Boulder (Riders of Apollo #5)

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Ford Wilson

“We have to meet her!” Lucia seems excited about the MI6 agent that put a blade to her sister’s throat and threatened to show her her own organs , Matias too. “Where is she? Can she come over? The stories are unreal, she is my idol.”

“You don’t even know if she’s the one that did all of that, Lucia! She could just be a random MI6 agent they dispatched not the woman known for dismantling the entire Vicca Crime Family on her own.” Saviour scolds, still rubbing her neck in memory.

“Has she destroyed the bugs?” Reign asks Romeo, who seems both pained and amused.

“She’s been blaring British grime music for three hours. But I have acquired her phone number so if you wanted to call her for a meeting....” He hands Bear a phone and a card with a number on it, Bear looks at it warily until Lucia basically screams at him to call.

“Can we meet?” Is all he says, I assume she agrees because he doesn’t start shouting or throwing the phone.

“Well is she coming or not?” Matias demands as Lorenzo and Iosif get comfortable in their chairs.

“Fuck off! How many times do I have to tell you Johnson? When you sleep with a woman you actually have to give her something other than your two-incher! Don’t lie to me you little maggot, I may not be in England but I can still get Chief to smack you over the head for being inconsiderate.” She arrives in standard fashion, with her phone pressed to her ear and an unimpressed look on her face. “I’m hanging up now, I don’t need to know the dirty details of an evening I’m sure she found utterly disappointing.” I hear someone shout on the other end and she bursts into laughter.

I take this time to look her over. Her hair is pulled back into a messy bun and she has no makeup on. She’s wearing jeans and a tight shirt with a jacket thrown overtop, probably to hide her guns. “Sorry about my inappropriate arrival.” She greets, stepping around everyone and sitting up on the bar without even looking at the leaders. “So, you’ve gathered the entire council. Am I on trial?”

“Are you the agent who took down the Vicca Crime Family?” Lorenzo demands and Riley looks surprised at the question.

“Wow, straight in there with the hard ones. I cannot confirm or deny my involvement in that case, though it was an interesting one.”

“So, that’s a yes. Are you here to dismantle any of our businesses or are you focused entirely on the frogs?” Iosif’s voice is the lowest and very gravelly from years of cigarette use and vodka.

“Relax, none of you are much of a threat to the British. None of your activities will last there, the French however are a rather substantial threat.” All three mafia leaders seem offended by that statement, Bear as well. “Don’t look so pissed off. Look, the Mexicans mainly focus on drug running and brothels, willing participants of course, not really so much a problem in the UK. We make taxes off of that shit so why would we get rid of a revenue stream? Even we aren’t that moral.

Italians... well you mainly smuggle alcohol and no one’s gonna turn down a decent bottle of beer especially where I’m from. The Russians are cutthroat, I’ll give you that but you make us a lot of money in terms of your fake legitimate businesses and your investments. The Bikers obviously have no foothold at all, most of you have never even left the state so tell me, why should we come after you?”

Almost simultaneously the three leaders pull out their guns and point it at the woman, their guards doing the same. She doesn’t even fucking flinch. I think I’m in love. “Oh, for goodness sakes put your toys away, I swear I just said I’m no threat to you! Are you stupid or just dumb?”

“You insult us and expect us to spare you?” Lorenzo is obviously the one concerned for his pride. You can tell he’s all about his image by the expensive suits, excessive jewellery and the cane he always walks with to make him seem more upper class.

“Do as you please. At this point, a swift death would probably be more merciful than whatever the French would’ve planned if they found out I’m a spy. I imagine torture would be involved... then again I suffered rather a lot at the hands of the Viccas and look at where they are now... Still, I’ll give you the same warning I gave Bear, shoot me in the head or die. Either way, it doesn’t matter to me.”

“If we see you anywhere near our compounds without perm-”

“You’ll maim, torture and kill. Yes, I understand. You’ll have to get in line though, I imagine I’ve got a rather long line of enemies and since they’ve known me longer they should have the courtesy of murdering me first.” She cuts off Iosif mid sentence with a sarcastic smirk.

“You insolent child...”

“I am not a child, old man.” She growls fiercely, her eyes lighting up in her anger.

“I am the leader of an entire Mafia that spans four countries, I am not scared of a tiny little girl who is here because daddy didn’t pay her enough attention.”

“Be careful Iosif Baranov, you wouldn’t want me to lose my temper.”

“What could someone like you do to me? Have you seen everyone in here?”

“Would you like me to explain in vivid detail what I did to the Viccas or would you like to get out of my way so that I can fix the French problem for you?” I’ll admit she is intimidating as fuck but damn, it’s fucking exhilarating to watch.

“Iosif, let her go. She’s our best chance of surviving this.” Saviour steps up to put herself between the two.

“It was only yesterday she was putting a blade to your throat and now you protect her?”

“I’ve had the pleasure of interacting with MI6 before, she can be trusted even if she goes about things a little differently. You trust her too, Breaker?”

We all turn to look at Breaker, noticing the relaxation in his posture and the vague smile on his face. “I recognise her, fought with her before. Didn’t know her name at the time though.”

“Thanks, Adrian, appreciate it considering we almost died together.”

“That was seven years ago, I don’t remember everything.”

“Rolo would’ve remembered!”

“You fucked Rolo!”

“Oh... shit, yeah. I’ll let you off.” She dismisses the conversation and grins up at the big Russian. “Truce?” She sticks her hand out as an olive branch and he actually takes it. “Nice. Well this was great fun, we’ll have to get a drink soon Adrian, as for the rest of you... don’t die, maybe? It will be on my conscience and that’s already murky enough as is.”

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