The Prince's Hybrid Slave

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Chapter 11


My hope was dwindling, and my heart was breaking. “It’s been too long,” I said to Veronica. Worry spread across her face.

“Silas, our options were limited. It was worth a try, but we may have been too late.” Coming up to the bed, she grasped Marnie’s hand, lip trembling. “I’ll leave you for a moment.”

Looking down at Marnie, I hoped she would still love me. Closing my eyes, I couldn’t bear it anymore. The idea that she’d be thrust into my world, broke me. All I wanted was for her to life her life, a human life. I left a kiss on her forehead, praying she’d eventually forgive me. “I love you, Marnie.”

Leaving the hospital, I decided to take a trip the Micheal’s house to find out exactly what the fuck he had been up to.

Pulling up to his mansion, it was entirely too quiet. I knew he had several homes. Maybe he was residing elsewhere. But why would he leave now? And why wouldn’t he mention anything to me?

“He’s not here,” a voice said coolly behind me.

Whipping around, Zander was casually leaning against his car. I started to lunge at him, but he put his hands up in surrender. “Allow me to explain before you fly off the handle.”

Stopping dead, I gave him the side eye. It was foolish to show himself if he had truly done something egregious. “You have ten seconds.” His body language wasn’t indicative of keeping secrets. He wouldn’t have the balls to confront me if he was.

A smug smile spread across his face. “That’s all I need.” Calming, he walked to the trunk of his car, opening it. “Look what I have here.”

Julia. Bound and gagged, clearly disabled. “What the hell is this?”

“Little birdie wants to chirp,” he said, patting her cheek.

“How is she disabled?”

“Low dose of Amethyst Death,” he replied, pulling an empty syringe out of his pocket. “Apparently, it’s not fatal in low doses.”

“How did you get it?” He jutted his chin to Julia, who was struggling against the ropes. Then, I turned my attention to her and roughly grabbed her chin. “Who gave it to you?”

My brother placed a hand on my arm, halting my movement. “Not here, Silas. We’ll get what we need out of her.”

When we arrived back at the mansion, I told Zander to take her down to the dungeons. They hadn’t been used since my father’s reign, in a time of war.

Before I went down there, something started to nag at me. Hearing the heartbeats of my servants, I decided it would be prudent to inform them of Marnie’s condition, especially Raquel. As someone who had taken care of Marnie her whole life, I wanted her to know and understand what was going on.

As I approached the door, I heard the not so distant chatter of their feminine voices. In truth, I always wondered what went on behind this door, but never bothered to find out. Part of me always yearned to understand the intricacies of their life. Stubbornness and pride never allowed me.

Opening the door, all the women paled at my sight. The youngest one ran behind Raquel to hide.

This was not a situation I was even able to comprehend. “Ladies.” I kept my introduction brief.

All bowing politely, their backs stiffened. “What can we do for you, Prince Silas?” Raquel asked, stepping forward.

“I’m here to let you know about Marnie.” Her eyes widened, and her pulse raced. “Unfortunately, it looks as though…looks as though she won’t wake up,” I choked the words out.

A little voice came forward. “Is Marnie dead?” she asked.

“Grace, quiet!” Raquel snapped.

“I want to know,” she whined.

“I’m sorry, but, yes, she is,” I replied, with a heavy heart.

Her little eyes welled up with tears. She ran to the next room with both older women chasing after her.

Looking to Alina, I approached. “Why do you smell like my brother?” With the slight breeze, Zander’s scent tickled my nose. Afraid of my very presence, she kept her head down. “I’m not angry. Just tell me.”

Head still down, she answered, “He came here to talk to me.”

“What about?”

“To apologize.”

“Since my brother has never apologized for anything a day in his life, I would wager to guess you’ve done something to him.” Slowly, she picked her head up, looking in my eyes. “Hold onto that,” I told her, trying desperately to hold myself together.

Turning on my heel, I immediately went to the dungeon.

Zander was impatiently waiting outside the cell. “Took you long enough.”

