The end

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one person is trying to survive in a wasteland no one is left So get ready for a awesome adventure of humor and zombies and food and action!!! So that’s about it

Action / Humor
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Chapter 1 finding resources

*RING* *RING* *RING* UGHH WHAT SHH. *RING* I SAID SHUSH YOUR RINGER THING. *smack* ugh I’m hungry very hungry. Uh oh zombies. Oof I don’t got any thing to fight! Well maybe something *grabs alarm* so I can sleep in! *smash**kapow*EEE it broke run! *gurgle* RUNN!!! *gurgle* *GURGLE* WHY IS IT RUNNING ZOMBIES NEVER RUN!! I’m tired whew *sighs* when are w- oh we’re already here. Wait where did that zombie g- AAAA GOOO rUn No PlZ NO! Ah yES A store time to look for something to fight with DiE ZomBie RAAAAAAA *slice* ew zombie blood ew get off me. Ugh whew that was a close one! I want pizza I think the closest one is a mile away! Hopefully no monsters along the way. Hey I rhymed!horses eat hay.when are we going to be here and yes! We’re here and shit there’s zombies here. Hey a rock! YEET *smack* GURGLE and I made it mad. gO RuN GuRGLe AAAaAA a STICK! *thwap!* *slam* I did it! That seemed easy well time to eat food! 2 hours later omnomnomnom well shi- GURgLe

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