The Prince's Hybrid Slave

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Chapter 3

~Chapter 3~


Waking up in a ball under my comforter, I was immediately reminded of the night before when I stretched my lower body. That vampire bastard defiled me and walked out; treating me like some ragdoll. Sadly, this was to be expected now; to be nothing but a play-thing for his amusement.

Stretching my legs slowly, I could feel my whole-body aching. Gazing at the sheets, I could see faint spots of blood and on my skin. Feeling my lip quiver, tears stained the sheets.

Slowly making my way to the bathroom, I desperately wanted to clean the vampire filth off my body. Turning on the hot water, I let the bathroom fill with steam. Gazing at my reflection, I saw the marks on my neck and the purple bruises newly formed on my wrists.

Allowing the hot water to cascade over me, I hoped that I could clear my mind. No matter how hard I scrubbed, it felt like nothing was going to empty my mind of the atrocity I was subject to. Time slipped by me and I stood unmoved under the water. All I knew at that moment was that I didn’t want to be his victim anymore. I wanted life to go back to the way it was.

All my emotions consumed me, and I broke down in hysterics in the shower. Huddled in the corner, hugging my knees, I remembered a time when I was happy. Better off being with people who loved and cared about me, not being subject so some sadistic, bastard prince.

Drying myself with a fluffy white towel, I looked around and realized I forgot to bring my change of clothes with me. “Damn it,” I sighed. Opening the bathroom door, there was a surprise on my bed. A dress was laid out with a black box next to it. Atop the box was a card.

Picking up the small, tan envelope, I was shocked at its contents.


I hope this dress is to your liking. I need you to wear it this evening for an event at the mansion. See you tonight. Silas

Hands shaking, I put the letter on the bed, and took calming breaths. I realized that he was in this room, the scene of his crime the night before, to leave this. My knees began to shake thinking about what happened, and I wobbled closer to the bed to sit.

Taking a few minutes to calm myself, I gazed back at the dress on the bed. It was a beautiful emerald green with thick straps, a low back, a V-neck, at about knee length. There was a mild sparkle to the dress which shone when the sun hit it. Opening the box next to the dress, I was taken aback by the beauty of the black leather pumps inside.

They were perfect. Everything was perfect. I was in complete shock of what lay before me, especially given the previous night’s activities. Opening the note again, I reread the note in his beautiful handwriting. Suddenly, nothing seemed to make sense.

Picking up the dress, I stood in front of the full-length mirror. Gasping in surprise, I couldn’t believe how beautiful the dress looked against me. Wow, this guy has good taste in clothes, I thought. This is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. Maybe he isn’t so bad after all. Widening my eyes, I dropped the dress with trembling hands. Stepping back, I chastised myself for thinking such a thing.

Grabbing the dress and putting it back on the bed, I stood there for quite some time, just staring at it. Things didn’t make sense, and his mood swings were giving me whiplash. Mulling it all over only gave me a headache.

A hand on my shoulder brought me back to reality. Jumping in fright, I grabbed my chest. Raquel was standing there with breakfast. “Marnie, what’s wrong?” She always knew how to make me feel better, and it was clear there was something seriously wrong this time.

I kept my eyes down, unable to make eye contact with her. I was completely ashamed of myself, but didn’t know why. “Talk to me, sweetheart,” she pleaded with me, sitting down next to me.

“The prince was here last night.” I paused, hoping she would understand where I was going with that statement.

“And?” she urged me to continue. A tear fell from my eye, and I buried my face in my hands. “Oh-oh, baby girl. I’m so sorry.” Pulling me into a warm embrace, Raquel rubbed my back reassuringly.

“I guess this is my life now. Nothing should surprise me,” I sobbed. Smoothing the hair away from my face, she wiped my tears away.

Shaking her head viciously, Raquel kept her arm wrapped around my shoulders to help my quivering body. “No, there’s no excuse for his vile behavior. The prince is a spoiled brat who always gets away with heinous deeds like this. There’s a reason so many house slaves and others have gone missing,” she explained. She sighed deeply, releasing me. “For now, eat something, even a little. While you do, I’ll change the sheets.”

Pulling up a chair near the dresser, she placed the tray there having me sit. I watched silently as she removed the dirty sheets and put the new ones on. Even as she rolled them up, I saw the dark spots of blood through the deep purple sheets. The sight made me shudder. When finished, she came back over to me.

Raquel saw the tray, and how little I ate. “I’m not really hungry,” I said. “My stomach hurts today.” Bringing my knees to my chest, I wrapped my arms them. After she kissed my forehead, she took the tray and left the room.

