The Prince's Hybrid Slave

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Chapter 14

The sheer size of this wolf was staggering; built like a brick shithouse. Fur jet black with a white tip at the end of his tail, golden eyes with teeth like razors. His eyes held such an anger that was unrivaled, even by me. We circled each other for a moment, ready to fight.

Then he did something that surprised me. Shifting back to his human form, my eyes set on his glorious form. He was exquisite with shoulder length medium blonde hair, a tan complexion, indigo blue eyes, and a cacophony of muscles. “You fight well, little girl,” the wolf growled.

Hissing, I wanted to strangle the life from him. “You’d do well not to call me that.”

Laughing, he found my anger amusing. Taking a step toward me, I took a step back. “I’ll tell you what vampire. If you win this, then I’m yours. If I win, well, I think you know what will happen.”

Fury oozed from my pores. He was making a mockery of my species. “Fine, I accept your terms. Let’s do this.” A smirk spread across his face, and he shifted back to his wolf.



This was fucking ridiculous. I couldn’t believe I had to repeatedly explain this to these people. What the fuck was so hard about what I was saying? There was a credible threat and needed to be eradicated. Even with evidence before them, they couldn’t see through to granting the order. Ben willingly attended with us, making it clear Micheal was dangerous. Not only did he have Zander’s woman, but he had mine. However, I couldn’t attack without an official order.

“There hasn’t been a full-scale war in more than five hundred years. I don’t intent to start one now,” Amia boomed.

Councilwoman Maynard spoke, “Councilman Amia, there is clear evidence present. Why would we willfully ignore this obvious threat? Count Blackmore has always been a wildcard, and now he’s willing to exterminate those who oppose him. We cannot ignore this.” A lot of heads nodded in favor of the councilwoman.

“Are we truly going to believe the words of a werewolf? He’s the most common enemy of our kind. They have slaughtered hundred…nay thousands of our kind. You have given us no true evidence to support your claims,” Councilman Davidovich said.

Zander stepped forward. “You people mean to tell us that we have an actual wolf in your presence who’s given you viable information and you still deny this? How stupid are you people?” Seeing the red-faced councilman, Zander continued. “By the way councilman, where’s your daughter? Seen her lately?”

Eyes wide, I was not prepared for this, but it was time to tell him the truth about his daughter “Yes, councilman, your daughter was paid by the man who you deem not dangerous to destroy me. Paid by Micheal, he tried to kill the woman I love, leaving me no choice but to kill her. For that, I do apologize. But now I think you understand how far his reach goes. No one can be trusted.”

Covering his face in his hands, he absorbed the words I let loose. It gave me no pleasure to tell the man I had killed his daughter, which not entirely a lie. In case he decided to punish someone, I didn’t want Marnie to take the damage.

On his knees, Ben was clearly defeated, his head down, blood around his wrists and neck. It was amazing to me that the council saw the state of this wolf and everything he said and could still disregard what was going on. I knew what would change their minds. Bringing Ben to his feet, I unchained him.

All the council members gasped in horror. “What the hell are you doing?” Amia bellowed.

“I’m showing you that not all wolves are the same. This one freely agreed to come here and tell you everything he knows. As you can see, he hasn’t struck any of you. If he’s willing to come here and tell you first-hand that Micheal Blackmore wants to fight, then believe him. Regardless of whether you agree or not, I’m going to war, He’s taken something precious to me, and this will not stand.”

“If you don’t do what’s right, then all of you will perish. Micheal is organized and prepared. Do what’s in the best interest of your species.” Ben spoke with resolve.

“As an equal council member, I vote that we declare war on Count Micheal Blackmore,” Councilwoman Maynard declared.

“Now, hold on, Councilwoman,” Amia started. But he was interrupted by the noises of the other council members agreeing with the woman. “We cannot blatantly listen to the words of a wolf. Then, we would be no better than those beasts.”

“Open your damn eyes, man!” Councilwoman Maynard yelled, standing to her feet. “This wolf has come here, been unchained, and told us exactly what is going on. Also, your own daughter used for his own purposes. Another tally on the death toll. If we do not declare war , then we would be remiss in our duties to protect our kind. Is it not enough that you couldn’t protect your own blood from him?”

A smirk snaked its way across my face; I could always count on that woman. Amia was taken aback by her words, unsure of how to react. Taking a moment, I waited for him to react in his usual manner. Instead, I was shocked by his response.

