Boulder (Riders of Apollo #5)

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Ford Wilson

“Is that fair for her?” Runner asks and I wince in concern. Riley’s face hardens as she turns to look at him.

“Trust me, pretty boy, I’ll be fine.”

“Weapons or not?” Saviour obviously asks Runner, not Riley, and I feel my body getting tense as I think about what could happen. I’ve seen her in action but I’ve also seen these two in action, I can’t tell who will win and it’s already rigged against Riley.

“Let’s use the training sticks.” Bear suggests and points to the rail of long wooden sticks used to basically beat the prospects. Saviour throws one to Riley, who catches it gracefully and stands her ground as the other two move to circle her.

They strike towards her simultaneously and Riley lashes out with so much speed that it knocks the other two off their feet in a second.

She steps back from them and resettles in her earlier position. Saviour and Runner move so that Sav is facing her and Runner is behind her.

Riley senses Runner’s descending thrust and dives beneath it to smack him in the torso with her stick before stopping Saviour’s blow and throwing her off of her.

It starts to move like a dance, Riley twirling under every drive and somehow responding unexpectedly even when it looks like she’s at a disadvantage. Strangely, she even starts giving them advice on how to beat her. “Saviour, watch your left side and drive faster, you’re only using your arms, move with your torso.”

Riley avoids the vicious attack from Sav and turns to Runner. “You’re good but your footwork is easy to predict. Try moving to a different rhythm to throw your opponent off.” Riley then gets out of the way quick enough for Sav to strike Runner’s stick instead of Riley. “Work together, you have fought together for a long time. You fight the same, use that against me.”

Sav and Runner start moving to the same rhythm, both of them advancing on Riley with excitement in their eyes. It’s been awhile since the both of them have faced a proper competition and Riley here is a learning experience.

“Good!” They both swing their sticks down towards Riley, who catches it with the middle of hers, snapping her stick in two.

Somehow she still manages to stay in the fight and keep the upper ground. “I have two weapons now, you have to predict my movements because I’m able to change at the last second.” Both of them heed her advice and avoid the sharp edges of her new weapons. “Good. Not good enough though.”

She proceeds to disarm them and Runner ends up on the mat with a groan while Saviour has the stick against her throat. “You’re good, you’ve taught him well.” Riley praises Sav, who looks at her in confusion.

“How did you know I trained him?”

“He always looks to you for encouragement, you’re stronger in each movement but he knows what he’s doing, his speed and strength rely on yours. I imagine he can fight alone, he’s just better with you.” Riley helps Runner off the floor and brushes his back off. “Nice play, you guys take criticism well.”

“You teach well, maybe we’ll catch some training from you while we can.” Runner replies and my body stings a little at the fact she’s not gonna be here in a month. I haven’t even had a proper conversation with her but still feel that connection.

“Sure, got nothing better to do.” Riley shrugs and descends from the ring to find her beer again. She brushes passed me with a wink and her shoulder touches my chest for a millisecond and I start thinking about slamming her against the closest wall. Her eyes encourage me to do it though and I think about the cons of doing it... there aren’t any.

I follow her out to her car, leaving everyone else in the training room chatting with each other and some of the guys even stepping up into the ring. It happens pretty regularly now. We call it fight night, we make bets on who is gonna win. Runner and Saviour aren’t allowed to take part unless they’re against each other and even then it’s rare since we can’t bet on it as everyone knows Saviour will win.

I find Riley leant against the drivers side door of her car with a cigarette in her mouth. I step up closer to her, not even giving a shit that we haven’t had an actual conversation. I take the cigarette for myself and she allows me to, her eyes gliding over me lustfully. Okay, as I said, I can find no faults with doing this.

As I smoke the cigarette, her hands reach out to touch my chest, her pointer finger dragging down to rest against my belt. She latches onto it and yanks me closer to her, my entire body crushing her to the car.

She then gets into her car and fucks off, after giving me the look. We get to her apartment in less than ten minutes and it’s my turn to slam her against the wall outside her door. I smash my lips down on hers and she curves into me, immediately opening her mouth and diving her tongue into mine.