“Shut up,” I barked.

“Ready to do this?” he asked.

“Open the door.”

Observing Julia chained to the wall by her wrists, ankles, and neck, I was satisfied with her current state. The scent of sizzling flesh floated through the air. I had almost forgotten that Father had laced all the chains with silver. Not fatal, but painful.

“Tell me what you know,” I demanded. Spitting in my face, I backhanded her, making sure she felt the sting. “Speak!” I roared.

“I told you that you’d pay for this,” she said snarling. “Bitch got what she deserved.”

“Well, you’re too stupid to have done this on your own, so who helped you?” Zander chimed in.

“Tell me!” I bellowed.

“It was Micheal,” an angelic voice said.

All three of us looked toward the voice. Marnie was there, with Veronica at her side. She was pale. Her hair more vibrant, and her eyes shimmered even in the dim light.

Marnie was a vampire.


~Flashback to the Hospital~


Hope dwindled in my heart. Too much time had passed since Silas gave Marnie his blood.

There was only one thing left.

Unplug her.

There were so many wires, so many sounds. All I could hope was she would wake.

Pulling all the leads off, and disconnecting her IV, I shifted everything away before unplugging the final cord. Pausing for a moment, my hand froze. My courage felt fleeting and disintegrated by the second. In my mind’s eye, my courage returned seeing the crying eyes of my brother. Tight grip on the cord, I pulled it, and Marnie flatlined.

Backing up a few feet, I gave her space. “Come on, Marnie. Come on,” I whispered.


Waiting a few more seconds, I dropped my head in defeat. “Shit.”

Kissing her forehead, I departed the room, utterly dejected. It was far too late to save her. Silas would be beyond furious and devastated. Marnie was gone.

Departing, my heart wrenched at the idea of having to tell my brother that his soul mate was gone.

The elevator doors were about to close when the loudest scream ever spewed rang through the hallway.

Speeding down the hall, I saw one of the nurses on the ground. Marnie drained the life from her.

Simply watching the scene made my jaw drop. The sweet girl who selflessly wanted to protect my brother, sucking a human dry to live. Blinking in disbelief, the nurse’s body stopped twitching with a nearly nonexistent heartbeat.

Whipping her head up, her eyes showed a rage I’d only seen in my brother. But, her eyes glowed golden yellow, in stark contrast to her bloodied fangs. Impossible.

Standing before me, she was radiant. “It was Micheal.”

“What do you mean? Micheal Blackmore is the family’s closest friend.”

“There’s so much about him that’s hidden.” Unable to understand what she was saying, I remained silent. Peering down at herself, her hospital gown was blood stained. Covering her with my jacket, we left.


~Flash Forward~


There she was, clad in iron chains. Her skin was sizzling, and the smell of blood was twisting my insides. Seeing her writhe in absolute agony put a sly smile on my face.

When I looked to Silas, he seemed relieved. Like he was free. He no longer had to worry about marrying a human because I was no longer. Perhaps not the way he envisioned our life together, but nonetheless.

“How do you know it was Micheal?” Zander asked.

Turning to the voice, I responded, “A little help from someone.”

“Huh?” Zander kept his confusion no secret. “Who helped?”

“Now’s not the time. The point here is that Micheal Blackmore is the culprit behind everything. He instigated the near extinction of humanity, and humans weren’t the only ones he set his eyes on.” Recalling something important, I continued. “The night of the ball, he asked me a lot of questions. Frankly, I always had the impression that he was hiding something, His eyes vaguely reminded me of someone from long ago. Realistically, he would have the most the gain if this house fell into disarray.” Glancing at Julia, she was clearly uncomfortable. “But, I haven’t been able to truly pinpoint why he’s targeting me, specifically.”

Fighting against the chains, Julia was hissing and spitting at me. “You fucking bitch! You were supposed to die!”

“Shut your fucking mouth,” Silas gnarled, grabbing her face roughly.

