Hell's Hunting (魔界猟)

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What happens when a person tasked with guiding the souls of the dead to heaven or hell opposes the orders of Fate? This Story seeks to answer such story,

Action / Adventure
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Shibuya, a place in Japan which seems so crowded especially in nights like these. The city lights are illuminating in every corner of the area. It’s such a busy city and yet in the nature of non-stop reality and the rush, time seems to slow down when either of these two things happen, when there’s a famous celebrity in the area and,

When someone dies.

Standing on the roof I saw a dead body right from where I was. It was laying on the streets so it was bare and visible to everyone. The crowed that had gathered around it was exactly to be expected.

I jumped down on the street and decided to join the fray.

“What the hell happened?” I heard one ask. Like hell you care about what happened to this man.

“It was an accident.” One replied to the person who asked the question.

Accident. That word really presupposes that nothing is planned and nothing can be planned. It presupposes that there are things that will happen beyond human means and when the inevitable happens, they are left with nothing but blank stares in their faces. They wonder on why this certain event happened and all that.

It doesn’t help me at all.

I hate it that they attribute unexpected events to fate and coincidences. It shows how little they know about what really goes on with the things past their concerns.




Remorse and etcetera.

In these busy streets, people don’t have time to think about that stuff. It boils down to making a quick buck and survival of the fittest. Even if they don’t want to admit it it’s usually that individualistic goal that propels men of all ages to behave that way.

Selfish and self-interest prevails in this mortal world that we live in and sadly, people less likely realize that they will all take the natural course as their lives pass by.

The horde of people were already clearing up and soon after it was only me standing with the dead body.

“Business as usual.” I said.

I held out my hand and immediately what sprouted from the blue flame I conjured was a black lamp lit with my azure light. Pointing the light to the body, it’s soul which is characterized by a pale purple light began to draw in towards the lamp that I was holding.

A few more moments the soul of the dead body had already been contained in the light lamp that I was holding. A raven had perched itself on my right shoulder after I had drawn out the soul that I needed to complete my job.

“Master Ozi (pronounced as O-zai) I see that you have done what is needed.” The raven spoke.

“It’s such a sad and tedious process, but such is life. There’s always the end of the road for every human in existence.” I said as I ruffled my black spiky hair.

His eyes sparkled a bright yellow in the night as he wore a black worn out trench coat with a grey undershirt and black slim fit jeans with black leather shoes. His build was a bit lanky and he was of average height. His hair was spiky but it was slick at the same time. On his neck he wore a choker and in the middle of the necklace was the Ankh sign.

The lamp the held disappeared and Ozi walked back to the shadowy streets with the Raven perched up on his right shoulder.

A mysterious hooded figure appeared right behind him and this brought the lanky teen looking male to a halt.

“Another one?” Ozi asked him.

“Everyday people die.” The hooded figure said. His voice revealed that he was male and it was a hoarse voice.

“Yeah, yeah whatever.” He replied to the hooded figure.

“Do what needs to be done.” He heard the hooded figure said to him as the latter disappeared soon afterwards.

“You don’t need to tell me. After all, this is Death you’re talking to.” Ozi said as he smiled and continued to walk on his way.

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