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Girl that turns into a superhero

Action / Fantasy
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Once upon a time there was a girl named Anna, she Who’s wearing a green shirt with folded sleeves and Jean shorts and she had red hair in a ponytail it was her birthday, so she was getting the mail on her black Horse , she found a letter in the mail ,she decided she was going to open it at home but when she got home ,she found a package in the living room, she opened it and they were Jules in it , she open the letter thinking that it was to somebody else, it said

Dear Anna

I gave you these because I had them along time ago,

And I think they will be trusted in your hands ,don’t tell anybody

about this especially the beast, these Will change your life

don’t be frightened just know that I love you

You’re the best and only girl that can do this I believe you happy birthday

Love granny

What does that mean, Said Anna not that’s not long after she heard knocking but not any kind of knocking stranger knocking . So she opened it thare whas nobody so she looked around back but she heard something saying Anna the juls. She scared so she went back to the house, she open the door and saw the note that said

So she went to the living room and there he was the best she ran upstairs Through a secret passage but apparently the best knew it too it lead up to the roof top The beast said where are the jewels in the slow voice I’m not telling said Anna while she was backing up she slipped off the roof she was falling until Iron Man got her he got the jewels and went off thank you said Anna no problem said Iron Man a while later And said where are you taking me I’m taking you to my home said Iron Man you’re home what about mine said Anna my home is safer safer said Iron Man but - no more questions interrupted Iron Man when they got there it was beautiful lots of people spies superheroes everywhere when they landed five superheroes integrate her in suddenly and realized that almost all of them matched her gems one was a red gem A superhero that matched her gem her name was Elaine she had fire, the second gem was blue The superhero that matched that gem was named Lisa she had water, The third gem was purple This superhero was named McKenzie she had invisibility power, and the fourth one was Green this one’s name was dawn the leader he had a yellow blue and red gem his name was Iron Man you probably know what he does, But there was one more and I had no earthly idea who it belonged to not that long after she got shone to her room by dawn She was sitting on her bed and just gotten settled in when the alarm off she got up to see what happened and the beast was tryin g to get it so McKenzie pushed her into the closet she opened up the back of the closet it was a secret passage stay here McKenzie said before Anna could say anything she shut the door.Anna went to the back of the Secret pasig but wen she got there she herd banging on the wall next to her. She went around the corner of the Secret passage there it was it was a a man about her age but was really in bad shape Anna said what happed he said it was the beast Anna gasped I was fallowed by the beast to she said, what is your name, my name is Anna the young man said j-Jack I like that name

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