“Silas,” I said, softly, and turned to Julia. “What’s in it for you? What was he going to give you?” Continuing to struggle, she avoided my gaze for a moment. “Tell us, or shit will get infinitely worse for you.”

Julia started laughing fiendishly, her white teeth baring. “Everything. He was going to give me everything. Lots of money. A big house. Everything a girl could want. Even slaves to do my bidding.” She paused and glared at Silas. “That’s what I was going to get until you came along and ruined everything!” she screamed.

“You weren’t getting any of that from me,” Silas remarked, firmly. “Also, you’re the child of a high-ranking council member. Why would you need to leech off me, when you already leech off him?” Averting her eyes, a blush crept across her cheeks. “He cut you off or something?”

Spitting, it landed on his face. Wiping it off, Silas slapped her hard.

“Frankly, you aren’t my type,” Zander added, shrugging his shoulders.

“Tell us the truth, Julia. What was his end goal?” I asked.

Julia threw her head back and laughed. “He told me. He’s fucking obsessed with her. And you were too blinded by your own obsession to even see it. You people make me sick.” She spat at our feet.

Zipping her lip, there was no point in forcing it out of her. Beating her would get us nowhere, and she had no intention of speaking freely.

In my head, I saw the retribution that Silas would bring down on Micheal Blackmore. There would be no mercy and he would show others what would happen if he was crossed. Blood, and destruction. Worried, I didn’t want Silas to fall back into his old ways.

After a brief pause, there was more I wholly expected. “He’s going to kill you all, starting with Marnie.” Julia sneered.

Zander and Silas were about to make a move when I raised my arm to halt them. “Stop. She’ll get what she deserves right where she is.”

All four of us left the room, hearing screaming after us. “You’ll never find him! He’s long gone, and he has plans for all of you!” Julia threw her head back and laughed.

The harsh slam of the iron door made me jump. It gave me some amount of satisfaction to see the woman who tried to kill me suffer. But my mind was still abuzz with questions.

We were all silent. Micheal was a cunning man. I supposed I never understood that until it was too late. But how would I know? His façade was so fierce, even Silas was fooled.

Hours went by before anyone said anything. All of us were baffled.

“I hate to break the silence,” Zander started, “but what are we going to do about this?”

The daggers from Silas’s eyes shot through Zander. “Micheal is gone. His accounts are empty, and no one has the slightest clue where he could be hiding.”

“Are we giving up? Really?” Zander said, fuming. “Aren’t you angry? Why aren’t you running around, breaking things and screaming?”

“Because there’s no point,” I replied. Both turned to me. “Anger will not solve this.”

“So, what will?”

“Give him what he wants.”

Silas immediately shook his head. “No fucking way. I won’t watch you suffer like I did before. Not a chance.”

“No, Marnie has a point. What better way to bring him back than to give him exactly what he wants,” Zander agreed, which pissed Silas off.

“Are you two out of your fucking minds?”

“Whatever happened to not getting angry?” Zander snickered.

Pinning him to the wall, Silas bared his fangs. “You think this is funny? Putting the woman, I love in danger?”

“In case you haven’t been paying attention, she’s not human anymore. Don’t you think she can handle this?”

Silas released him, stepping back. “It’s not a risk I’m willing to take.”

“It’s one I’m willing to take,” I said, firmly.

Their eyes set on me. Silas’s look of fury barely overshadowed Zander’s expression of satisfaction.

“Zander, leave us.”

“As you wish, brother.”

When the door clicked closed, Silas cupped my face, gently kissing my lips. “I’m asking you not to consider this.”

“So, the man you called friend and the one who decided try to kill me can get away with it?”

He sighed, exasperated. “I will not lose you to this.”

“You heard Julia. He has plans for this house. For you. For Zander. Your sister. And me. Don’t ask me to sit this one out.”

“I think we should utilize the council.”



Of course, they wanted me out of the room. They were probably going to have a nice quickie. Lucky bastard, my brother.

