Queen's Mafia Rescue

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Chapter 9

Spencer's POV

I take Carter's unconscious ass to his room, them I see Kenzi sitting at the bar drinking! I can see how lost she is.

Kenzi! That's all I say, I realized I didn't know what to say all I know is I want to help her! She poured a whole glass of crown and takes a few gulps!

Look I just want to be alone!

I understand! I get up and walk away, I look back once and then I walk back downstairs when Wyatt stops me. He asks me how she's doing I reply back "Not good man!" Suddenly this Hunter dude walks over to us!

Hey i'm looking for Kenzi!

Spencer- Now's not a good time.

I understand but I still need to speak with her!

Wyatt- She's at the bar, I'd be careful buddy.

Hunter's POV

They tell me how to get to the bar, I follow their instructions and end up at the bar! I see Kenzi and walk over to her.

Kenzi sorry to interrupt but I believe we need to speak.

What about! Is your Mafia after me too?

What makes you ask that?

Look let's just get to the point! What do you want to discuss with me?


I know they are after me, because of my mother Mia who by the way I never even knew!

Damn! I was in the middle of a meeting with Chase Lockly when he got the package you sent him! He said you were after him for Revenge. Kenzi gulps down the rest of her crown.

He sent me a skinned face, with a message then he sent a slimy pathetic delivery man to me! That was him in the box! Go back and tell him, now i'm coming with pure vengeance! Now if you'll excuse me I need to check on Joey!

What about your brother?

Why bother, it will just end up the same way! Someone's pathetic scheme to get to me!

I don't know her whole story but I can tell by her anger, and eyes that her life as been fucked up more then once. She walks away!

Kenzi's POV

Everyone needs to leave me the hell alone. I go to Joey's room I walk in and there's the New Brother sitting having a conversation with Joey! Ah sorry, i'll come back.

Kenzi no! Stay.


Because you need your family!

Kenzi I can leave, but one day your going to have to talk to me!

Fine! Tell me what the Gotti's Mafia wants with me?

I'm apart of that Mafia, I promise we are not after you Kenzi.

So i'm assuming you knew about me, am I right?

Yes! I grew up with our mother Mia. Then when she got killed our father moved us away. When he remarried and I was old enough I left and found my true home!

So why didn't you ever come find me?

To keep you safe now that we've found each other Mafia's all around the world will be after us Kenzi!

If we were safer apart why come now?

I didn't know you were in the Mafia world Kenzi, now that I know your the Queen it's better if we are together!

Joey- Kenzi you both will be safer together now that the words out! There's to many people putting everything together!

We will figure something out! In the mean time we need to figure out what to do with Axl, I mean Alexander Miller! Suddenly Hunter walks in.

Once we find him we'll figure it out!

I already have him! Where Hunter asks. Downstairs I say.

Axl and Hunter jump up and head to the door. Wait! I say.


The Lockly's kidnapped his daughter,they told him if he pretended to be Axl and help them they would return his daughter. Turns out they had killed her and she's been dead all along! Joey speaks up.

I think we all need to go talk to him and make sure we have all the information then let Kenzi decide what to do!

Suddenly everyone walks in. Spencer speaks. "Kenzi he needs to die, he is a coward, a liar and he betrayed us all! Your the Queen you can't let him live." You don't get it I say. "I do you have a history with him, if you can't do it someone else can."

That's not it! Yes we have a history, yes he is a liar and he did betray me and you guys but it's not that simple! He did it for his daughter, who by the way the Lockly's kidnapped and killed! Suddenly Carter big mouth comes up behind Spencer.

Carter- It doesn't change anything Kenzi!

Carter, you might want to keep your mouth closed before I knock your ass out again.

Carter- Go ahead, your acting like a teenager not the Queen of the toughest Mafia Damnit!

Carter I have warned you multiple times, the men have warned you! I have dismissed you and knocked your ass out! Now i'm done showing you Mercy! I pull out my gun and shoot Carter in the forehead.

Kenzi! What the Hell.

Dexter- Spencer you know he should have been dead along time ago.

ENOUGH! I'm the motherfucking Queen! Everyone of my men know I don't kill without reason. I have shown the motherfucker mercy many times, and that was the last straw! He is dead now. I suggest you all follow my orders. NO one is to harm Alexander unless I give the fucking order!

Joey- Now are we all ready to hear what he has to say? Everyone says yes beside Axl.

Axl- I want to kill him, but i'll do it your way Kenzi!

Good let's go, Joey do you need help? "Actually yeah I do."

Hunter- I've got him, Dexter- Me to.

We all go down to the chamber and walk in, Alexander for once has fear in his eyes!

Are you here to kill me?

No but we need answers! Besides pretending to be Axl, what else were you suppose to help with?

I was suppose to take over the Hell's Mafia and then when you were found I was suppose to kill you so you couldn't take over as Queen!

Well you were close to taking over the Hell's Mafia, but how come you didn't make a move towards me?

I was trying to find another way without getting my hands dirty, because I couldn't do it myself!


Because while living the lie, I became your best friend, I loved you kenzi. I couldn't kill you.

I'll find out if your hiding anything else! I suggest if you have any dirty secrets you confess now, because if I catch you in one more lie I wont hesitate to put a bullet between your eyes!

Wyatt- So what are we going to do with him?

Spencer- Yeah we can't let him just get away with everything.

He isn't getting away with it! He will stay as a prisoner but hear me now he will not be harmed, he will be feed and hydrated! (I look to Akexander) Alexander when the time comes you will help us destroy Chase Lockly and his fucking Mafia! Then i'll decide what the future holds for you! I suggest you get comfortable being my bitch! I walk out and every one follows!

Ya'll want to have a few drinks with me? Everyone but Spencer goes to the bar! Tomorrow everyone is going out to get our outfits for the Mafia ball!

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