The Prince's Hybrid Slave

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Chapter 13

This decision was the hardest I ever had to make. If Silas had any clue what I was planning, he’d lock me in the dungeon and throw away the key.

Sneaking to Silas’s room, I found a pen and paper, writing a note telling him what I was doing. Once he found this, his roar would be heard for miles. That was a chance I had to take.

Poking my head out of his room, I still heard their voices in the office. They were still going at it.

Turning down the hallway, I went the opposite way, quickly and quietly so no one heard me.

Next thing, I was outside.

The chilly air bit at my skin, causing goosebumps to prickle. Looking up at the cloud cover made the landscape appear so gloomy. Eerily similar to the turmoil of the Zephyr house.

Stilling my body, I closed my eyes, focusing on my surroundings. The slight breeze helped hone my senses. An extra gust came my way, and I smelled the fading scent. Northeast.

Taking off in that direction, the power of the smell increased. Three were four distinct smells. One I recognized as Ben’s.

Coming to a halt, I felt like I was being watched. Then, I saw it. Pausing behind a tree, I peered around seeing human form wolves and shifted werewolves patrolling the perimeter of a large mansion, with a very creepy vibe.

Upon closer examination, there appeared to be shock collars around their necks. Despicable. The whole idea of shock collars had been outlawed ages ago. Even humans were required to wear something showing who they were owned by, but nothing like this.

Lost in my thoughts, I suddenly realized they were sniffing the air. The breeze carried my scent toward them. “Shit,” I whispered.

Running back the way I came, wolves were already hot on my heels. Snarling and barking raged from behind me. Thinking on my feet, I needed to find a way to lose them. Going in a zig-zag pattern, I used trees or anything in my path to my advantage.

A large black wolf pushed its limits behind me, using its huge paw to try and catch me. Based on his size and intensity, he was the leader. Barely able to look over my shoulder, what I saw were his piercing yellow eyes boring right through me.

Coming up to a large tree, I slingshot around it. Unable to bank as tightly as me, a couple wolves tripped over themselves attempting to avoid it. The leader however, was swift and avoided it.

Getting back to the clearing I came from my face met the hard ground. Someone took me out, but I never noticed their presence. Having concentrated on the pursuing wolves gave him the advantage.

Stunned for a moment, I leaped to my feet.

Seeing who floored me wasn’t a surprise. Micheal Blackmore. Wolves gathered behind him, growling and snapping. “Funny running into you here,” he quipped.

His appearance was incredibly different than the previous time I saw him. Hair disheveled. Wearing all black with black dress shoes. Obviously, his former dress was all a formality, and a smokescreen to fool everyone into believing he was someone he wasn’t. The more he fit in amongst them, the closer he could come to his goal.

“I’m just out for a stroll,” I quipped back.

He chuckled maniacally, not fooled by my lie. Raised brows, his eyes searched me. “I wondered when Silas would turn you.” Those words made me shudder. “But there’s something else, something indefinable. Perhaps you don’t know how much power and stamina it takes to outrun fully grown wolves.”

“Let me go, and I promise nothing will happen to you,” I said in a threatening tone. Part of me knew threats were mere fodder to him, but he didn’t care. The wolves would take the brunt of the damage.

He laughed hard at my statement, lowering my chances of returning to the mansion unharmed. Left with no choice, I knew I was going to have to fight my way out of this one. “And what are you going to do, little girl?” He condescended to me, believing I couldn’t defend myself. “You’re better off surrendering. It will hurt much less.”

For a moment, I considered it, but something else sprang to mind. “I have a question for you, Micheal.” Surprised, he allowed me to continue. “Why go through all this trouble? You have just as much as Silas does, maybe more. What’s the point?”

He was mildly taken aback by my question. Poking the bear was the only way for me to buy myself time. “If you must know, I’ll tell you.” Pausing, I thought I would get my answer. “But not here. As I said, if you surrender, you won’t come to harm…yet.” Raising his arms, three wolves charged forward. “Go get her,” he commanded.

All three charged in a straight line making it harder for me to retaliate. They didn’t leave me with many options. Waiting a moment, I had to think of something fast. Running straight at them, I stepped on the first two wolves’ backs, grabbing the third wolf as I launched myself over them. Crushing its spine before I hit the ground, its pathetic cry penetrated my ears. Whipping around quickly, I threw the broken wolf at the other two before they could react. From behind me, another wolf attacked, and two more came from the sides. Jumping up, the wolves collided headed first. Cracking their skulls together knocked them out.

