The Prince's Hybrid Slave

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Chapter 18

Growls and snarls rang through the air as each side charged ahead. My eyes were fixed on Blackmore. It was imperative for me to play my cards right, so he wouldn’t suspect my advantage. I was unaware of how much he really knew about me. Smelling something different at the last moment, I veered away from him.

Silas dealt the first blow, which was fitting retribution. Aside from me, he felt the most betrayed. Maxim was helping him; I attacked elsewhere.

Seeing Zane in trouble, I dashed toward him. Right when I was about to launch myself in his direction, a wolf took me out from the side. Landing hard on my back, pain shot through me. Hearing a growl behind me, I jumped back to my feet. Darting toward the wolf, my fist landed in his ribs, making him cry out. Before I could strike again, he lunged for me. Dodging as fast as I could, his claws still caught me, deeply scratching the flesh by my ribs. Screaming, my fury boiled. Extending my claws, I ran at the wolf full speed, grabbing hold of his throat. He tried to snap and bite at me as I held him. Squeezing as hard as I could, my claws dug into his flesh, and I crushed his windpipe.

Another wolf spotted me, and bolted when he saw I killed his comrade. Reacting before he got close, I threw the body of the dead wolf, disoriented him. Jumping up, I landed behind him. Kicking him hard in the back, I propelled him into a nearby tree.

Veronica’s scream hit my ears. Three wolves surrounded her, taunting her. Running at the closest one, I swiped ripping out the wolf’s throat. Finally seeing me, they were shocked as I stood there with a bloody organ in my hand. Their hesitation gave Veronica the opportunity to strike at the remaining two.

“Thanks,” she said, panting.

“No problem,” I said, dropping the wolf’s throat. When we gazed into the din, I saw Maddox and Maxim fighting hard. Reese was fighting alongside Jax and Blaze. There was no sign of Silas, which worried me. “Where’s Silas?”

“Let’s split up and find him.”

Separating, I tracked his scent through the chaos. The deep scent of blood filled my nose, making it harder to find him. Where’s Silas? I telepathically called out.

I’m on my way, Maxim responded.

Sticking my nose in the air, there was a minute scent of him going in the opposite direction of the ongoing fighting. Micheal must have drawn him away. Maxim appeared next to me, battered and bloodied. “Are you all right?”

“I’m fine,” he replied. “His scent is going this way,” and I pointed toward the trees.

Reese, I need you, I called out. Reese! Cold sweat dripped down my back with my brother’s silence.

I’m here, Marnie! I’m on my way!

Reese appearing next to me eased my worry greatly. “I got scared when you didn’t answer.” My relief was short-lived. Seeing a large gash in his side, I gasped. “Jesus, Reese. You can’t fight anymore!”

“Yes, I can,” he replied as blood dripped to the ground.

“Heal him,” Maxim added.


“Use your blood. It will heal him.”

I bit my wrist, rubbing it all over his wound, healing it instantly. “Is that better?”

“Yeah, it is. Let’s go get that asshole.”

The three of us followed the scent to another clearing. Silas was on his knees, bound by something I couldn’t see. “You smell that?” I asked.

“Dorella,” Maxim said.


“So good of you to come,” Micheal said, with a smug grin on his face.

There were traces of blood on his clothes and skin. Silas had dealt him a few blows. “Let him go!” I growled. “This is between you and me.”

“Be careful, Marnie. Dorella is powerful. You don’t know what traps she’s set,” Maxim advised.

Ignoring him, I walked toward Micheal. “I’ve had enough of this!”

“Marnie, don’t!” Silas begged.

I have to shift, I told Maxim and Reese.

No! they yelled back simultaneously.

If he knows what you can do, so soon, then you’ll lose your advantage, Reese explained.

You two go for the witch, I said. Nodding, they both took off through the trees.

“Looks like your backup took off,” Micheal sneered. “I’ll tell you what. If you win against me, right here and right now, then you can take Silas. But this fight is to the death. Do you agree?”


“No!” Silas screamed. “You son of a bitch! You touch her, and I will fucking kill you! Do you hear me?!”

Reese and Maxim were right. I couldn’t shift just yet. I needed to wait until the right moment. Deep down, I wasn’t sure how much of a match for him I was, but still wanted to give my best effort. If the men were able to take out the witch, I’d be able to easily defeat him. After all, he was significantly older than I was. Centuries older.

