Boulder (Riders of Apollo #5)

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Ford Wilson

Four fights.

There have been four fights since the other chapter got here yesterday. This time, none of them included me. The first one was started by their Enforcer, Snake, he called Runner and faggot and Saviour beat the crap out of him, as expected.

The second one was started by Griller - one of their idiots - who grabbed Mari’s ass and Hunter punched him once and he hit the deck.

The third one was started by Rooster - also one of theirs - who went for Leo because he was serving Bear first instead of him. Something about guests getting first dibs. Reign and Saviour laid him out very quickly which left Leo smiling.

The final fight was started by Rock - the dumbest one of theirs it seems - who told Lexie to get in the kitchen and start cooking. Funnily enough, the guy that preached peace punched him in the stomach and told him not to talk to his wife that way.

So, yeah. They’re antagonistic and we’re reactive, this is not gonna end well at all. “Hey guys, check out this news story.” Romeo pulls up an article from the Times and I groan. “Riley’s been busy.”

It mentions one woman taking out seven men in a parking structure with a video from the cams. Romeo plays it and I sit down in rapt attention. I can see Riley, though she looks different with dark hair, and she’s outnumbered seven to one. “Holy fuck. She’s hot.” Razor says, drinking more of Bear’s private whiskey.

Riley gets thrown around and almost hit by a car before she’s shot seven times and still manages to get back up and kill the bastards. I would give anything to hear what she’s saying right now, I can see her mouth moving but all these security cams have no audio. “And this one.” Three bodies found in Grove park, witness said they saw one woman and heard multiple gunshots.

“What is she doing?” Lexie seems astounded by this activity, just as I am. I’m surprised the woman can still walk after everything she’s been through in the past two months. I certainly wouldn’t have made it, especially not after getting shot seven times in the chest even with Kevlar that hurts like a bitch.

“Who is she? She coming back soon because I’m sure I can show her a good time.” Rooster laughs alongside his President and I move to fight the bastard but Bear shoves me down by my shoulders. Rubble looks just as pissed as me and I give him a look that says ‘if I don’t get to fuck him up, then neither do you’.

“Have you heard from her, Rubble?” Bear asks and Rubble shakes his head. Lucia comes flying in before Rubble even gets a word out and Matias walks in behind her, looking annoyed.

“You saw it too! Is she okay? Does anyone know?” Lucia looks anxious, something I haven’t seen before and we all turn to Rubble. I think it’s time he makes the phone call. “Just call her already, she needs to know we care and ask her if she needs anything.”

Rubble agrees and dials the number, giving his phone to Romeo so he can hook it up to the system. “Rubble? Is everything okay?” I can hear the fear in her voice and I feel my heart break further, she’s still worried about us despite everything.

“I should ask you the same thing, seven at once in an underground parking garage?”

“Ah shit, you saw that? Johnson didn’t turn the fucking cameras off, still I look damn good kicking ass.”

“Are you in pain?”

“Uh yeah, a rather large amount of it but hey, part of the job. Seven bullets to Kevlar hurts like a bitch, I do not recommend.... Not right now, Johnson, later.”

“Everything okay?”

“Yeah, Johnson read my scans and apparently I have a broken rib and another target in a long line of them.” I can hear her hiss in pain as she shifts. “Fuck!”


“Sorry, I got stabbed sometime last week and I ripped the stitches a few hours ago. Turns out stitches don’t hold in a fight.”

“You got stabbed and you have a broken rib?” Lucia shouts and Riley chuckles before groaning.

“Chill out, it was only a dagger and I was thrown from a second storey window so can you blame me?.”

“Riley, I swear to God if you die, I’ll kill you.” Lucia scolds with her harsh but caring tone.

“Thanks, Luce. You guys can stop worrying, I can feel it from here. A few more targets and then onto bigger fish. I know I said six weeks but this is taking longer than expected. Rubble no more calling unless it’s an emergency. If you had called me two hours ago, I would’ve gotten killed.”

“Yeah, of course.”

“Good, don’t die guys.” The phone cuts off and I melt back into the couch.

“Anyone gonna explain who she is? And who they are?” Razor stands up to face down everyone, Lucia matches his stare effortlessly as her husband stands beside her doing the same.

“None of your fucking business.” Lucia blows a sarcastic kiss before dragging Matias from the building, taking their large security group with them.

“They’re friends, you don’t need to know anymore than that.” Bear replies evasively, still not impressed by our guests. We’re all ready to go for each other’s throats so I’m surprised they aren’t at the strip clubs or literally anywhere else. It would save us all some grief. “What are you doing here, anyway?”

“I want to sample some of your training and get to know the treaties you’ve made.”

“You can sample my training, my Enforcers and my Armourer will see to that. You can’t, however, see my treaties, they are confidential.”

“We are brothers.”

“Cousins at best. Sav, Reign, Runner, show them how we fight.”

“My worst could take your best.” Razor just made the biggest mistake of his life. Saviour is our best since Riley isn’t here and she will easily outfight any of his men here.

“Sure, you wanna bet on that?” Bear asks, getting the rest of us to stand and lead the way to the ring. Obviously, we all start making bets, everything we have going on Saviour. Razor laughs thinking his man is gonna win while we just smirk knowingly. Yeah, sure, that’s gonna happen.

Saviour takes her jacket off and the other men whistle, making Reign tense and furious. To counteract this, Saviour kisses him hard and heavy, leaving him a little cloudy. She steps up into the ring and their Enforcer, Snake, steps in with her. She already has a grudge against this guy so she’s got the advantage.

He’s an offensive fighter, meaning he moves first. He moves widely though as he’s used to fighting large bikers while Saviour is nimble and slim, leaving him open to an easy counterattack. She jabs his ribs three times and dives under his wailing arms before kicking him in the back of the knee.

She steps back to let him back up and as soon as he gets to his feet, she swipes them out from under him. He tries to trip her but she jumps over his leg and uses the momentum to kick him in the face hard enough to make him spit blood.

Now he’s pissed.

He’s being shown up by a woman for one and two, he’s about to lose his Prez a lot of money.

Snake gets up and lashes out. Saviour catches his fist and twists hard enough to sprain it but not break it. As he is immobilised in pain, she kicks him in the stomach and he hits the floor again.

I’ll admit, he’s perseverant. He rolls into a crouch to aim for her legs again but she just knees him in the face, this time making his nose bleed too. The scary thing is that Saviour isn’t a talker so while Snake is badmouthing and trying to get in her head, she just stands there emotionless. She even moves in silence and you can tell she earned her reputation.

Snake is knocked out minutes later and the other chapter revolt. There are only seven of them and their supposed strongest is unconscious so I don’t know what they think they’re gonna get out of it.

“Rematch!” Razor shouts and Bear shrugs.

“I mean if you’re desperate to lose money, I’m not gonna stop you. Let your man ice his wounds, I’m sure Sav will be happy to beat his ass again soon. Double or nothing?” Bear taunts and guides Lexie back up to the lounge, the rest of us follow him without even looking their way.


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