“Oh, my goodness. This is interesting,” Micheal said, amused. “You are quite the fighter. Never did I expect this out of you. Certainly, you are something special.”

Clearly, he was hiding something, with no urgency is dispelling the secret. “I can keep this up as long as you can. Make no mistake, I won’t quit.”

“Hmm. Perhaps this will change your mind.” He whistled, and I heard rustling coming from the back of the pack. Smelling a similar scent, two wolves came forward holding Alina up by her arms. Her body was bruised and bloody.

Clenching my fists tightly, to see my friend is such a state infuriated me. “Let her go. This is about me.”

“Surrender, and she goes free.” Micheal wasn’t playing around, and now he was determined to take me.

“Don’t do it, Marnie,” Alina whispered. She could barely lift her head, and her words were shaky. “L-let me die.”

Saving her life would certainly put mine is danger, but there was no other option. “You have a deal. Release her, and I’ll go, quietly.”

“Excellent. Gentlemen,” he said, gesturing to the wolves holding her up. We walked toward each other, very tentatively. Instantly, the game changed. Micheal had an iron grip on me that I was unable to break. “On second thought, I’ll take you both. It will be so much more fun when Silas finds out.”

“We had a deal.” I struggled against him.

He scoffed at the sentiment. “You have a lot to learn, newborn. Squeezing my throat tightly, I ceased struggling.


Where the hell am I? How did I get here?

When I tried to move, I felt searing pain through every extremity. My skin was burning beneath the silver. I was in unbearable agony.

Struggling only made it worse. My skin was burning off. Trying to hold the tears and whimpers proved futile. Tears flowed freely down my cheeks.

Trying to calm my body, my mind continued to race, thinking of ways to get out of this mess. When I focused, I heard light breathing. Looking over, Alina was manacled to the wall, her body limp. Her heartbeat was faint, but present. “Alina!” I whisper-yelled. “Wake up.” No response. “Please wake up,” I begged.

Weakly picking her head up, she rested it against the wall behind her. “M-Marnie?” she breathed out, a small smile tugging at her lips. “You’re here.”

“I’m here,” I said, just happy to hear her voice.

“You—you’re a vampire?”

Closing my eyes, there was no way around the truth. “Yes, and I was here to rescue you, but obviously failed.”

“What about everyone else? Raquel, Theresa, Grace?”

Alina didn’t know the truth. Didn’t know Raquel and Theresa had been killed by the wolves. There were gaps in her memory. My lip quivered as I answered, “Raquel and Theresa are dead. Grace was badly injured.”

Her lip quivered slightly. Having already cried so many tears, she was all dried up.

Suddenly, the door opened, and I could smell it was a wolf. He had shoulder length dark hair, light olive complexion, chiseled jaw, and perfect features. His shoulders were wide, his muscles prominent under his clothes. But he didn’t have a collar around his neck. After putting on gloves, he removed the chains from my feet and hands.

Trying not to scream proved to be the hardest thing I’d ever done. Briefly, I felt some relief, but it was short-lived when he wrapped different chains around me. The burning proved awful. Peering up into his eyes, they seemed to hold some modicum of concern. I was confused, yet mildly relieved to see that.

Hissing in pain, I tried to withdraw my hands, but he grabbed me. “Don’t do that,” he said, in a warning tone.

“Is this necessary?” I asked, wincing in pain.

Taking off the gloves, he pushed me in front of him, signaling to walk. “Apparently, it is since you killed two wolves out in the field. Nothing I’ve ever seen coming from a baby vamp.”

I swore that was the fifth time I heard that today alone. Since no one explained anything to me, I was clueless. The only thing I did know was they were stronger. But, there wasn’t any time for anyone to tell me the ropes. Almost immediately, the series of events began to unfold.

“What’s going to happen to me?”

For a moment, there was silence. “I don’t know. Whatever it is, won’t be pleasant.”