We charged each other, but before he reached me, he took a sharp turn to the right. Disoriented, I lost sight of him, until I felt a hard blow in my ribs. After he threw me to the side, I managed to clamp onto a tree. Propelling myself off, I landed an uppercut under his chin, throwing him backwards. He wiped the blood off his lip, not expecting that. “You’re doing well,” he remarked. “Let’s see what happens when we raise the stakes.”

Marnie, don’t. I heard Reese say.

I may not have a choice. I need to save Silas.

Just watch his movements. Maxim interjected. Reese and I are almost on the witch.

Micheal’s eyes shimmered golden, surprising me. They weren’t the same as mine as his still held a minute trace of his normal color. He was using the witch’s magic to power himself up to fight against me. Maybe Reese and Maxim could get their hands on the bitch before we hit each other. Running at each other again, I extended my claws, slicing him up the chest. When he landed, he saw blood. “Oh, you’re just full of surprises, aren’t you?”

“We don’t have to do this, you know?”

“And why is that?”

“You’re still my brother, Micheal. What I am and what you are should have nothing to do with it.” He clenched his fists. My words hit him hard. “I don’t hate you. Frankly, I don’t know you well enough to harbor such a feeling. You don’t have to continue this course.”

“Yes, I do! You took everything from me—”

“Our mother made a choice. Neither of us can fault her for that! It was her choice!”

He roared, pulling at his hair. “Shut up! Shut up!” His anger was getting the better of him. “You did this!”

He bolted at me, and I knew it was the perfect time to shift. He was angry, outraged, and unable to control himself anymore. His mood would work to my advantage. His screams resonated throughout the field, but I stood my ground. About to reach me, I jumped straight at him, shifting mid-air. Pinning him to the ground, I bared my teeth at him.

The horror at this revelation was evident. “So, this is your true form? Kill me then, if that’s what you want.”

Jumping off him, I didn’t take the window of opportunity against my better judgement. He was right in front of me, but it didn’t seem sportsmanlike. Shifting back, he looked surprised. “I don’t want to kill you, but you’re forcing my hand. You shed first blood. Now, I’m going to finish it.”

“The only thing finished here is you,” he said, pointing at me.

You two have the witch yet? I communicated with Reese and Maxim.

Hold him off for a few more seconds, Reese responded.

No promises.

“You wish. You’re nothing but a psychotic asshole. Blaming everyone else for your problems—”

“Not another word!” he yelled.

“We may be related, but clearly, I got all the spine in the family.”

“Shut up!” Micheal screamed, as he lunged at me.

Now, Marnie! Maxim barked in my head.

Shifting at the right moment, Micheal left his neck completely exposed when he attempted to strike me. Running at him, I grabbed a tight hold hearing a sickening crack. I smelled blood, and watched it run out of his mouth. Dropping him, I watched him drown in his own blood.

Silas started running towards me. The witch’s hold had been lifted. “Kill him.”

“Do it,” Micheal whispered, gurgling on his own blood.

Right then, I pitied him, and couldn’t bear to end his life. He may have been crazy, but he was still my brother. “I can’t,” I said, my eyes welling with tears.

“You must!” Silas yelled.

The wound was closing by the minute. In my haste, I punched through Micheal’s chest, removing his heart.

“You freed me,” Micheal said, sputtering.

Right then, his body degraded to nothing. As I gazed into the bloody mess that used to be my sibling, I couldn’t help but wonder what could have been. Could I have helped him? All I did was break down in tears. His blood covered my hands, and I scrambled away.

“Marnie, look at me,” Silas said. “Honey, look at me.” Turning to him, my eyes filled with tears. “You did what you had to do. Don’t ever question that.”

“He was still my brother,” I cried.

Maxim and Reese emerged from the woods, seemingly unharmed. There was a woman with them. I assumed she was Dorella.

Silas and I immediately went on the defensive. Maxim put his hands up. “Relax, she’s with us.”

“Why should we believe you?” I snapped.

“Take it easy, kiddo. If she wasn’t, do you think she would be walking freely,” Maxim replied.

Wolves, sound off, Reese said, telepathically.

Jax here.

Zane here.

Gunner here.

Titus here.

But there was no response from Blaze or Ben.

We all shot off toward the field. There were bodies littered everywhere; a complete bloodbath. The packs each lost a substantial number of members.