Marnie was a very striking vampire. I didn’t imagine for a moment she would be as radiant as she was. Much better than the alternative though. If she had died, Silas would have been uncontrollable.

What the hell could be taking them so long? I thought. Don’t they want me in on it? Maybe they think I’ll ruin the plan. Typical. Those two could be quite ridiculous. My brother didn’t understand how much respect I had for him. To hurt his woman would be an insult and a tragedy.

“Well, brother, it looks like you’ve been spared.” Veronica walked toward me purposefully. Lately, she hadn’t made it a habit to speak to me at all.

“What can I do for you, sister?”

She started circling me, as though I were prey. Veronica knew better than to challenge me. “I know we’ve almost never seen eye to eye. You’re a vicious, murdering psychopath, and I’m not. In general, even though we’re siblings, we have absolutely nothing in common.”

“Is there a point to all of this?” My blood was boiling.

“Yes, there is. Silas was betrayed by someone he thought he could trust. It’s up to us to stick together and help him. None of us have ever really liked each other, but we need to stand together now. People need to know that they can’t fuck with the Zephyr clan.”

She was absolutely right. Now, more than ever, our enemies would know our house was unified. I hated to admit she was right, but it was time to put aside our childish differences and fight back. There was no way were losing what we built.



Silas and I discussed the idea for quite some time. He was rather frustrating in that he still wouldn’t bend about giving Micheal what he wanted. However, we both agreed the only way to get him back into the picture was to draw him out.

“No, no, and no, Marnie. Why does it have to be you?” Silas’s voice slowly rose, his temper flaring.

Pinching the bridge of my nose, I attempted to reign in my own temper. “Because he’s pissed, and I’m the reason. Showing myself will bring him out. He wants to hurt you—”

“Then let it be me! If he wants my head, then let it be mine. Besides, as a newborn, you have some strength, but not as much as Micheal Blackmore.” Rather than risk my life, Silas was willing to be the bait. No matter what, I couldn’t let that happen. “Of course, it also means we need to have Zander and Veronica with us, completely and totally.”

Scoffing slightly, Silas rolled his eyes. “I know my sister will help us, but my brother…he’s a loose cannon. He’d sooner sell us out than help us.”

Clenching my fists, I resisted the urge to punch the man I love square in the face. Baseless assumptions were useless. “Do you seriously think, for a moment, your brother would sell you out? What the hell is wrong with you?” My own words shook me as I spoke them. Perhaps I was irritable because of my extreme lifestyle change. Silas never explained anything. In fact, nothing had been explained to me at all. Calming myself, I continued. “I say we go to both of your siblings and see if they will help us. No one overthrows this family.”

Nodding his head, we shared a smile. “You do know there will be a fight; a brutal one at that. No way around it now. Are you prepared for that?”

Feeling slightly irritated, I swore he forgot I wasn’t human anymore. “Don’t condescend to me! I can fight!”

A maniacal smirk formed on his face. He readied himself to lunge at me, testing the waters. I easily dodged him. “I know what you’re thinking,” he said. “You may be a newborn, but I’m older and faster.”

An evil chuckle escaped my lips. “Bring it.”

Silas shot off toward me, and I immediately dodged left, ending up behind his desk. Before I collected myself, he launched another attack. His rate of speed was like a bullet leaving a barrel. In my haste, I waited almost one microsecond too long before jumping up and pushing myself over his body, propelling myself to the other side of the room.

“It seems that you’re good in a fight. Agile. Fast. Everything needed for what’s going to come.” He was so confident in his assessment. “But do you see why I should be the one to face him?”

Rolling my eyes, I felt deflated. “Well, to be honest, I don’t. Since I’m the newborn vamp, which you said yourself is strong already, then why should you be the one?”

The vein in his forehead started to bulge in frustration. I knew how to push his buttons, especially when it was a task he didn’t want to partake in. “No! I already said no! You’re lucky I’m even letting you participate!”

