Queen's Mafia Rescue

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Chapter 8

Hunter Gotti's POV

I pull up at the Magaddino's house and see a drop dead gorgeous woman standing there, watching closely as we pull up and get out! When she notices Axl's hurt she walks over to us!

He is hurt, what happened?

He was tortured for almost two years, he got away and I found him like this!

He needs medical attention, why come here?

Axl starts to fall over, she catches one side of him while I catch the other side of him. We are both keeping him up together. Suddenly he speaks up! You can hear the pain in his voice.

For Joey, did he make it?

How do you know him?

I helped him!

Come inside, the doctor just left i'll call and have her come back.

Hunter- I'll pay!

We will see, first let's get him to a room so the doctor can work on him!

This beautiful woman helps get Axl to the room and calls the doctor.

Kenzi- The doctor will be here in a few minutes. Then we will have to get out and let her work on him!

The silence is deafening. Then Axl speaks. "So how is he?"

He made it, he just needs a lot of rest so he can heal!

Suddenly to Doctor walks in. "Alright I need to get started, you two will need to leave." Of course! We walk out and into the lounging area, when three guys walk in.

Wyatt- Kenzi, what's going on?

Did he just say Kenzi? Umm She's more beautiful then I thought she'd be.

This man and his friends came here for Joey, his friend needed medical attention. The doctor is with him now!

Carter- You can't just let people in KENZI! (Shouts)

Suddenly the doctor screams. "AGHH!" We all run in and the other men run down and into the room, to see what's going on!

Hunter- Is everything okay?

Doc- Yes! He just scared the shit out of me, popping up like that! I see Axl looking at Kenzi!

Are you Kenzi? Yes why?

Your Kenzi Magaddino, daughter of Mia Magaddino? Yes for the last time!


Kenzi's POV

I walk right up to Carter and send a round house kick to his fucking head. Then immediately send a uppercut straight to his jaw, knocking his ass the fuck out! Now why are you so interested in me? "Your my sister!" No your mistaken, my brother's name is Axl!

I know my name is Axl Magaddino! Suddenly Wyatt gasps.

That's why Joey wouldn't let Axl near him, that's what Joey was trying to say Kenzi!

So your telling me, my whole life since I meet Axl was a goddamn fucking LIE! Everyone stares in silence, I just walk the fuck out! I can't take this shit again! I go check on Joey, I walk up to his beed and he opens his eyes!

Kenzi? Joey! Thank god your alive and awake. (gently hugs him)

I have something to tell you Kenzi!

Stop just rest right now!

No Kenzi, we have a fraud Axl has been living alie! The real one helped me escape!

Joey I literally just found out, the real Axl came to see you he is downstairs getting fixed by the doctor!

Can you bring him up when the doctor is finished?

Yeah i'm going to leave Dexter with you, I have to go do something! "Kenzi be careful!" Always am i say smiling. I walk out and go get Dexter.

Hey Dexter, Joey is awake I need you to go sit with him until I ger back! "Okay I'll go now." He walks off and I call Axl, well whatever his name is! After five rings and no answer I make my way to his room and go to the tiger to open the secret door. I walk in and there he is.

Well I figured you would be here, hiding like a coward!


No you listen, you were my best friends and then my brother so I thought. Now I find out this was all a FUCKING LIE!

Kenzi let me explain and then you can kill me.

You better start now Axl, or whatever the hell your name is!

First of all I'm Alexander Miller! I had a daughter when I was 15 the Lockly's ended up kidnapping her. They told me if I pretended to be Axl Magaddino and helped they would give her back. I just found out today at the cemetery she's been dead all along. They made me believe she was alive this whole time Kenzi! I did it for her, my daughter!

Your have two choices Die right now, or come to the chamber with me willingly. Let me meet with everyone to discuss this and figure out the right thing to do!

So get tortured or Die?

I said go to the chamber, and wait! You would run if I didn't lock you up. I'm not going to torture you Alexander at least not until we figure everything out! I will promise you this, if you have to die I will make it quick and painless!

Fine, Let's go! I take him to the chambers and lock him up! I leave as soons as he is locked up! I go to the bar and drown my sorrows.

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