As we’re walking through the halls, my eyes set upon portraits that littered the hallway. Coming upon the Blackmore family portrait, there was Claudius, Lucretia, and Micheal. He had his father’s facial features, except for the eyes. Those belonged to Lucretia. Seeing the woman in the portrait, there was a hidden sadness. I had no doubt in my mind that she loved her family, but she still felt there was something missing in her life. Evidenced by the fact that the later portraits no longer had her in them.

The longer we walked, the more I prepared myself for the truth. Though I already knew, it was going to be difficult to hear it from a man who singlehandedly ruined my life.

Coming to our destination, my eyes were assaulted with intricate carvings in the walls, large oriental rugs on the floor, and a golden throne where the man himself sat. Behind him, there was a massive crest, the same one that was on Ben’s arm. The smug expression on his face on his face made me growl.

The massive wolf threw me on the ground at Micheal’s feet, amusing him. “Nice to have you here, Marnie dear.”

Getting up onto my knees, I spat on the ground in front of him. “It’s a real pleasure,” I said, sarcastically.

Grabbing my chin roughly, his fangs dropped. “You should show me more respect than that!” he hissed. “I could easily break you in half, you little shit.” Releasing me, he sat back in his chair. “I’m sure you’re wondering why you’re here, why I haven’t killed you.”

Laughter escaped me. “Well, the thought did cross my mind. But you’re a psychopath. There’s not often a good reason for nonsense.” Making him mad wasn’t my best idea, but I didn’t know how else to wring information out of him. Something was eating away at his soul.

“Allow me to tell you a story,” he started, “one that will shed a little light on the current situation you’re in.” He walked past me to gaze out the window, looking into the world. “A very, very long time ago, there was a hierarchy. Vampires at the top, werewolves beneath, and then humans along with other supernatural beings. After a few hundred years, the system started to break down. War had been going on for a long time between vampires, wolves, and even humans. That’s why the council was formed. The leaders of said factions went before them to make an uneasy truce. Oddly enough, the truce lasted a few hundred years more. By then, most of the leader’s former factions had perished. Once thing that didn’t change was human slavery.”

“Cut to the chase!”

Whipping back, his eyes flashed with fury. “Don’t interrupt me!” Composing himself, he continued on. “As I was saying, human slavery didn’t change. That is, until my father became head of this family. He implored the council to end the practice, to end all slavery no matter what the species. The controversy went on for years. As his only child, I stood by his side through it all, as did my mother. She was….beautiful. Always there for him, no matter what. Theirs was a political marriage, but they had true love. But as the years went by, my father’s insane, incessant need to fix society drove her away.” At this point, I knew exactly where he was going with his story as I recalled what Lucretia had already said. “She became withdrawn. I tried my hardest to engage her, but she always rebuffed me” Pausing, he became saddened. “Suddenly, something changed in her. Life seemed to come back into her eyes. No one could explain it. Then one day, there was a horrible racket coming from my father’s office. The screams were so loud. When the door opened, I ran to the end of the hall, hiding from it. All I saw was my mother walking down the hall, away from my father, who was yelling after her. After all those years, she left him.”

Micheal’s words swirled around my head. There was so much sadness, and despair in his life. Everything he had known was ripped away. I tried to read his facial expressions, but couldn’t. He purposefully kept his gaze trained away from me. All the effort on his part to remain composed was evident. “What happened to her?”

When he turned to me, I finally saw an emotion in his eyes. “She ran off…with a werewolf. This wolf under my father’s employ. She didn’t love my father anymore.” Squeezing his eyes shut, he clenched his fists. “I knew from the moment I met you who you really were.”

Everything he was saying matched up exactly to what Lucretia had already told me. This is what she meant when she said that someone close to me and her by blood was the one responsible for all this destruction. I had no doubt about the next words that would come from his lips.

At this point, my mind raced with possibilities and scenarios. Do I tell him the truth? Tell him I know all of this already? That I spoke to our mother? Raising my head, our eyes met. “I already know you’re my half-brother. I also know our mother’s name was Lucretia, and my father’s name was Ryker. You were the only mystery in the puzzle, I had never seen you before.”

Micheal didn’t even bother to ask how I knew any of the information, too busy listening to himself speak. “In fact, you have. When you were a child, I saw you. You look like him; your father, I mean. Very few traces of my mother. I bet when you get angry, your eyes change color. Hers did that too.” He walked over, using his finger under my chin to lift me to my feet. “My father went through great lengths to hide you from me. I waited a long time for the old man to die so I could find you.” I was stunned and speechless. “Yes, he was aware of your existence, but he was too soft-hearted to take any action. Didn’t think the child needed to pay for the sins of the parent.”