The decision pained him, not because of war but because for once, he had been proven wrong. “As the leader of this council, I officially and rightfully declare war on Count Micheal Blackmore and all those who stand with him.”



The fight was not going as well as I’d hoped. His size was enough to overwhelm me, not that I hadn’t caused him damage. Becoming exhausted, I began to think I couldn’t make it through. Lucky for me, this hulk of a wolf was exhausted too.

Maybe I could take him out with one more attack. Evaluating my options, I didn’t have long before he would come at me again. Blinking, he started his attack. I slid under him, avoiding it. Right when I was going to recover, my boot hit a rock, propelling me upward. As I flipped through the air, I saw his teeth baring down on me. Having just enough lift, I grabbed the wolf while his whole body was underneath me. Squeezing hard as we landed, I heard the cracking of a few bones. Though, it was nothing he wouldn’t heal quickly from. Throwing me off, he recovered quickly. Now, he had a distinct limp in his front paw. Still snapping his teeth, he attempted to run at me again. Standing my ground, I landed a direct punch to his snout, causing a bloody mess. Before he shook it off, I landed a swift kick under his chin, throwing him backward. Running at him again, I landed one last blow to his body before he hit the ground with a thud. Pinning him by the neck to the ground with my boot, he shifted back to human form.

“Kill me. That’s what you want,” he said, huffing. His nose was bloody, his arm bruised, ribs cracked. I sensed him healing as he lay there. Removing my boot from his throat, I stepped back. “Well, I didn’t expect that,” he said.

“What guarantee do I have you won’t try to kill me?” I asked, growling.

“Oh, put your fangs away, vamp. Deal’s a deal.” Looking straight into his eyes, I could see he wasn’t bullshitting.

I peered at my wounds which were already healed. “We have to get going,” I told him, walking toward the woods. “Are you all right to walk there?”

He laughed. “Don’t worry, little girl,” he said, amused. “I’m healed up already.”

Letting out a frustrated growl toward him, my urge to punch him again returned. “Could you please stop calling me that?”

A wry chuckle left him. “Then perhaps you should just tell me your name.”

“Marnie. That’s my name,” I said. “And yours?”

“I’m Maxim. Well, Marnie, we should get out of is territory. Just hop on my back, and we can get to where we’re going,” he offered. “Besides, I’m naked. I don’t think your lover boy would appreciate seeing his woman with a naked man.”

Stopping dead in my tracks, I realized he was right. Silas would shit a brick. “All right,” I said, hesitantly.

He shifted to his jet black wolf, and I climbed on. He ran a lot faster than I thought he could. No wonder he was so precise in his attacks. Maxim was able to recover faster than any being I had ever seen. As he ran, I was having a hard time holding on. Gripping his fur tightly, Maxim glared at me over his shoulder. Loosening my hold, I smiled sheepishly. “Sorry.”

Taking in his soft fur, I leaned forward closing my eyes, Riding on the back of a werewolf was by no means comfortable, but I felt protected. Hearing his heartbeat, though mildly fast, it was nowhere near what I would have suspected. His body was so conditioned, I was amazed.

Skidding to a stop, I picked my head up hearing him snort. Seeing the mansion was the most beautiful sight I’d ever seen. Sliding off his back, Maxim remained shifted as we went inside. “Stay close to me,” I told him, keeping a hand on his side.

Coming into the great hall, there was dead silence. “Silas,” I called out.

Appearing at the top of the stairs, Silas’s joy became overshadowed by fury. “What the fuck is that?”

Silas didn’t let me answer before he lunged at the wolf by my side. In response, Maxim readied himself to fight. Jumping in front of the wolf, I dropped my fangs. “Don’t lay a finger on him,” I hissed. “I’m going to explain everything,” I said in the wolf’s defense. “Please, just listen to me, Silas,” I begged. “I promise you there is an explanation.”

Retracting his fangs, he relaxed slightly. Veronica and Zander came running, baring fangs hearing the commotion. “Back off, you two. Apparently, there’s an explanation for this.”

Rolling my eyes, I didn’t appreciate the snarky tone. “No need to be an ass.”

“Get on with it,” he urged.

“This is Maxim,” the wolf snorted in response. “And he’s…um, my bodyguard.”

“Your what?” Silas was outraged.

Then it hit me. Where were Maddox and the others? “There were others!” I exclaimed.

“Alina is upstairs resting,” Zander called out.