Gazing back at the dress, I wondered what the big deal was about tonight. But, I needed to do what I was told, no questions asked. Damn him.

Staring and staring, my mind was completely awash and reeling. Is this more humiliation? Why does he want to bring me, a slave, to the event tonight?

A knock on the door startled me out of my thoughts. Opening the door cautiously, I saw Veronica standing there, in all her glory. She smiled at me when she saw my confused face. Peering behind her, there were several ladies waiting with bags in their hands. Backing up, Veronica and the ladies stepped in. “My dear Marnie,” she started, “I guess you know why I’m here.” I shrugged my shoulders at her. “Well tonight, my brother is hosting at the mansion, and he has requested you be there with him.”

“Why does he want me there? I’m just a slave.” I paused, replaying her words. “And he’s your brother?” I asked in astonishment.

She chuckled slightly. “Yes, he is.” I pinched the bridge of my nose in frustration, and hearing more news that was too unbelievable. “I see my brother left you this dress,” she chirped happily.

I nodded at her. “It was on the bed when I came out of the shower along with the shoes.” I pointed to the box. “Can I ask you something?”

Veronica was concerned about my tone. “What’s wrong?”

Dropping my head for a moment, I tried to figure out the best way not to seem rude when I asked. “Why is your brother doing this? For what purpose could he have to trot me out in front of nobles and people with money? I simply do not understand his reasoning.” I somehow managed to get all that out and only shed a few tears.

She sighed deeply, kneeling in front of me, brushing the damp hair away from my eyes. “I know that humans have always been told that we vampires are heartless brutes. While some of us are, some of us are not. My brother is an enigma, even to me. He was thrown into a position of power much sooner than any of us had anticipated. Our other brother certainly has not made it easy on him either.”

I sat there, absorbing her words as much as I could.

“I do know that I have never seen my brother throw down that much money for something, anything….in his entire life. He may be hard to read, but I think something has changed in him, even if it’s miniscule. And I think that’s because of you.”

“How can you think that?” I reasoned. “I’ve lived here most of my life. Never noticed by anyone. I’m no one. Certainly nothing to a prince.”

Veronica grabbed both my hands, standing me up with her. “Well, I am here to make sure you are something to him now.” One of the ladies too me by the shoulder, plopping me down in front of the vanity. Nervousness took hold.

The ladies spent a lot of time on my hair; picking at it, primping it, curling it, and making sure it was perfect. Occasionally, Veronica would say, “No, I don’t like that. Try something else.” Next was my make-up. One of the ladies held out a color pallet to Veronica. “I think I like this smoky color. It’ll match fabulously to the dress and shoes.” The process to do my make-up began. After all the hard work done, I desperately wanted to look in a mirror to see my reflection.

I stopped trying to glance at the clock since it proved futile every time. Finally, Veronica stood before me, and smiled down at the handiwork the others had done. “Ready to see the final product?”

Nodding nervously, she stepped aside so I could look at myself. Gasping in complete awe of my appearance, I never looked that beautiful in my life. “Is that me?” I asked, aloud.

Veronica was tickled at my words. “Of course, that’s you. I must say, you look gorgeous.” She was so proud of herself in that moment. “You’re welcome,” she said with a smile on her face. “Now, come on. We have to get that almost as equally gorgeous dress on you.” Ushering me over to the closet, she pulled out a black bra and a lacy thong. “Put this and this on first, then we’ll get you dressed.”

Looking at the lingerie disdainfully, I hesitantly grabbed them. “So, this goes up my butt?” I murmured. “This will be a long night,” I muttered, entering the closet.

I was assisted in putting the dress on so I wouldn’t ruin my hair or face. They straightened me out, smoothing the wrinkles, and slid the pumps on my feet.

“Come have a look at yourself,” Veronica urged, waiting by the mirror.

I wobbled slightly in the pumps since I had never worn, let alone, seen a pair a day in my life. She reached out a hand to help me balance, and I appreciated the gesture. Truly, I felt like a human being and not a slave seeing my reflection.

“You are absolutely gorgeous,” Veronica beamed from behind me. I just smiled.

“So, now what?” I asked, hesitantly.

Turning me around, she smoothed me out some more. “Now, you are going to my brother and he will escort you down to the main hall. I’ll see you down to his room. Remember to relax and breathe.”

Breathe? Yeah, right.

Everyone exited my room, leaving me there for a moment. I was too afraid to move, but I knew I had no choice. Taking a shaky first step, I followed Veronica down the hall. The clicking of our heels on the floor grated on my ears. The sound echoed off the walls and flowed right through me.

