Boulder (Riders of Apollo #5)

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Ford Wilson

“You let her go?” Iosif roars at the four people on guard duty tonight. We haven’t been able to find her, the tracker on her car is disabled and she knows how to go dark. She’s been gone for two hours now and everyone is on edge.

The door slams open and everyone pulls their guns up in surprise, they relax when they land on her. “No time for that shit!” She looks frantic as she shrugs off her assault rifle and takes a shot of whiskey from Rubble. “Look you guys are in a lot of shit. Matias, they wanna blow your house to bits so I suggest keeping an eye on C4 placement just in case. As for you mate, you need to bring your kid back from private school and grab the coach. He’s gonna poison your kid and carve the fucking logo into him. Do with that what you want.” Iosif pales but looks at her gratefully, immediately pulling out his phone to do something about it.

“You need to stop your wife from going to that fucking birthday party or they’re gonna slit her throat and let her bleed out like a goat for slaughter. And you, Bear, you need to up your protection for Lexie, they want to torture her for info so they can break in here and kill you all. They’re low on numbers but they outnumber you, two to one. Okay?...” No one responds, too shocked to even think. “Okay.”

She thumbs up everyone before dropping onto the couch with a huff. “Got anymore of that whiskey?” Rubble chuckles and hands her the bottle which she basically downs. A sharp ringing sound starts and I wince at the sheer volume, “Ah shit. Hey Chief! No, I put a bullet in his head. I got enough info to last me a little longer... Pontiac was a dickhead anyway... I’m not doing the paperwork, you can do it since you’re sat on your fat ass all day anyway. I only killed like ten, I think. Well I didn’t exactly have time to count just ask the feds, I’m sure they’ll find the bodies soon enough. I used my rifle... because my pistol is shit. I swear to all that is holy, Chief, I’m going to murder you when I get back just for the fucking sake of it... yeah, love you too.”

She throws her phone somewhere and smiles at me with a wink. I think she caught me staring at her. “How did you find this out?” Bear asks with Lexie pressed tightly to his chest. He’s probably planning three hundred different ways to protect her at this point.

“Broke into Pontiac’s house, killed a few of his guards, tied him to a chair and asked him nicely. He was quick to fess up, he was planning on running anyway.”

“Thank you.” Iosif is the first one to speak up, gripping her hand in gratitude. “If you ever need anything, it is yours.”

“Ooh! Actually, I saw one of those RPO Rys in a catalogue, you got any of those?”

“What do you want a rocket launcher for?”

“For fun.”

“I shall see if I can find one.” Riley laughs gleefully, snatching the bottle of whiskey back from Rubble.

“Yes, I would like to thank you as well. What can I do for you?” Lorenzo continues, his cane resting between his fingers gracefully.

“Cannoli. Just cannoli and maybe beer.”

“And what do you request from me?” She turns to Matias with a mischievous smile.

“A night with your wife.” Lucia laughs and actually moves to get up but is tugged back down by Matias’ grip on her waist. “Pity, we could’ve had fun. I suppose I’ll settle for... a key of coke.”


“No, Coca Cola, of course cocaine. Relax, it’s not for me, I’ve just gotta use it for something.”

“As you wish.” Matias concedes with an awkward smile, obviously still not over the comment about his wife.

“What about me?” Bear is last in and she laughs.

“I’m happy drinking all your alcohol for free. Also, since I just saved all of your asses, you think you could get the tails off my ass? Except Boulder, he can stay.” They all look to me but I just shrug in surprise and confusion. I’m flattered because she is hot as fuck and seems to have taken an interest in me over everyone else.

“Fine but we would appreciate you coming over once a week at least to tell us what’s going on.” Bear states and Riley sighs.

“You’re so much like Chief it’s actually scary. Yeah, I can pop round but if I’m busy I’ll just send a text or something. I gotta go, more plans and shit to put together. Peace!” She shouts as she heads out, having found her phone behind the couch before doing so.

“I love her.” Lucia says with a smile.

“Don’t you dare take her up on her offer.” Matias scolds, making everyone laugh. Lucia just smirks and drags him out. The other Dons follow out and I relax as we return to our normal biker group.

“Well, looks like she has a thing for you.” Bear points at me and I roll my eyes.

“And he has a thing for her, look at his face.” Romeo mocks and I flip him the bird.

“You should definitely go there, we can live vicariously through you.” Mac says and we all groan. “What? I have eyes, she’s hot!” He tries to defend himself but we just end up laughing. He’s only in his late-forties but we mock him about being old all the time. He doesn’t really take it personal.

“He’s not wrong though.” Forger jumps in, Mac being his trainer and his boss technically since he works protection.

“How do you know her?” Bear asks Breaker, who has his baby in his lap and Cassidy tucked into his side.

“She was in the army, they sent her over from Germany. We had two missions together but we were around each other for six months. She took a grenade for us and always went in the door first. She was with us up until she got headhunted and they sent her into deep cover in some war torn country. She was dark haired then though and she could deck anybody even though she was a quarter of the size, Rolo was basically in love with her.”

“Rolo?” Saviour questions, rubbing Reign’s shoulder as Miracle suckles on his finger.

“He was the sergeant. They were together for almost the entire time, both of their service was almost up. They were gonna leave together and just live quietly somewhere, Rolo wouldn’t fucking shut up about it. We went on one stupid mission, our commander was a dick and fed us false info. Everett took the first bullet, jumping in front of the rookie and Rolo was pissed, he went in all guns blazing and took a bullet to the head... Then the head hunter came and Everett was gone, that was after she tried to kill the commander. I haven’t seen her since, I basically forgot about her afterwards.”

Damn, she’s fucking strong. Losing someone she loved, taking a job like that and still joking and laughing.

I know I wouldn’t have the strength to go through what she has.

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