“Seems to me that he hid my existence from you for a reason,” I snapped.

Digging his nail into my chin made me flinch in pain. “There’s another piece of the puzzle you’re missing,” he sneered.

“Stop dancing around, and get to the point!”

“You’re a hybrid; born wolf, made into vampire.”

I was partially surprised, partially irritated at the length of time I was forced to speak to the lecherous being who had the audacity to call himself my brother. All I did was stare at him. His attempts to get under my skin didn’t work.

“Speechless?” asked, more than slightly amused.

Letting out a breath, I stared evenly into his eyes. “Everything you just told me, I already knew. For you see, while I was lying on my death bed after you unsuccessfully tried to kill me, I was paid a visit by our mother. She told me everything.” Removing his finger, he was stunned silent. “She felt guilty, you know. Leaving you behind, but she never regretted her actions. This, all of this, is for naught. You’re not doing yourself any favors by continuing this course of action.”

Visibly shaking in anger, I smirked seeing him lose face. Grabbing at his hair, he was nearly pulling it from the roots. Every word uttered was an exercise in futility. Calming himself, Micheal turned back around, taking on last jab.

“You know, I remember the day I found you. Oh, I remember it like it was yesterday.” He clasped his hands together with an almost dreamy expression, reminiscing about the past. The fresh scent of blood spraying across my face. Seeing your little body bruised. I get goosebumps just thinking about it.” Clenching my jaw, I remained quiet. “Your adopted parents tried so hard to keep you safe. But humans are no match for me. I took pure joy in taking their lives, and destroying everything you hold close to your heart.”

Clenching my fists wrapped in silver, all my energy was being expended not ripping him apart. “You’re getting a real kick out of this, aren’t you? Satisfied to know that you’ve ruined my life.”

“Oh, no. You misunderstand me, Marnie. I pity you, but not enough to let you live, of course. Your existence is a stain on the world, for many reasons. For you see, I’m going to cleanse the world of all that are not pure-blood. Anyone who opposes me will meet the same fate.” Eyes wide, I couldn’t wrap my head around his ideal world. “Did you think I’d be lenient on you because you’re my sister? I think not. No one gets away this time.” Looking over my shoulder to his wolf, he said, “Take her back down.”

Gripping my shoulders, he put a hand on the back of my neck. “Let’s go.”

Unwilling to go quietly, I wiggled away from him, staring at the man who started it all. “You truly are psychotic. All this effort to eradicate those who have no control over who they are? But, still willing to enslave those to suit your own needs?”

“That’s one way of looking at it. Personally, I think sane is incredibly boring, and gets old fast.” Jutting his chin, the wolf continued removing me from the room.

Walking back, I tried to think of ways to escape. Being locked up, there were no windows, and only one door. Regardless, once back, I would be chained up much the same way I was before.

“Don’t even think it,” the gruff voice behind me said.

“Think what?” I asked, playing dumb.

He tightened his grip on me. “I see you looking around for ways out. There are none. Trust me.”

“I thought you wolves stuck to your own,” I shot back. “Does he at least pay you to be his trained monkey?” We both paused at the top of the stairs.

Sighing, it was clear this wolf did not enjoy his job. “No, he doesn’t. The only thing I get out of this arrangement is life.”

Descending the stairs, I laughed. “At least you have that.”

“Didn’t you choose to be a vamp?” By the tone of his question, he was bewildered.

“No, I did not. I was dying a hospital bed, and the man I love saved my life.” Thinking of Silas, even in this dark moment, made me smile inwardly.

Halfway down the stairs, I smelled something different. There was a male scent recently mixed with Alina’s. Stopping dead, I focused my senses to be sure. “Keep going,” the wolf demanded.

My fangs descended from my gum. “There’s someone else in there,” I snapped. Both of us hastened our steps toward the door. “Do you smell it?”

“Yes, I do. And, I know who it is, too,” he growled. Going in first, he stormed over to a wolf backing away from Alina, pulling up his pants. “What the fuck are you doing?” he boomed.

