need to step into Mia's evil shoes, i'm nothing like her! I kill only WITH reason, I know exactly how to be Evil all on my own. You can't take what's not yours! You CAN TRY and you CAN DIE! Enjoy the hunt Signed and delivered by your Niece Kenzi!

I can't wait to kill this fucking BITCH!

Hunter- Why is she after you?


Ryan- We still have leverage on her!

Suddenly Evan runs in. Actually we don't, Joey and the other one got away!

WHAT THE FUCK! I run out to go see what the hell happened and holy shit, my numbers have been dropped by like 20. Where is the other one?

Evan- He must have gotten away!

Hunter- Do you have cameras, I could help narrow down where this guy could be hiding!

I'll take you up on that, we will discuss our business later!

Show me the cameras.

I take him to our surveillance room and then I get a distress call. Sorry Hunter I've got to step out for a few!

Not a problem i'll just get to work on this.

Good! I need that guy. I walk out leaving him alone to find Axl.

Hunter (Gotti's Mafia Boss) POV

I'm looking through all the surveillance, when I see my man Axl Magaddino! He has been missing for two goddamn years! I finish looking to find out what direction he went in, so I can go get him and figure out why the hell Chase Lockly took him! I leave and call Chase to let him know I couldn't locate the direction he went and said something came up with my Mafia! So I needed to leave to take care of it. Then I call my men to meet me and help locate Axl! Nolan and two other men of mine finally show up on the corner if 22nd Cox Street!

Nolan- Boss, Cole and I will search the abandon warehouses! Asher and Rob can go with you!

Sounds good let's go, he looked like he needs medical attention.

We all run in different directions we have been searching for two hours, we're about to stop when I hear someone crashing into things. I go to look and there he is! Axl Man!

Thank god you're the one who found me.

I call my men to help me get his ass to the doctor. Let's get you out of here!

Boss take me to the Magaddino's Mafia house.

Let's get you fixed up first Axl.

No! I need to go there now.

Okay fine, but I go in with you.

Sure Boss, I wouldn't have it any other way!

we get in my car and we drive towards the Magaddino's Mafia!

Kenzi's POV

We are go back down to wait by the room the doctor's in with Joey after two hours she comes out!

Doc- So he is going to make it, the stab wound was pretty deep it caused internal bleeding but I went in and fixed it. I took the bullet out of his thigh, now we just have to wait and see if there is any long term damage from getting hit in the back of the head with a brick!

Thank you so much!

Kenzi, he needs a lot of rest!

I'll make sure he get's it, now if you'll follow me i'll get you all paid up!

Lead the way! You men better take care of him!

Spencer says "We will!" I walk into the office and give her eight thousand dollars in cash!

Please doing business with you Kenzi!

Hopefully we won't need you again, but if we do i'll be sure to call! I walk her out and notice a strange car pulling up! I wait at the door!

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