Trying to figure out why he was so angry, it occurred to me that this wasn’t just about being protected. There was a distinct reason he wanted to be the one; as if someone was taking away the one pleasure in life he found. “This isn’t about me, is it, Silas? All of this is about a vampire you’ve known your entire existence, one who betrayed you, and you want revenge. If that’s the case, just tell me. Don’t dance around it.”

Raking his hands through his hair, he let out a huff. “Fine! That’s what this is about. I want to separate his head from his body and mount it on my wall. I will make him suffer for what he tried to do to you. After I’m finished with him, no one will remember his name or his family.”

A different voice then said, “Okay, we get it. You’re going to kill him. Can we please get it over with?” Our heads whipped toward the door, and we saw Zander and Veronica.

Veronica shook her head. “What my brother is trying to say, if he had any tact whatsoever, is that we’re with you.”

Before anyone could say anything else, Zander spoke again, “You three realize that we need more allies. No offense, Marnie, but you are a baby vamp. Sure, you have strength, but we’ll need more than that. The three of us have had the good or not so good fortune of having combat experience.”

“I’m going to stop you right there,” Veronica snapped. “Neither of us would call our combat experience good fortune. But—and I hate to say this—Zander is right. Marnie, you have no experience fighting, and since we all know Micheal well, he won’t go down without a fight. Considering that he fought alongside kings in the past, this will certainly not be easy.”

Everything they were saying began to fluster and irritate me. Rather than blow up, I remained as calm as possible. “Look, I know I’m inexperienced. I know I’m a baby vampire. Seriously, I get it, but there has to be something I can do to take this fucker down.” I felt Silas’s hand squeezing my shoulder.

“No one is saying you’re useless, sweetheart. We’re just saying that if you want to help us, you need to know how dangerous it will be.”

Having enough, I slapped his hand away. “Stop telling me that! I know it will be! You don’t have to, and I’d rather you didn’t tell me, how dangerous it will get. I’m willing to take the risk!”

I am not willing to put your life on the line! Not ever! I’ve waited for you entirely too long, and I will not risk anything!” Silas’s anger boiled finally over.

The voice of reason stepped in before we exchanged anymore words. “All right, all right. Everyone just cool down. First thing’s first. We need more allies before we can do anything. The four of us aren’t going to cut it. Micheal not only has guards, but rumor has it that he employs wolves, as well.” My brows knitted in confusion. “Yes, it’s not a well-known fact about the man, hence rumors. Besides, he knows what would happen if the council caught wind of such activities.”

A blood-curdling scream startled us all. Recognizing the voice, I didn’t hesitate. The smell of blood hit my nose, stinging the closer I came. Reaching my destination, there was blood everywhere. Silas, Zander, and Veronica came in behind me. The kitchen was a disaster. Panicked, I frantically looked everywhere for the ladies. As I approached the back door, I found the bodies of Raquel, Theresa, and Grace.

Dropping to my knees, a scream escaped my lips. “No!” Checking their pulses, they were still. “Please don’t be dead! Oh, god, no. Don’t be dead.” Tears fell freely from my eyes as I held the bodies of my dear family. “Raquel! Raquel wake up!”

“Zander, do you smell that?” Silas asked. Sniffing the air, he nodded, “Follow it.”

Veronica checked Grace. “Marnie, she’s alive. Barely, but she’s alive.”

“Get a doctor, Veronica.” Nodding, she picked up the child, racing back upstairs.

“Marnie, honey. Let go of her. Please,” Silas said, softly. Shaking my head silently, I refused. “She’s gone, baby.”

Easing me away from Raquel, he helped me to my feet, holding me tightly. The sobs racked through my whole body, almost so violently that Silas couldn’t hold onto me. “It’s my fault,” I cried.

“Look at me, Marnie,” Silas commanded, however gently. When I looked in his icy eyes, he tilted my chin up. “None of this is your fault. Do you understand? Micheal Blackmore just declared war.”

Zander walked back through the door, throwing an unconscious, naked man at our feet. “I found this,” he growled.

A werewolf.

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