Somehow she manages to unlock her door without detaching herself from me, shoving me into the apartment seconds later. I move to pull her back but she keeps me at a distance with a ruffled smile. “Bugs.” She pants out and I roll my eyes, I grab them from around the room - thankful I watched Saviour plant them - and throw them out the window. “Damn.”

I grip her waist and lift her onto her countertop, spreading her legs and nesting between them. I lick up her neck before viciously yanking off the hoody to reveal her lace bra. “Fuck me.” I manage to utter, biting down on the soft skin of her breast, enjoying the sounds she makes in response.

“Bedroom.” I lift her into my arms and she wraps her legs tightly around my waist as she goes to town on my neck, leaving marks behind my ear and at the base of my throat. I gently lay her on the bed and she laughs into my neck.


“You’re treating me like I’m fragile.” She rolls me so I’m below her with a smile on her face and her soft hands under my shirt.

In one swift motion, I flip her onto her back putting my weight on her body.

“So, you want me to play rough?” I growl and she shivers, arching up to grind against me.

Her arms hook under mine to scratch my back. I rub against her, satisfying her for a second.

“Please.” She moans.

I sit up and look over her, unwinding under my touch. My chest is heaving as I throw my t-shirt across the room.

I grip behind her knees and slam against her. Her hand drifts down to her booty shorts in an attempt to relieve herself only for me to slam her hand against the bed. I bring both of them to rest above her head, giving her a look that says to keep them there.

Her eyes rage against the dominance I’m showing but her body leans up for me.

“You’ve fucked yourself enough over the years. It’s my turn.” I whisper against her lips. The rage disappears and the lust returns tenfold. She squirms underneath me, probably angry that she can’t touch me while I tease her relentlessly.

I grab a condom from my back pocket and throw it on the bedside table. She rubs her thighs together impatiently and I can feel her getting irritated with me. I tug off her booty shorts and the lace beneath, revealing her to me.

She moves to grab my hair and I bite her thigh in response, forcing her hands to return to their place. “Fuck.” She hisses as I drop the rest of my clothes and slide on top of her.

Her skin is warm against mine and her chest brushes against mine with every breath. She pushes her chest out, begging me and I give in. As I take her nipple in my mouth, my hand slips between her legs. I slide my fingers in her with ease and she groans in reply.

Her hands twitch as do her legs so I start leaving hickeys and bites on her chest. I explore the rest of her body with my mouth and she opens her legs more to allow me more room. I ghost my thumb over her clit and her hips jolt up in pleasure. “Don’t stop.” She demands and I chuckle.

I stop.

“What the fuck?!” She cries, her hands going to move again which I stop immediately.

“Say please.” I bite down on her earlobe after whispering that to her and she groans either in anger or pleasure, maybe both. I flick my thumb over her clit just to agitate her and she gives in, giving me just what I want.

I dip my head between her legs. I circle the sensitive area with my tongue as I work my fingers inside her, listening to her reactions has me groaning against her. Just as I get her to the peak of her orgasm, her body rippling and shaking, I slip the condom on and slam into her at just the right moment.

Her body clenches down on me and I grit my teeth as I manoeuvre myself to give her the most pleasure. “Shit.” I grunt as I grasp her hips and pound even harder.

I lay on top of her so we’re face to face with my arm wrapped around her leg to keep her in the position I want her in. I run my tongue across her lip and release her hands, within seconds her hands have found the base of my back to dig her claws into it.

I use my now free hand to wrap around her neck. She bites my lower lip viciously and I grunt. For that, I slip out and throw her onto her stomach. She giggles softly before returning to the moment with her hands gripping the sheets tightly.

I smack her ass before driving into her hard enough for her to feel it everywhere. I fall on top of her and bite down on her shoulder. Her chest is flat against the bed and she muffles her sounds with the pillow.

I tug the pillow away and lean back, pulling her up with me. “I want to hear you.” I tell her, my hand now wrapped around her neck from behind.

She sits up so her back is against my chest. Her arms reaching back to wrap around my neck as she grinds against me.

I use the hand that isn’t on her neck to circle her clit. Making her yell out and tighten around me at an almost painful rate.

The sound of her coming apart and the tightness of her has me gone and I release with a heavy groan. I continue circling her clit until her aftershocks fizzle out and she falls against me with a sigh.

Fucking hell.

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