Stuck with the Hijackers

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It was a time of terror. Cold-Blooded hijackers would Kill each and every passenger if they spoke without permission on the plane. Only one girl out of the lot would be the main sacrifice knowing she is the president's daughter who knows how to stop the terror. One Kind, Special Girl -Taylor Jones. Taylor is a 14-year-old from Australia going to America to see her dad. She gets a secret letter on board and knows how to stop the Cold-Blooded People from continuing their dastardly deeds, she must betray her grateful Lover, Lachlan Miller. Who was on board with her going to meet her dad. During the Hijack the travellers run out of petrol and end up towards the Bermuda Triangle. However, the end of the world approaches, and time is running out for Taylor. She is left with two options: Fight the Cold-Blooded people and steer the plane away from the triangle, or allow her and Lachlan's world to end in water.

Action / Mystery
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It has been more than three days and we are still trapped in aircraft number 879 which is a Jet Star Flight (Number is made up). Lights have been shut off, No air con, A pilot dead and air hostesses stuck in seats with pistols to their heads. This atmosphere reminded me exactly of a movie where I would laugh at how scared the passengers are and if I was there how I would punch them, but being in the victims shoes, knowing how dangerous and scary it is I wish I would’ve just thought about how unlucky those peoples were and how they could escape carefully.

Every hour the hijackers would come with their scary glowing masks and select one of the passengers to become a blackmailing victim to the government. So far 72 passengers have been used as a toy towards the government to get what the hijackers want, every time they would select a different passenger I get happy that I get another hour of my life not dead. I know that I am the daughter of the president but if I said that out loud I know they would chose me as their next victim and I don't want that like everyone else, my body guards have already been shot through ear to ear and have had their fingers chopped off because the tried shooting the hijackers.

Everyone has been sleeping waiting for a small snack to come, I am so grateful that those people at least give us the food and water, not make us starve to death.

Another hour has passed and I was getting sick and scared alone so when the Hijackers were gone with another victim I quickly sent a hand action towards Lachlan to come next to me. Lachlan is my best friend and the person I love, I was taking him to meet my dad in America before this whole plane got attacked by mental people. As soon as he saw the hand gesture he was on his way from the other side of the plane but just before he reached me someone came from the back and caught him by his neck and started choking him.

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