“Where are the wolves?”

“In the dungeon. We didn’t know what to do with them.”

My eyes blazed fire. “Didn’t they tell you they were with me?!”

“We weren’t sure if we could believe them,” Veronica defended.

“Release them,” I commanded.

Shooting a glare to Silas, he raised a brow. “No, you and I have to talk first.”

Maxim nudged me lightly. “Hey, can we fix him up with something to wear? I don’t think you want him walking around naked,” I remarked.

“Zander, take the wolf and get him some clothes.”

Shaking his head, Zander blew his brother off. “No way. I have to get back to Alina.”

“Zander!” Silas commanded.

Sighing and rolling his eyes, Zander waved the wolf on. Maxim gave me one last look before trotting up the stairs toward the vampires. They were extremely cautious of him. A wolf his size could easily overpower them.

Once they were gone, Silas sweetly assaulted me, pushing me into the wall, kissing me deeply. Crazed abandon took hold of him, and I couldn’t keep up. His hands traveled all over my body, and mine over his. Stopping for a moment, he gazed into my eyes. “I missed you,” he said, breathlessly.

Smiling, we touched foreheads. “I missed you too.” I wasn’t sure what else to say. “I’m sorry about the wolf, but he and I have a deal.”

“Please, do elaborate.”

“Firstly, can we release those in the dungeon? They’re on our side,” I insisted.

Completely wrapping his arms around me, we squeezed each other tightly. Smoothing the hair away from my face, he just looked at me. “You can’t imagine the hell I went through while you were gone. You’ll never guess what I got the council to do?” Confused, I cocked my head at him. “They declared war on Blackmore.”

“Oh shit,” I said. “No way!”

Nodding, Silas was very pleased with himself. “It’s official now.”

Worming away from him, I started toward the dungeon. “You need allies, right?” Nodding, he followed behind me. “The wolves will help us.” In the back of my mind, I had no idea how I was going to tell Silas I was Micheal’s half-sister or a hybrid. I could only hope that he wouldn’t reject me when he found out. When I opened the door, I saw the wolves sitting in the dark. “Come on out, guys.”

“Hey, she’s here,” Maddox said. “Let’s go.”

All four of them filed out. “Where’s Ben?”

“Upstairs resting. He’s a big reason why we were able to go to war,” Silas said.

We all went upstairs to Silas’s office. As we entered, we saw Maxim clad only in pants. They seemed especially tight on him and no shirt could hold up. “Nice outfit,” I joked.

“I can barely breathe in these,” he groaned, pulling at them.

Everyone else filed into the office—vampires on one side, wolves on the other. Standing behind Silas, there was enough tension in the room to cut with a knife. The prince broke it. “Firstly, thank you, wolves, not only for bringing Marnie back, but for saving Alina as well. My brother and I are very grateful.”

Maddox acknowledged him with a nod. “Of course, Your Highness,” he answered. “Marnie is one of us. We protect our own.” All three vampires head whipped toward me. Sweat beaded on my forehead as their gazes drilled into me. “Perhaps a conversation left for later.” Maddox gave me a reassuring smile. “What can we do to help?”

“We need as many allies as possible. Since you’re wolves, do you not have packs?”

“We do, but that bastard wiped us out.” Jax said.

“Quiet, Jax!” Maddox commanded.

Silas put his hands up. “It’s all right. As far as I’m concerned, we’re all equals here. Whomever would like to speak may do so.” Silas turned to Maxim narrowing his gaze. “What’s your name?”


“And why does Marnie tell me you’re her bodyguard?”

“Because I am,” he replied. “We have a deal.”

“Which was?”

“We fought, and she won.” Silas was about to continue when Maxim carried on. “I also think it would be in poor taste to murder my niece. I’m Marnie’s uncle.”

The whole room went silent. I didn’t even understand that statement. No wonder our eyes were eerily similar. “You’re what?”

“I didn’t realize it at first, but it all made sense when we were fighting,” he explained.

Veronica stepped in front. “I think it would be a good idea to pick this up in a few minutes. The prince and Marnie need a few moments to collect themselves.”

Everyone walked out, leaving Silas and I alone.

“I can explain,” I said.

No response.

“Before I continue, I didn’t know some of what I’m about to tell you, but some of it I did know. You can’t really blame me for this.” Still, there was no response. “Micheal told me the story of the warring factions and why the council was formed. He said his father, Claudius, did not advocate for slavery, both humans and wolf alike. In his eyes, they were all equal. He treated his servants with the same respect as he would a vampire. His mother ran off with a wolf—“

“Please get to the point,” Silas finally interjected.