There was still fighting going on. The screams and guttural sounds penetrated to my core. Shifting, I released a resounding roar, halting all movement. Shifting back, every wolf on the field stared in awe. “It’s over. The perpetrator of this heinous war is dead. All those who fought for him have a choice. Either you find a pack to reside in, or go back to your old lives of being rogue. No one can tell you how to live anymore. But know this, if anyone here continues the work Micheal Blackmore started, they will be dealt with severely. Choose wisely, for it could be your last.”

As I walked through the field, those standing parted. I observed some running off into the woods, others just appeared bewildered, not moving an inch.

Gazing around at the carnage made my stomach turn. Seeing the price of one man’s hatred was too much for me to bear.

“I have to find Zander and Veronica.” Silas panicked when he saw all the dead on the field. “Braxton too.”

Reese and the others started turning over all the bodies to find Blaze and Ben. It seemed like an eternity. Gunner noticed my panic as looked. Without a word, he took off his shirt and handed it to me. Pulling it over my head, we nodded at each other.

Suddenly, I caught the scent of Ben’s blood.

“He’s over here,” I yelled.

Gunner rolled him over. His wounds were extensive, and I couldn’t tell if he was breathing. Gunner leaned down close to him. “He’s alive, but barely. He needs medical attention, fast.”

“Go. I’ll keep looking for Blaze.”

Nodding, he darted off, and some wolves followed behind him.

Some other wolves and I continued to search for Blaze. Maxim finally called out, “He’s over here.”

Running over, I saw it was hopeless. His throat had been torn open. Maxim closed his eyes. “He put up a good fight,” he said, trying to reassure me.

A few loose tears streamed down my cheeks. “Oh, Blaze. I’m so sorry.”

Maxim lifted his body and carried him through the field back toward the mansion. All wolves that are left, check for survivors. Brings those that are still alive back to the Zephyr mansion.

Everyone acknowledged the command.

Silas reappeared with Zander, Veronica, and Braxton in tow. I felt beyond relieved to see all of them unharmed. “Thank goodness you guys are okay.”

Zander waved me off, playfully. “Of course, we are. We’re vampires.”

“Can’t you take anything seriously?” Veronica sniped.

“That’s enough you two,” Silas interjected.

My emotions took over and I jumped into Zander, giving him a bear hug. “I’m glad you’re okay.” At first, he was unsure of how to react. After a moment, he hugged me back. Then, I hugged Veronica with the same fervor. I could feel her smile as we embraced.

“No hug for me?” Braxton asked, with a smirk on his face.

Silas growled. “Sorry, but no hug for you Count Braxton.” I gave him a snarky response, which made him laugh.

“Well, that was exhilarating. I think I’m going to take what’s left of my wolves, and head for home.”

“Thank you,” I said. “We won’t forget this.”

He smiled. “You owe me. One day, I’ll come calling.” He took off into the woods with his wolves in tow, heading back to lick his wounds. I was truly grateful to him for helping us.

We all walked back to the mansion, silence enveloping. There were so many injured wolves. Dorella had already started the healing process as fast as she could. The able-bodied wolves were assisting her as best as they could.

“I’m going to check on Ben—”

“Maybe you should put some clothes on,” Silas suggested.

Forgetting I was half naked save for Gunner’s t-shirt, I blushed a deep shade of red. “Good idea. Be back.”

I went up to my bathroom and washed the blood off. The water ran red with my brother’s blood, and it crushed me. But it was over. I was grateful for that much.


Several days had passed since the fight ended. A good portion of the wolves that were hurt had recovered. Dorella helped a great deal with healing the wounded. We were all gradually beginning to trust her. She told us of the horrors that Micheal made her endure. Like us, she was immortal and she spent centuries under his tyranny. Silas and I told her that she was welcome to stay with us.

Gunner spent his days with Grace, making sure she was healing. Every day, she was improving, little by little. Waking up the day after the battle, they had a very sweet reunion. It didn’t take her long to remember her father, and I was relieved they got along so well, even after all those years. He explained what happened to her, and how she ended up where she did. Gunner was afraid she would be angry, but she was no such thing. In fact, she threw her arms around him, hugging him like it would be the last time. He also explained that Grace was a werewolf, which threw her for a loop, but she accepted it. We were all just happy they were finally reunited.

“Marnie?” Grace’s little voice pulled me from my reverie.

“Yes, sweetheart?”

“Will you come live with us?”