Seeing red, I broke the silver chains binding me. Charging at the other wolf, I grabbed him by the throat, squeezing the life out of him. I didn’t stop to wonder why the other wolf didn’t stop me.

“Sto-stop her,” he gasped. “She’s cho-choking me.”

“Why should I? I’ve told you before. Don’t touch the prisoners!”

“I could slaughter you and not bat an eye,” I growled, inching closer to his neck.

“Let him go,” the big wolf said.

Tightening my grip, I hissed. “Why should I?”

“Look around. You won’t get out of here. Release him, and I’ll deal with it.” He placed a hand on my arm, sincerity showing in his eyes.

Narrowing my eyes at the wolf in my grasp, his face began to turn blue. “You’d better take care of it, or I will.” Dropping him harshly to the floor, I knelt down to my friend. She was still unconscious, smelling of fresh blood.

“Control yourself, girl.”

Reigning myself in, being near Alina was an unnecessary risk. She deserved a normal life, not my life. “Chain me up,” I said. “But get her medical attention.”

“No,” he responded, firmly. “You were right.” Cocking my head at him, I didn’t understand what he was trying to tell me. “Wolves do look after their own. You’re one of us. Hybrid or not.”

“He’ll destroy your pack. Don’t risk anything for me,” I begged. Micheal was certifiable, and would do whatever he needed to in order to secure his plans. “Besides, there’s not a lot I can do from down here. There’s a wall, and a substantial amount of wolves in my way.”

“I’m going to tell you something I never told anyone. Not even members of my pack.” He smoothed the hair away from my face, looking deeply into my eyes. Closer inspection, there was a familiarity gnawing at me. “We lived in the same house growing up. I know you, Marnie Belle Collins.”



Veronica tried desperately to stop me from destroying the house since we realized Marnie was missing. My office was destroyed. Holes in walls. Broken tables and chairs.

“Destroying the whole house will not change anything.” Veronica pleaded with me.

A roar escaped my chest. “How could I let this happen?”

“Marnie is full of will-power. If she thought this would solve the problem, of course, she was going to do something. Even if it meant that she put herself at risk.” My sister glared at me for a moment. “Thinking otherwise of her is stupid.”

“We have to go to the council. It’s time to declare war.” Clenching the note she left behind in my hand, there was no way I could stand by anymore.

“Silas, you realize that war has not been declared in more than five hundred years. This is not something they will even consider. In fact, they may try to arrest you,” Veronica was trying her damndest to talk me out of my plan.

Shaking my head, my resolve was absolute. “Let them try. It’s time to fight.”

Sighing, she resigned herself to my decision. “Well, if we’re going to do this, I’m going to get Zander. The entire Zephyr clan needs to be there.”

Nodding, she walked off. We’d go to the council together and explain the situation. Amia better not get in my way, or his days on the council will be numbered, I thought. No matter what, my goal was to get Marnie back.

Don’t worry, Marnie, I’m coming for you.



Alina hadn’t woken up yet. I was worried hearing how erratic her heartbeat was. That damn wolf said he would get her medical attention. Being too afraid to go near her, the smell of her blood was making me insane. Glancing around nervously, there had to be a way to get out of here.

Not seeing any weak spots in the room and the silver door, I knew that it would make too much noise if I broke it down. It would also be very painful, and I wouldn’t be able to carry Alina in our escape.

“Mar-Marnie,” Alina gasped.

Against my better judgment, I went over to her, propping her head up on my leg. “What’s wrong?”

“I don’t want to die here,” she whispered, tears coming from her eyes.

Seeing my best friend in this state, it was hard to stay strong, but I knew I had to. “Don’t you worry, Alina. We’re getting out of here. Even if I have to fight my way out.” Holding her close, I held myself together, the smell of her blood so near. “You won’t die here, I promise.”

I’d never been this afraid. Hopefully, the wolf would make good on his word. Thinking back, I didn’t recall a boy living in our house, but I also didn’t remember too much of that life. All I could really remember was living in the mansion with Raquel, Theresa, Grace, and Alina. Micheal was trying to break me down by telling me all those things, solely placing the blame on me. His goal was to destroy me. Little did he know, I wasn’t easy to break having already known the truth from our mother. My only goal was to get the hell out of here.

