Boulder (Riders of Apollo #5)

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Riley Everett

These people are fucking stupid.

I have six cameras in the lobby of my apartment complex, I have a tracker on my car, a biker on my ass and surveillance cameras following my every move. They’ve obviously got the cops in their pocket so I can’t go to them for the files that I need so I had to break into their file room without getting caught just to pick up a file that legally I’m allowed to have.

I’m kind of sad that they put Saviour as my tail, I would much prefer the guy who was in my lobby yesterday because he was fucking gorgeous. I know it was Boulder - the bodyguard - and Romeo - the tech guy - putting the cameras up. He was nice to look at. Big broad body that could crush me with little effort, tattoos decorating available skin, short brown hair and blue eyes with that leather jacket that just hugs his biceps and the way he straddles that bike makes me wish I was the bike.

Granted, Saviour is just as gorgeous and I’m kind of sad that she’s married because her and I could have a lot of fun. I call my boss and tell him about everything which makes him laugh. We both knew that the biker club was gonna be a problem, it’s just the bad way they’re going about it that makes it amusing. Though I suppose they don’t know my abilities, they probably think I’m just a fuck buddy for one of the French guys moving on the area but it doesn’t matter.

I managed to acquire two files from the police station. The full file on the Riders of Apollo - the one MI6 had was rather lacking, this one has all the juicy stuff - and the file on Monsieur Pontiac. He is just a petty criminal on paper, a few DUIs, aggravated robberies, boring shit like that but by the looks of things he is now the drug kingpin of the town adjacent to this one.

Tomorrow I’m going to have to pay him a visit and I suppose my new friend will just have to come with me.


To get in with this douchebag I’m going to have to play the part.

I head into the bathroom and brush my teeth and tame my hair before putting on some heavy makeup. Sexy smoky eye, contour, highlight, the whole shebang before putting on red lipstick and some simple but expensive looking jewellery.

I dive into my suitcases and fish out one of my short black dresses and some thigh high socks so that you can only see the tops of my thighs. I slip on some knee high stilettos and a long beige trench coat to hide the holsters for my guns.

Yes, guns plural, this guy is dangerous.

I send out a location beacon for my idiot boss so that he knows what I’m doing before heading out. I avoid the urge to wave to the cameras and blow a kiss their way because I want them to think I don’t have a clue what they’re doing. Element of surprise and all that.

It’s an hour and a half drive to the next town and an Impala follows me the entire way. Granted, I wouldn’t have noticed her if I didn’t already know she was gonna be there. Still, I drive like a normal person so she thinks I haven’t clocked her and pull up a block away from the idiot I’m meeting for coffee.

“Hello Miss Ivan.” He greets me and I immediately slip on a Polish accent, I don’t need him knowing anything more than that.

“Mister Pontiac, it is my pleasure.” His guards move slightly so that I can take a seat opposite him and he smiles excitedly.

“You are here to be a part of the fun, eh?”

“Of course, Monsieur, I have travelled a long way to work with le Milieu and yet I was never offered the opportunity until you. I am extremely grateful for that.”

“Well you’re too gorgeous to be working for your money and one of the bosses friends needs a date for a party coming up in a few days. I think you’d be perfect, he’d pay extra for a” He strokes my hand and I smile flirtatiously, flipping his hand to draw patterns on his palm.

“Where am I going and what is the dress code?” He slides over a manila envelope and tells me not to open it until I am alone which I obviously agree with, the Impala parked across the way and a camera pointed at us from the front seat being the main reason why. I don’t need them knowing what’s going on.

“The dress code is of formal, black tie, so find yourself a gown.”

“Of course, Monsieur and maybe one day I’ll have the pleasure of accompanying you.” I phrase it more like a question and the shit eating grin covers his face as his fingertips trail up my arm to stroke my cheek.

“One day but the bosses get you first, then you’re mine.” I wink at him and finish my coffee before breezing it out, stroking his arm and shoulder as I leave. I slip on my sunglasses and head back to my flat so I can dig through all the information.

The ball is in two nights and it’s a masquerade, which means I need to find a dress. I take the wad of cash out of the envelope and decide to spend the money on the dress so I don’t have to pay for it. I inform my boss about everything and he agrees that the next step is to infiltrate the party and go digging through their shit for what I need, ledgers, emails, data, whatever.

The watch party has been added to, this time a large bloke with long hair and large body is sat in the Impala next to Saviour. The way they talk and lean together, I can assume that this is Reign, her biker. Cute, they sent a couple after me, is this like a date? Am I third wheeling? I feel like I’m stepping on their fun.

I pull up at a posh boutique and immediately three associates are on me with dress ideas. I let them choose for me since I don’t really have a preference for gowns. They finally decide - after about ten minutes of deliberation - on a gorgeous, navy blue, velvet dress with a slit that basically reaches my hip. It has spaghetti straps and a square neckline so it shows my collarbone.

They give me a simple mask of the same material and I pay with a large tip. I don’t keep dirty money and I had some left over, besides, they need it more than I do. I hang the garment bag in the back of the car and the Impala is still sat there, in broad daylight. You wouldn’t really think much of it unless you notice that they haven’t left the car since they got there.

Though I suppose no one would question the leaders of the area, not even the coppers.

Weirdly, they follow me back to my flat even though they’ve got cameras in my building and a tracker in my car. It’s a little ridiculous but I guess I should be proud that I’m worth this much trouble, it is a waste though since I’m definitely not a threat.

They’re no where near my hit list, they’re entirely based in America, there are no chapters in England so I don’t give a fuck what they’re up to and I doubt their own government care much either.

“How are you getting on, Riley?” Chief asks me as soon as I answer the phone.

“I’m good, they’ve been tailing me, got cameras and trackers and everything. I don’t think they’re much of a threat to be honest, I’ll rope them in when I need them. For now, I need to get my hair and nails done for this party.”

“Use the company credit card, we can write it off as business expenses.”

“Thanks, boss. I’ll check in in a few hours.” I hang up and toss my work phone somewhere and pull out my personal, dialling my mum because I miss her. “Hey mama.”

“Hey baby, you okay?”

“Just bored, America is fucking tedious.”

“Well it’s not much better here. Work, eat, sleep, redo.”

“Don’t forget the pub.”

“And the pub. Your sisters probably miss you, they haven’t seen you in months. As soon as you’re back all three of you are coming home for dinner, okay? Loren can’t keep fucking around in Germany, it’s ridiculous.”

“Mum, Loren is thirty-two years old and a very well known engineer, what are you gonna do? Ground her?”

“That’s not a bad idea.”

“What about Millie?”

“She’s only twenty-five, she’ll do as she’s told.”

“Good luck with that one, she’s the baby, she gets away with everything.” We talk for about an hour or so before I start making myself some food. I put Netflix on while I chow away, my eyes flicking over to the Impala and finding it missing, replaced by another guy on a bike. Scratch that, two guys.

One is shorter than the other with colourful tattoos and a scar across his face, the other is Latino with curly hair and an eyebrow piercing. The way there are with each other indicates that they’re also a couple. Cute, they all go out on adorable stalking dates. Their boss is really sweet.

The little one is Romeo. He’s a tech guy, foster kid who was in and out of jail more than any of the others. The other one is Runner, kicked out of his family when he was young, almost got done for drug trafficking but bumped the charges and now they live together with a dog and a kid.

Biker clubs... they bring everyone together.

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