Looking to Gunner, we started telepathically communicating, asking each other how to let her down gently. “I have to stay here, honey. But your Daddy is going to bring you here whenever you want. Okay?” Her shoulders sagged and her head dropped. Small sobs rang in my ears. “Oh, Gracie, don’t cry.” Pulling her into my lap, I hugged her tightly. “You know what else you can do?”

She wiped her eyes, and gazed at me. “What’s that?”

“You can call me whenever you want—”

“If Dad isn’t asleep,” Gunner added.

Whispering in her ear, he and I locked eyes. “You can just take his phone and call me, even when Daddy is asleep.”

“I can hear you,” Gunner said, playfully.

Grace and I giggled as I tucked her into bed. “Goodnight, sweetheart.” Kissing her forehead, we left the room.

Gunner was right behind me. “She doesn’t want to leave.”

“Her place is with you and her pack. I would never stand in the way of that.”

“Thank you for taking care of her.” He rubbed the back of his neck, as though uncomfortable. I could tell by his face that he wanted to say something else. “You know, would it be at all possible if we chose to stay? I mean I don’t know much about what little girls like anyway.”

I kissed him on the cheek and smiled. “You two are always welcome in this house, if that’s what you choose.”

Silas walked up with Maxim and Reese. “What are you two up to?”

“Tucking Gracie in for the night.”

“It’s time for the ceremony.” Maxim looked sad, but was staying strong for those around him.

Nodding, we all marched outside to the pyre. Maddox, Jax, and Zane had spent all day making it. Dorella spent the day preparing Blaze’s body, and all those that were lost in the fight. All those who were left were in attendance.

Taking my place next to Silas, Maxim and Reese, it was difficult for me to maintain my composure. The last thing I wanted for anyone to die in this war, especially a wolf who was a big part of saving my life.

“We’re here tonight to honor Blaze, and those who died fighting against Micheal Blackmore. May his soul and the souls of those lost return to the Moon Goddess.” Maddox set the pyre on fire, and all the wolves howled in response.

Walking up to Maddox, I placed a hand on his arm giving him a warm smile. “May I say something?”

Nodding, he silenced everyone.

“I know I probably have no place to say anything to any of you. I also know that we’re here to honor the brave wolves who gave their lives to protect us all. But I just want to say that I feel most honored to have all of you here in the presence of the moon because I know that none of this would have been possible if we didn’t all band together. Now is the time to make the world a different place. No more hatred. No more discrimination. We have a chance to start over. And if we want to honor our fallen, we owe it to them to make these changes.”

Reese started to howl, and the wolves followed suit.

My chest swelled with pride seeing both my species coming together, even in a time of mourning. Silas came up next to me, putting an arm around my shoulders.

Maddox, Maxim, Reese, Ben and Gunner all came forward, kneeling before us. “We pledge our allegiance to you always. In times of trouble and in times of peace, if you call us, we will come to your aid.”

Silas removed himself from my side, standing before the bowing wolves. “Rise, gentlemen. As prince of this region, I accept your allegiance. You will be left in peace to live your lives, and run your packs the way you see fit.”

“Thank you, all of you, for coming, for showing us your loyalty and fighting bravely. The prince and I greatly appreciate your service.”

Ben stood. “If it please Your Highness, I’d like to stay in Marnie’s service. She saved my life, and I owe her a debt.”

“That’s up to her,” he replied, peering over to me.

“Our home, is your home,” I answered. His grin reached ear to ear. In his excitement, he picked me up, giving me a bear hug while twirling me around. The others laughed at the display, including Silas. “Easy, big guy,” I teased. Placing me on my feet, Ben took his place next to me.

Reese was next to speak. “I’m proud to call you my sister, and I look forward to really getting to know you. I would like to stay for some time for that purpose.”

“You’re my brother. I can’t say no to you.”

“As for me and the others, we would like to go and start a new pack. We’ll probably venture out, but we’ll be ready if you call,” Maddox said.

“Any room for a man…and his daughter?” Gunner asked.

“Of course,” Silas replied.

Gunner then turned to Maddox and said something that shocked me. “Since Gracie and I will be staying here, I relinquish my title as Alpha of the Golden Sky Pack to you, my cousin Maddox Kane.”

The expression on Maddox’s face was priceless. After a moment of consideration, he extended his hand to his cousin. “I’d be honored.”

“This is the start of the new kingdom, new allies, and new friendships.” I was so proud of everyone in my presence. We’d all come so far in such a short time.

It was time to forge a new world of coexistence—vampires, wolves, and all those in between living in peace and harmony.

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