“Okay,” I said, nervously. “The point is that I’m Micheal’s half-sister. I’m the product of our mother, Lucretia, and a wolf servant, Ryker, from their home.” Silas’s eyes widened. “Maddox knew me as a child in my adopted parent’s home. And Maxim, well, you know.”

“In a nutshell, you’re a hybrid?” I wasn’t sure what else I could do. The blow felt like it was coming. “”This doesn’t really explain why Micheal wants to exterminate everyone in his path.”

“He hates everyone except for full-blooded vampires. All other supernatural beings, hybrids included, mainly wolves, he wants to exterminate. He’s angry our mother left his father, who was, by all accounts, a good person. In his mind, I’m the one to blame and he will do anything he must to get rid of me.” Hoping against hope my explanation would satisfy him, part of me wondered if he would ever see me the same again. “Listen, I know this is a lot to take him. Imagine how it felt for me.”

“Marnie,” he said, and I shut up. “Nothing has changed. I’m not angry about this. I know you’re expecting me to throw a fit, but I’m not. You are the woman I love. So, what if you’re a hybrid? Just makes you more interesting.” A big grin spread across my face. “I can see you were nervous to tell me, but you should never be afraid to be honest with me. Ben may be the reason we have war, but you are the reason we have allies.”

Going over, I sat on his lap, hugging him tightly. His smell wafted into my nose, making me tingly. A growl rumbled from his chest. “Don’t do that,” he warned. I giggled at him. “I really did miss you so much, baby,” he purred.

“I missed you too,” I responded, gazing longingly at him. Eyes locked, we pressed our foreheads together, gently pressing our lips together.

A knock at the door, halted our movements. “Come in,” Silas said.

Maxim walked in. “I’m sorry to interrupt,” he said.

“It’s okay,” Silas responded. “What can we do for you?”

“I’d like to speak to my niece,” he replied.

I smiled at the large man, then looked to Silas for approval. “Go ahead,” he whispered, kissing my forehead.

We walked out of the office toward the portrait gallery. I still couldn’t get over how large Maxim was, comparatively speaking. At least now he was wearing clothes that fit.

“You look like your mother,” he started. “You have your father’s eyes.” I wasn’t sure how to respond. “Look, I know you have no reason to believe me—”

“Why did you work for Micheal?” I asked immediately.

“We both worked for Claudius, the old man. When he died, your dad was already gone with your mother. He tried his hardest to get me out, which is what started the initial killings. My punishment was being forced to work for Micheal, and if I didn’t, he was going to slaughter all those I loved, which he did anyway.” His story made my heart break. “Word came down that your adopted parents had been killed, and I worried for you. Not that I could do much for you. I had never seen you before, just heard about you from Maddox. He would tell me stories from his time living with you.”

“He’s not my brother, is he?” I asked, half joking, half serious.

“Ha! No, he’s not. But he was sent in to make sure nothing happened to you. Your mother sent you away to make sure Micheal would be none the wiser of your existence. She knew hiding you in plain sight would be the best way to keep you safe.” At that point, I was doing my best to absorb his words. “Your adopted parents were nobles, and close friends of your real parents. Since war was coming, they gave your adopted parents part of their money to help raise you. I’m sure you’ve figured it out, but they were killed shortly after they gave you up.”

Dropping my head, I remembered speaking to Lucretia while I was unconscious. “I know they were. It may sound strange, but I’ve spoken to my mother. Her name was Lucretia, right? She told me everything, or as much as she could.” Maxim didn’t even question me, just listened intently. “How did you know it was me back at Blackmore’s?”

“Like I said, you look like your mother, except your hair. That’s Ryker, through and through. But, it was the way you fought that finally that really tipped me off. You’re calculating, just like him. We used to spar as kids, and he did it the same way. Plus, you never gave up. Neither did he.” I smiled at his words. “Never expected war to break out again though. Good thing you’re here.”

Cocking my head to the side, I didn’t understand. “Why’s that? I don’t exactly have experience in fighting.”

He tilted my chin up, and I saw that his green eyes held no lies. “You’re a hybrid, sweetheart. There is an untapped power inside of you. Once you shift, you’ll be the most powerful creature on Earth.”

My mouth dropped open. “Say what?”

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