Looking down, I realized Alina fell asleep on me. My poor best friend was so exhausted from her ordeal, and it was all my fault. Additionally, I feared Zander’s wrath when he found out that a wolf violated her. For the moment, I wanted to get some rest. Don’t worry, Alina, I thought. We’re going home.



The sound of the creaky door woke me from my slumber. Gently moving Alina off me, I exposed my fangs ready to strike. This was my chance. About to pounce, the wolf from earlier came into view.

“What are you doing here, wolf?”

“Maddox,” he responded, moving past me to Alina.

“Excuse me?”

“My name is Maddox.” Turning to me, his eyes filled with resolve. “Now if our chance to get out of here. But, if I carry her, you need to be the one to fight. Can you do that?”

Shaking, I was already nervous. “Yeah, I can handle that. I’m strong for a baby vamp, remember?” Deep down, I said that moreso to convince myself than him.

Smirking at me, he carefully picked Alina up in a princess carry. Three other wolves were waiting for us at the door. “Who are they?”

“It’s okay. They’re member of my pack. Jax is my brother. That’s Blaze toward the top, and this is Zane. We’re all getting out of here.”

I could tell they were ready to go. Their heartbeats remained steady. Not a single drop of sweat formed on them. “All right, then. Let’s go. Is this everyone?”

“Yes, we’re all that’s left of our pack. Micheal damn near wiped us out,” Jax said. He looked like a smaller version of Maddox. Shorter dark hair, slightly olive complexion, with muscular definition. But his eyes were the color of the bluest sapphires.

“How are we going to get past the wall? Aren’t there wolves on the other side?” I recalled their shock collars. “Shouldn’t we help them?”

Blaze then said, “No, they aren’t our pack. Micheal put those collars on them since they were initially rogues. Makes them easier to control. Once we go through the doors, it’s going to be a brawl. Wolves on both sides. We’re going to have to go through quickly.”

“Maybe we should move quietly,” I suggested. Everyone nodded at me. Zane took a step toward the door, when I stopped him. “Let me go first. Whatever happens, get Alina back to safety.”

Maddox shook his head. “No matter what we do, chances are, we’ll be exposed. I say we just go for it and fight through. We all stay close to each other, as much as possible.” We all nodded at Maddox.

Fangs exposed, I bolted for the door, and it splintered around me. The wolves were all close behind. Zane, Jax, and Blaze all shifted. Immediately, an onslaught of wolves—some shifted and some not—were coming at us. Maddox dashed off with Alina in a different direction, avoiding fights as much as he could. A very large wolf charged me, his yellow eyes bearing down. Right when I jumped to avoid him, another wolf took me from the left. As we hit the ground, I wrapped my arms around him, crushing his bones. When he shifted back, I discovered he was the one who harmed Alina. Feeling vindicated, I made sure he was dead. Rolling him onto his back, I could see the clear breaks in his bones and the blood seeping from him mouth. “Serves you right.”

Recovering from that, I saw a bite on my shoulder, which was already healing. Hearing a yelp from not too far away, Blaze was in trouble. He was fighting a wolf twice his size, the same one that initially charged me. As I was about to punch his snout, he sank his teeth into Blaze’s neck. Anger boiled inside me, and I punched the side of his neck as hard as I could. The wolf released Blaze, and I grabbed him, moving him away from the fighting. “Maddox!” I screamed.

A large grey wolf appeared before me, shifting back to Maddox. “Oh shit, Blaze. I have to get him out of here.”

“Where’s Alina?”

“Don’t worry. I handed her off to Jax. She’s safely on her way back to the Zephyr mansion.” Maddox inspected Blaze’s wound. He was falling in and out of consciousness. “This is bad. We all have to go.”

Growling, I looked back over and saw the large black wolf. “Oh no, I’m not done yet. Zane needs help.” Standing, I steeled myself. “Get Blaze back.”

“That wolf will destroy you,” he said, grabbing hold of my arm.

Turning back to him, I softened my gaze to ease his worry. “Don’t worry about me. Just get him to safety.” Putting my hand on his, I smiled slightly. “Thank you for helping me. Make sure you tell Silas I love him.”

Before he could say another word, I darted like a bullet at the large wolf. I ripped him off Zane, peering down at the injured wolf. “Go with Maddox. I can handle this.” He nodded his furry head, and he dashed off.

Attention back on the other wolf, I grinned fiendishly. “It’s you and me now, asshole.”

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