Boulder (Riders of Apollo #5)

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Riley Everett

The next issue I have to figure out is how to take on the boat. I was part of the army not the navy, I can assume it wouldn’t be easy to take over the boat considering the amount of people that man it. I could just trigger the C4 on board but by the sounds of it that would destroy and kill anything within a one mile radius.

While I do have a license to kill but not so many innocent people to protect the Mexican Mafia. I doubt MI6 would cover that up for me and I couldn’t justify such a heavy loss. I also couldn’t handle the paperwork.

I throw all my stuff in their respective places before slumping into the shower and blaring my music loud enough that I can’t even hear the water running. I suppose I could do it stealthily, sneak on board and take out anyone on the deck, set up a sniper’s nest and shoot the people in the cabin but then I won’t be able to know if there are people below deck.

You see my issue?

I’m gonna have to get Johnson to sent me everything he has on this crew and this boat. I don’t particularly want to be going in and killing innocents. It might not even be staffed by the French, it could just a standard freightliner transferring things across the world but not having a clue what is actually being transported.

Still, I can easily assume that there will be at least two French agents on there to protect it and they’ll have the advantage because I won’t know which ones they are or what container they’re protecting. This is going to be one of the hardest parts of the entire mission and I just broke into a heavily fortified mansion.


I stare at my ceiling debating whether or not to actually get up today. I don’t have any real plans, at least not until this evening when I’m going to another one of the parties as Miss Ivan. The good thing is I am Durand’s date so hopefully I’ll be able to find out what the fuck is going on. I could go and get my hair and nails done but both of them look fine, I can style my hair by myself anyway.

I roll over to get more comfortable when the fucking doorbell rings. I disregard the fact I’m just in a top and some underwear and open the door, grimacing at the light it lets in. “What?” I ask the idiots at my door. It’s only Bear, Boulder, Reign and Saviour with Lexie tucked in between all of them so I just turn around and let them come in.

“What are you doing tonight?” Bear demands, spotting another new dress that Johnson sent me. He’s adorable, claiming I have no fashion sense when it comes to elaborate balls - I made a very dirty joke at that and he hung up on me - so he fixed it for me. He chose a different dress than I would’ve. It’s white with a corseted bodice and tulle skirt that flows out enough to allow me to access weapons and fight properly, I’ll admit it’s pretty but I’m more of a dark colours kinda girl.

“Party.” I grumble, making a racket as I try and make the kettle go. It’s like eight am and I woke up two seconds ago, I am not made to be on it all the time.

“What party?” Saviour is next and just as I open my mouth to answer both of my fucking phones ring.

“Not today, today is cancelled. I give up.” I cry and sink down onto the floor of the kitchen with my head in my hands. Boulder, the sexy motherfucker, makes the tea for me - I know, makes him ten times sexier - and hands me both of my phones. I decline Chief and answer the call from Millie. “The fuck you calling me for?”

“I want to come home and visit you.” Her preppy little voice drifts over the phone and I grit my teeth to stop myself from screaming.

“It’s been years, your boyfriend break up with you again and you need me to do him in?”

“Well no, I miss you.”

“I’m not in England, mum would love to fucking see you though. Toodles.” I lob that fucking phone and answer Chief who is calling for the eleventh time. “The fuck you calling me for?”

“Good morning, Riley.”

“Fuck off.”

“Johnson showed me what you plan to do. You sure you’re up for this?”

“You talking about the ball or the boat? Or the dirty joke I made that quite possible scarred the kid for life.... The bastard hung up on me!” The work phone joins the other one and I grumble for a little longer while all the Bikers stare at me in amusement. “Okay, I feel better now. What’s up?”

“The party you’re going to?” Bear prompts and I literally have to try and rewind my brain so that I can remember what the fuck we’re talking about.

“Oh yeah, right. Uh I’m going to a party tonight to meet some more people, find out some shit, fun stuff like that.” I state the complete obvious and Bear glares at me. I just shrug, I don’t have a clue what’s going on tonight. I know that I’m turning up, staying on the arm of some old businessman and finding out as much as I can while I pretend to be dumb as a rock.

“I’d like to send you in with some comms so that we know what’s going on and if you need help.”

“I appreciate your concern but you won’t be able to infiltrate the house. I know you have a lot of well trained men and you are very capable, I’ve seen some of your successes. But this is different, it’s an undercover job and I can’t risk getting caught with comms.”

“Why would you get caught?” Boulder asks and I look up at him from my place on the floor. God, he is gorgeous. Bulging muscles - yes, I meant that as an innuendo because I can see it from here - and sharp bone structure and tattoos covering everything.

“In case I have to take things a little further to get them to believe my title as a high-end escort.”

“You mean fuck them?” Lexie seems scandalised and I laugh.

“If it gets the job done. As you can tell, I don’t really have morals.” I shrug as she stares at me in both confusion and amazement. “Relax, I doubt I’ll have to resort to that. They get absolutely trollied in the first hour or so and start chatting absolute bollocks. You learn a lot that way.”

“You would do all that for your country?” Saviour obviously hasn’t had the basic childhood and I think this is the first family or group of people that she’s sworn herself to so she doesn’t understand.

“I have been shot, stabbed, blown up, tortured and raped for my country. A little bit of consensual sex doesn’t mean much after that.”

“The Viccas?” Reign asks and I nod, as expected Bear asks to know more about that mission.

“I was a rookie. I had just recovered from the bullet wound I took to protect Adrian and I’s unit when they put me in deep cover with three other men. I was passed around the lower levels until I finally managed to get to one of the underbosses. People always underestimate the whores, especially ones who supposedly don’t speak Italian. I started ripping the operation apart, finding out secrets from people and then telling them to other people waiting for the ripple effect.

Eventually the boss started murdering his own sons, cousins, uncles, didn’t matter. They figured out it was me after a year or so, tortured me for a bit but the family was already weak and MI6 started collecting everyone I had told them about. I broke out, killed the boss and started picking up the harder missions. Chief and I are always the first ones sent out for complicated missions, that’s why they sent me here.”

They don’t say anything. Awkward much. I heave myself off the floor with a groan and roll my shoulders, waiting for the inevitable squeak of the right one. “Anyway, I appreciate the concern but I don’t need supervision. I’ve got Johnson and Chief watching over me like mother hens.”

“Fine, but you’ll come to us after? Tell us what you found out?”

“Sure, mate, whatever you want.”

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