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There's a Lot Left Unsaid

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Chapter 2

It was hours later when Merle was sitting on the couch, eating the shitty chili Daryl had cooked while Daryl cleaned his bolts in his recliner. He was staring at Merle’s boots, which were propped up on Georgia’s coffee table. She hated that. Merle pulled his feet down and chuckled, “Ya can’t cook fer shit, Darylina. Ya shoulda kept the bitch ’round.”

He stood up and walked into the bathroom with his bottle of Jack in his hand. He had only been out of jail for six hours and he was already drunk off his ass. It didn’t surprise Daryl. Nothing about Merle surprised Daryl because Merle never changed. He’d been the same person since they were children. In the tiny bathroom of the trailer, Daryl could hear Merle stumbling around, knocking shit over and destroying everything. There would probably be a mess that he’d have to clean up tomorrow. Usually he and Georgia would help Merle off of their couch and out the front door the morning after one of his benders and then they would clean the house when he was gone, bitching about Merle Dixon the whole time. But Daryl knew she wouldn’t be there the next morning. She wouldn’t be there to help him clean up after his dumbass brother. She wouldn’t be there to wake him up by kissing him. She wouldn’t be there to laugh at dumb shit with him or to hold the flash light when he was working under a car.

From the bathroom, Daryl heard the clatter of the trash can as it was kicked over. It was followed by Merle cussing and then, complete silence. Daryl froze. Merle was only quiet when he was hunting or passed out. Even passed out, he snored aggressively after about ten minutes.

“Daryl, get yer ass in here, now!” Merle called from the bathroom.

“What the fuck do I need to come in the shitter wit ya fer, ya fuckin’ faggot?” he shouted back.

A second later, Merle came barreling out of the bathroom and threw a little white stick at him. Daryl caught it and stared down at it. It was a little piss stick with a little pink plus sign on it. Daryl looked back up at him and demanded, “What the fuck is this fer?”

“What the fuck do ya think it’s fer? Look at it, stupid!”

Daryl stared down at it and realization slowly dawned on him. He’d heard her in the bathroom for two days, throwing up in the morning, but he had just gone into the bathroom with her and sat on the floor with her. He’d just rubbed her back and sat with his head leaning against the cupboard under the sink. His mouth hung open and he clenched the stick tighter in his hand. He groaned, “She’s fuckin’ pregnant.”

“Ya she’s fuckin’ pregnant, ya dumbass.”

Daryl looked up and stared at Merle. “Ya hit her an she’s pregnant.”

He jumped up, strode across the room, and punched Merle in the face. Merle dropped to the ground and grabbed at his broken nose. He called out, “What the fuck, Daryl?”

“She’s fuckin’ pregnant wit my kid an ya fuckin’ hit her an now she’s up an left me wit my kid!”

“Ya oughta be happy ‘bout it!” Merle yelled. “Now ya don’ have to take care of no fuckin’ ankle bitin’ crib midget!”

“It’s my fuckin’ kid, ya dumbass!”

He stormed to the front door. Merle asked, “Where ya goin?”

“To fuckin’ talk to her. Ya better be gone by the time I get back, Merle, or I’ll beat yer ass.”

“She ain’t gonna come back, Daryl! Woman like that shoulda left yer ass a long time ago an if she ain’t back by now, she ain’t comin’ back!”

Daryl raced out to his truck and jumped in. Merle was right though. She was long gone. He drove to her dad’s house in a haze of dust and bad decisions. He beat on the door and her dad yanked it open to stare at him steadily. Daryl Dixon stood in front of him, covered in grease, dirt, and sweat. He panted, “Where’s Georgia?”

“Long gone, Daryl,” her father answered steadily.

“No, no, no, no,” he repeated, shaking his head. “I fucked up. I fucked up an I gotta let her know that. She can’ be leavin’ me now.”

“Your piece of shit brother hit her, Daryl.”

“An I hit him, I did. I’ll make sure she don’ get hit no more. I will. I promise I will. She’s gonna have my baby!”

“I know, Daryl. But she’s not going to come back. She doubted that you would come looking for her, but she said, if you did, to tell you that she’s not coming back this time. She asked me not to tell you where she’s going.”

Daryl stared. He couldn’t believe it. His chest felt tight. He felt like throwing up. They’d been together for three years. She told people he was her boyfriend and that she was his woman but they didn’t plan anything else. They were just together. That was fine. That was how things were supposed to be. Everybody knew it. “She can’ be gone.”

“She is, Daryl. Look, you know I don’t have a problem with you. You and Georgia have had your problems in the past and I’ve always tried to be a neutral party, but this is something I can’t stand on. She came in here with her cheek bruising up and her lip bleeding and she told me you just took Merle’s side without paying any attention to the fact that she was bruised up. If that wasn’t bad enough, she told me that she just found out that she’s pregnant with your kid and she couldn’t even tell you because your brother was on the couch while she was trying to cook dinner for you. I support her this time. I’m glad she left, Daryl, because you can’t just treat her that way. It’s not right and I’m proud of her for not putting up with it.”

“Is she keepin’ it?”


“I jus need to know. She’s right to be leavin’ me. I always knew she deserved better. I always knew she needed to leave me but I was surprised when she didn’ an she’s right. But I jus need to know if she’s keepin’ the baby.”

“I don’t know, Daryl. I’m sorry I can’t tell more, son.” Daryl nodded and stepped down off of the porch. Her father called out, “If you need anything, let me know, son. Just because Georgia’s gone, doesn’t mean you have to stop coming by.”

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