We stopped at Silas’s bedroom door. “Here is where I leave you, Marnie. Just give a knock and remember to breathe. He’s not so bad once you get to know him.” She smiled, leaving me there.

Mustering every ounce of courage, I knocked.

“Come in,” I heard a husky voice say.

Gingerly opening the door, I poked my head in first and saw an unexpected sight. The prince was standing there, his glorious upper body on display. Seeing that, I almost stumbled in into the room. He had on his tuxedo pants, but his hair was still damp from his shower. He looked so beautiful, I had to avert my eyes.

He side smiled at taking a step toward me. Immediately, I stepped back. His face dropped in recognition of my movement. He knew exactly why I moved away from him. “Marnie,” he said, pausing for a moment, raking his eyes over me appreciatively. “You look absolutely stunning.” Cheeks burning with embarrassment, I was unsure of how to react. “Would you do me a favor? Pick a shirt and tie from my closet.” He asked very politely which was a far cry from the night before.

Walking in, his closet was extensively packed with clothes. I’d never seen anything like before, and it made me sort of jealous. Picking a clean, crisp white dress shirt, I decided to give him a choice between a black bow tie or a green one, to match my dress.

Silas was in the bathroom when I emerged from the closet. Setting the shirt and choice of ties down, I patiently waited. Oddly enough, I wanted to please him. Perhaps that would be the only way to keep him happy. I recalled the fleeting gentle look in his eyes, and was curious to see more of that.

“I like what you’ve picked,” Silas said, making me jump. I backed away further to give him room to examine his choices. Eyes down, I saw his shiny black shoes approach. Squeezing my eyes shuzt, nothing happened. Gentle fingers lifted my chin and our gazes met. “You don’t need to be afraid. I know what you think of me, and I know you’re scared because of what I am. But, please know that you have no reason to fear.” His words sounded sincere, and I desperately wanted to believe him. I was clueless about how to explain the things he was beginning to make me feel.

Silas’s eyes were filled with so much emotion that it was hard for me to process it all. My brain felt like it was being fried at the very sight of his gorgeous eyes. “Which tie do you like better?” Those were the only words I could manage to squeak out of my throat. Snickering at me slightly, he pointed to the green one. My heart skipped a beat knowing that we would be matching.

Unfolding the dress shirt, I slid it onto his broad shoulders. His gaze was fixed on me while I was buttoning it up. Right when I reached the final button, I realized it needed to be tucked in. “I-I have to tuck your shirt in,” I stuttered. Feeling his smile burning into me, I dared not look up at him.

Tilting my chin up with his finger, my shoulders tensed. “Don’t worry. I think I can handle it from here.” Tucking in his shirt, I circled around back to make sure it was straight. Sliding the tie around his neck, he started to expertly tie it in the mirror. I watched him in rapt fascination. Catching me staring, he faced me. “Do you know how to tie a tie?” I shook my head. “Come here. I’ll show you.” Standing by him, I watched his fingers deftly tie it perfectly. As he went, he described the steps, making it easier for me to understand. He taught me something. “Now you know how,” he grinned. Pulling his jacket off its hanger, I went to put it on him, when he took it from my hands. Sparks flew all the way up my arm when his hand brushed mine. Disarmed momentarily, his eyes widened.

Moving along quickly, he acted as though it didn’t happen. Giving himself a final once over, Silas was presentable. Stepping out ahead, I looked myself over again, still in disbelief of how the clothes really make the person.

“Ready sweetheart?” he asked, when I came up next to him. Nodding at him, he jutted his elbow out for me to take.

As we walked down the corridor toward the grand hall, we could already hear voices in the distance. People were gathered, ready to receive the prince.

“Are we late?” I quietly asked.

“This is my house. They will wait as long as I like.” He was so certain of himself, coming across incredibly arrogant. Confidence oozed through his pores that it was easy to see how he was so successful at running the country. Even the way he walked commanded a presence. He had poise and grace, always walking with his head held high. Catching me staring again, he seemed pleased with himself. “Ready for this?” he asked.

I gulped audibly, not being prepared in the least. “I’m ready,” I lied.

Descending the stairs, he whispered in my ear. “Stay by my side at all times, or stay in one spot so I can find you. Understand?”

“Yes, Prince Silas.”

Finally, at the end of the stairs, I felt all their gazes on me. They pierced through my skin like hot iron. Silas kept me very close to him, feeling how uncomfortable I was with the whole spectacle. We made our way toward the back of the room, briefly acknowledging people as we went.

