Her Savior. His Princess.

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Bianca was always alone. She could only remember stuff after the age of eight... Right when the abuse started. Her pack hated her so they had fun tormenting the girl. She also couldn't feel her wolf. Which made her weaker and made it funnier to them to watch her suffer. Liam Midnight is the alpha of the biggest baddest pack in their city. He is powerful and well feared. But he's also only twenty one, he loves being more normal. He seems cold on the outside to certain people. But the second he sees Bianca, that's it. He can't sense her wolf but he doesn't care. All he wants is the beaten and scared girl from the marketplace. Just one problem, they each come from completely different packs and he can't find her. But even though she is being beaten and even forced to do stuff she doesnt want to, she knows she has to get out. She finally has the motivation to be strong. But is it really that easy?

Action / Romance
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My Personal Prison

I was not a normal girl. But I wasn't a normal werewolf either. I could heal faster than a human but I couldn't sense my own wolf. She might as well not exist. But I knew her name. I wonder how I knew. Zoe is her name. I know what she looks like too. She has white on the underside of her but her fur on top is a beautiful golden color, her eyes are an icy blue. How do I know this?

Something about me... I've never shifted or talked to my wolf. Not that I can remember. I'm nineteen, but I'm small and weak... No one loves me. No one cares. No one ever cared.

I'm looking in the mirror in my tiny room in the attic. If I wasn't covered in bruises and scars I might be considered pretty. I have long golden blonde hair that falls over my shoulders perfectly, though it is messy and hardly ever clean. My silver eyes are the only decent thing about me, but they don't match my hair well so people call me ugly.

Sometimes I hate my life. I wonder why I'm even here if I'm just supposed to be the punching bag of a small pack. My life has no purpose but to let this pack abuse me and use me as they see fit. I wish I could leave and never come back. I would go as far North as possible, escaping my pack and leaving this place for good.

"BIANCA!" A loud, very pissed off voice yells and I flinch. The alpha. Jason. Gulping and giving myself a quick encouraging pep talk, I run down stairs to find him. He's in his office as usual, sitting behind his desk. In his lap is a woman I've never seen before. It doesn't surprise me. He goes through woman faster than a tobacco addict goes through cigarettes.

Jason is fairly handsome. But that's why most woman cling to him. His messy light brown hair is wind swept to the side. He has okay eyes, a dull green that makes woman want to be closer. Well... Most woman. Not me. In fact, I'm currently trying to be as far away from him as I can.

The woman on his lap sneers at me and my gaze lowers to my outfit. I'm wearing a short skirt and crop top. It isn't my choice. I hate it but Jason says I have to wear these outfits or he hurt me more than he already does. The moment he sees me come in, he speaks with a bitter tone. "Angela, get out." The woman- Angela, goes to protest but he yells, "GET THE FUCK OUT!" and suddenly she has a look of fear as she scurries out of the room.

I flinched when he yelled because I can tell he is drunk. It's really early in the morning but that never stopped him. I look up at him, startled to see he has stood up from his chair and is now in front of his desk, staring at me. "Come closer, child." The calmness of his tone is what really scares me. He's always the calmest when all hell is about to break out.

But of course, I have to do as he says, so I step closer. I move forward until I'm in front of him and he orders me to stop. He stares at me and from this short distance, I can smell the alcohol. "You... You called?" I barely manage to keep the stutter out of my voice.

That's when it happens. I barely have time to brace myself before he suddenly slaps me. I cry out, falling to the ground hard. I hold back the tears as I slowly turn so I'm looking at him from the ground. But he is faster than me. Before I can make a move to try and get out, he's on top of me.

I know he can see the fear in my eyes but I don't care, I'm too scared to care. He moves between my legs and I can feel tears fall. I want to push him away but I can't. He holds all the power over me now. He always has. No matter what, I couldn't go against him because I was weak. I'm only thankful that he has never actually gone too far.

Jason just likes to see that he still has power over me. He's obsessed with power even though he is one of the weakest alphas in Angel City. We live on the Southern outskirts of the huge city and I rarely get to go further into it. "You are pathetic, Bianca." He growls in my ear before standing up, yanking me back to my feet with him.

I don't know what he wants me to do so I just look at him uneasy. But that was a mistake because all it gets me is another slap. Pain erupts in my cheek but this time I'm able to catch myself on the wall. I break down. I'm a crying mess when I feel him grab the back of my neck and pull me against him. "Go get me my breakfast." He commands, releasing me.

I scramble out of the room as fast as I can, wiping my eyes before anyone else can see the tears. I'm just thankful when he doesn't touch me in any way for the remainder of the morning. I do my best to keep him happy, bringing him food or alcohol when he wants it. Of course, I zone out because I wish I could be anywhere but here.

Hell, I don't even care if people outside the Juniper Moon pack see my scars! I just want to get away from here! The only times I feel free are when I get to go to the larger areas of Angel city. Of course, I always have to come back. No matter what. If I'm out for more than thirty minutes, he sends Vlad. I shudder at the thought of Vlad. He's a tall muscular body guard for Jason. I've never heard him speak but he is loyal to a fault to our Alpha.

Moon Goddess... I'm never going to escape...

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