Boulder (Riders of Apollo #5)

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Ford Wilson

‘You’re finally awake, cool. I’m out so you’ll have to let yourself out. I had fun. See you around.’

I crumple the note in my hand as I storm to my bike to find her. I assume she’s gone to the clubhouse, I heard Lexie talking about it as I was leaving yesterday but I would’ve appreciated a wake up call even if it was early.

I pull up outside the compound and I don’t see her car which immediately puts me on edge. “I thought she was meant to be training you today?” Bear asks Lexie, who has a piece of paper in her hands and looks unimpressed.

“Yeah, she was. Maybe she has something to do with the French today.”

“She said that she didn’t have to do anything for two weeks though.” Runner continues, Ollie is feeling better now and is tugging at Runner’s pants to get his father’s attention.

“It’s only three in the afternoon, guys. Maybe she meant six tonight.” Mac chips in, trying to calm the waters and I finally realise the time. No wonder she left me in her apartment, waiting for me to wake up would’ve been a waste of time.

“Yeah, maybe.” They all concede and everyone returns to everyday business. We’re on lockdown so nobody can go anywhere on missions, even our gun trade is locked down and we’re running on our treasury. It’s a rather hefty treasury so we could live on it until Miracle turns ninety but we like to get our hands dirty so what’s the point in retiring early?

“Has anyone seen Rubble today?” Bear asks an hour or so later and we all look to each other in confusion. Nobody really talks to Rubble nowadays, I never understood why especially since it’s been almost an entire year since that whole thing. Cassidy has her tattoo and Breaker’s kid so I don’t even see how it’s a problem anymore but people are still being icy with him.

I never really spoke to him before because I’m not really a party person and he spent most of his time getting wasted with Romeo and Reign but both of them are settled down now with kids. I’ve had a few conversations with the kid here and there but he’s only twenty-three or twenty-four so there’s not really much to talk about.

Bear rolls his eyes and goes to check Rubble’s room as that’s where he spends all his time. We hardly ever see him anymore, not even in lockdown. He comes down for meals and everything but I guess the silence chases him back to his room at the end of it all. “He’s not here.” Bear declares as he gets back to the lounge with a concerned look on his face.

“Did he leave his cut?” Gears stands up as well with a little panic in his voice.

“No, he didn’t.”

“Maybe he went out with Riley, she was here this morning and you know he’s an early bird.” I feel my chest tighten at Saviour’s statement. Surely she wouldn’t sleep with me and then spend the whole day with another guy. Bear sends him a text and we all wait anxiously for a reply.

“Yeah, he’s fine. Out with Riley, be back late. Is all he said.” Fucking hell, maybe that’s his fucking thing. Going after other brothers’ women, not that Riley is mine but it’s been made clear from day one that I’m the one she’s interested in.

I silently seethe in an armchair while everyone goes back to everyday life on their phones and TVs with Romeo doing his standard surveillance bullshit.

I miss doing missions, I really want to punch something in the face right now, shooting something would better and I don’t mean a frail little target in the training room, I mean an actual person.

It’s bordering on nine o’clock now and no one has heard from either of them. I’m getting to the point of exploding with anger at the idea of him going back to her apartment with her and touching her the way I did last night.

“Boo! You’re such a chicken, you ran away from the guy with the chainsaw.” We hear Riley’s voice first and my back straightens as I wait for her to walk in the room with Rubble on her tail.

“He had a fucking chainsaw, Riles. Fuck was I supposed to do, hug him?”

“That would’ve been awesome, I’d make sure to frame the picture and give it to you on your anniversary. Also, you owe me fifty bucks for beating your ass at air hockey so hand it over.”

“Excuse you but I bought you more than enough cotton candy to make up for that and those churros were not cheap.”

“You mean the ones you almost threw up on a seven year old.” She laughs and shoves him which makes him flip her the bird. “Hey guys.” She greets, glancing over me and looking at Bear, he looks unimpressed. “What’s up?”

“Lockdown means bikers don’t leave the clubhouse.” Rubble pales but Riley’s eyes switch to rage.

“Leave it, Riles. It’s fine.” Rubble consoles and my chest tightens further alongside my fists.

“Fine? Fine? Fuck off is it fine, since when do you guys give a shit what he does? Most of you haven’t fucking spoken to him in almost a year for something he’s already made amends for so I’m sorry if I wanted to make him happy for once in his goddamn life. Jeez. I can protect the both of us and if it means turning up at six am everyday to make sure he’s not moping around then I fucking will. Damn.”

Everyone is speechless at that and she grins. “I think that worked, big man.”

“For fuck’s sake.” Rubble groans as Riley punches him playfully.

“Okay, well I’m gonna go. I have to go see some people but this was fun.” She heads out and I storm after her, slamming her against the side of her car. “Woah, what’s this for? Is it the note? Look, I’m not good at sleepovers, that’s all.”

“You fuck me then you spend the entire day with him? Why?”

“Because he needs a friend for fuck’s sake,” She shoves me off of her with a violent rise of her hips and glares at me, “look you don’t get to Lord yourself around thinking that I belong to you just because I fucked you once. Even if I was going to fuck Rubble - which I wouldn’t because he reminds me way to much of Johnson that I’d consider it incest - you wouldn’t be able to have a fucking opinion on that.”

“I know that.”

“Then why did you slam me against my car?”

“Many fucking reasons, Riley. Mainly because I was with you hours ago, inside you hours ago and then you disappear with a shitty note and don’t turn up again until late.”

“If you were any other person, you wouldn’t have seen me ever again. You’re hot and it was fun, I just don’t know what else you want from me.”

“I can think of something.” I drift my fingertips up the side of her thighs to clench around her waist, she smirks up at me before biting down on my bottom lip. “Get in the car. I’ll meet you at yours.”

“What about those people I have to see?”

“Fuck ’em.”

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