Looking around, I observed all the vampires walking around. They were dressed so beautifully and smartly, gliding around without a care in the world. I envied them. They really had nothing to fear in their pampered lives, and that was something I never had. I was just a human among them, easy prey. Having the prince next to me was an advantage but it didn’t change anything. Part of me wished I could be like them; graceful and, elegant. Another part of me knew that I shouldn’t think that way. Their base instinct was to kill and feed on humans. My only saving grace was that I was not the only human in the room.

Silas roused me from my thoughts, squeezing my hip in his big hand. Seeing another dapper gentleman standing with him, he seemed important. “Marnie,” he started, “this is my very good friend Count Micheal Blackmore.”

Standing before me was a tall man, almost as tall as the prince, around six foot two. He had stunning blond hair, icy blue cobalt eyes, and a clearly sculpted body under his expensive suit. Though he was so Silas, this vampire was certainly a beauty. “It’s a distinct pleasure to meet you, Marnie,” he said, kissing the back of my hand. “You did very well with this one, Silas. She’s breathtaking.” A low growl came from Silas’s chest.

I tried to hide my flushing cheeks.

“If it’s okay with you, Silas, I would like to request a dance with the beautiful lady later on?” He looked to the prince for approval.

Dance? Me? Oh, crap. I don’t know how to dance. Nudging me slightly, Silas allowed me to answer. “I’m sorry. I-I don’t know how to dance.” Rethinking my answer, I didn’t want to be rude. “I suppose I could.”

Count Blackmore smiled at me. “Until later then,” he said, turning back toward the crowd.

Periodically, we walked through the crowd. During one time, Silas leaned down and whispered in my ear again, making me flinch. “You’re doing well tonight. It’s alright if you speak to others. There has been a lot of talk going on, and people will be asking questions. You’ll need to be able to answer them.”

I looked up, confused. “Why will they be asking questions?”

“Because no one understands why I spent that much money on you. Never before has a slave sold for that much.”

Wading through the sea of partygoers, we found ourselves over by the champagne. Suddenly, I felt his fingers dig into my waist and I winced. “What’s wrong?” I asked. His eyes narrowed and I followed his line of sight. Zander had just entered the room.

Zander sniffed the air, smelling my scent from across the room. A sneer crept across his lips. My eyes solely focused on the girl next to him, head down with a collar around her neck. His companion was Alina. So many bite marks riddled her body, and she looked so pale. She was barely able to hold herself up. Gripping Silas’s suit jacket, he peered down at me. “What is it?”

“My best friend. He bought my best friend,” I choked out.

Silas blocked my view of the two of them. “Look at me,” he commanded. He seemed concerned. “There’s nothing I can do for her,” he said, apologetically. Tears welled in my eyes, and he gently grazed my cheek with the back of his hand. “None of that,” he said, softly.

Trying to compose myself, I lightly dabbed under my eyes to control my crying. Faking a smile at him, I didn’t want him to think I was still upset. But he was not fooled. Handing me a glass of champagne, I chugged it completely, feeling the burn go down my throat. Silas raised a brow at me, amused.

Moving away from that table, we found a place more toward the front of the room. As we stood in our new place, people came around and paid their respects to Silas. He introduced me, but I couldn’t remember every single vampire who approached. Watching him, he was so suave. Every time he ran his fingers through his hair, my heart skipped a beat. His long, slender fingers were beautiful, just like every part of him.

A hand touched my shoulder, and I tensed. Flipping around, Count Blackmore was there. “Didn’t mean to startle you, Marnie. I’m wondering if we could have our dance now.” Silent for a moment, my hands started shaking. “You did promise,” he reminded me, offering his hand.

Silas was preoccupied, speaking to someone, so I placed my hand in his, and we proceeded to the dance floor. Putting a strong hand on my hip, he took hold of my other hand. “Follow my lead, little one.” he whispered. When he said those words, something triggered in my brain, like I heard it before. Shaking it off, I continued to focus on the task at hand.

Since I had never danced before, I wasn’t the most graceful on my feet. The count was taking my blunders very well, but I wasn’t though. My face was so beyond red that I could barely look at him. I heard him chuckle, and peered up at him. “You’re doing very well,” he assured me. “Once you stop thinking, it all comes to you. If you hadn’t noticed, you’re doing it.”

A sigh of relief washed over me, and I realized he was right. “Wow,” I said, astonished. “I am doing it.” I was so beyond thrilled and proud of myself for doing something new. We were effortlessly gliding across the floor.

As we danced, I gazed into the count’s eyes. I could see that he held with him a lot of emotion that he didn’t know what to do with. Yet, I could feel there was something familiar about him. Something hidden deep inside that I really wanted to unlock.

“You seem like there is something you want to ask me,” he said, almost reading my mind.

Embarrassed, I tried to put my thoughts together so they would make sense. “I’m sorry. I’m just having a hard time with this major life change. But, I must say, you seem so different from the prince. Not to speak ill of him, of course. And forgive me for saying, but your face seems familiar. I apologize. I shouldn’t have said anything.”

Chuckling, I could see that he found my inquiries adorable. “Silas and I are very different. We have been friends from the time we were children. Of course, we’ve had our differences, but who doesn’t? I’m sure you had differences with your siblings or parents. As far as my face being familiar, I get that a lot. Apparently, I have one of those faces.”

Sighing, tears started to well in my eyes again. “I don’t really remember my parents, and as far as I’m aware, I never had any siblings.”

For a minutia of a moment, a scrutinizing look came over his face, only to be replaced with one of sadness. “I’ll be honest, I’m not sure what to say other than I’m sorry. No what the species, losing a parent or anyone else is not easy. I lost my mother when I was young, and my father became a shut-in. To this day, I still don’t know what happened to her.”

“I’m sorry.”

After taking a deep breath, he composed himself. “I say we continue to have a good time and move away from sad things. Yes?” I nodded, and he smiled as we continued to dance.

In a flash, the count twirled me, and I landed in Zander’s arms.

My stomach dropped.

He placed his hands on my hips, and whisked me off dancing. I didn’t even know what to do with my hands. “It’s nice to see you again, sweetheart” Zander leaned close to my neck, dragging is nose along my shoulder. “You smell so sweet.”

Heart thundering in my chest, it felt like it was going to explode at any moment. I was literally speechless, and practically frozen, feeling his breath on my skin. Gulping, I silently called for help.

No sooner did I pray for help, did Zander go flying backward smashing into a pillar across the room. Everyone watched in horror as he hit the ground.

I’m in trouble, I thought.

Silas snapped his head in my direction, furious.



The night seemed to be going smoothly. Marnie was doing well with her first formal event. It was hard for me to take my eyes off her. I was completely captivated by her beauty. She was a little hesitant, but it was to be expected. I was glad to see her getting along so well with Micheal. He was one of my oldest and closest friends.

So, she didn’t feel pressured, I wanted to keep her toward the back of the room. At least until she acclimated a little more to the environment. Eventually, she would have to get used to things of this nature.

Most everyone came up, and paid their respects. Introducing Marnie to each of them, they were impressed with her manners. She behaved perfectly.

While she was exchanging pleasantries with a noble, I spotted Julia across the room. Ever the shameless whore with the dress she was wearing. Glaring at me, she made it clear that she was still angry about how we parted. Little did she know that I didn’t give a flying fuck. But what bothered me more was her concentrated stare on Marnie. Throwing her an equally ugly expression, she backed off, leaving the party entirely.

Bringing my attention back, I focused on her. When she told me, her best friend was subject to my brother, I wanted to help her. I wanted to tell her that it was all going to be all right and Zander wouldn’t hurt her. Unfortunately, I knew better and knew the fate of most, if not all, his slaves. Deep down, I didn’t want that to happen to her friend knowing it would destroy Marnie.

Just as I was about to introduce her to another one of my guests, Veronica pointed her out in the crowd on the dancefloor. She was with Micheal having their promised dance. “You made a wise choice, Silas. I think she’ll serve you well,” she said, complimenting me.

My sister always had good taste in humans brought into the mansion. She knew who a loyal companion would be and who would be hard to break. All of the servants in the kitchen staff were hand-picked by her as well. “You think so? So far, she has done her job well.” Nodding in satisfaction, Veronica was always reluctant for this part of our culture, but was proud that I was happy.

Veronica frowned suddenly. Looking in the direction she was, I saw Zander had gotten a hold of Marnie. Micheal was pushing his way through the crowd to reach me. Before he had a chance, I sped across the room, throwing my brother away from her.

Everything in the room stopped. All was silent, and there were horrified expressions on everyone’s faces. Zander’s body hit a column across the room, landing with a thud. How dare he? I warned him about this! Why the fuck doesn’t he listen to me? Why didn’t Marnie listen to me? She should have stayed near me! Fuck!

Hearing a gasp behind me, I snapped my head toward her. She was in trouble.



My eyes were wide and my heart thumped against my ribcage. Silas was beyond pissed off, and there was nothing I could do about it.

Veronica ushered me away from the scene before it escalated further.

Just as we reached my room, my chest became heavy and my breathing labored. The hallway started to spin, and I lost footing in my pumps. Clutching the wall, I tried to hold myself up, but my legs gave way.

“Marnie! Marnie, look at me! Breathe!”

Veronica’s voice sounded so far away as blackness consumed me.

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