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SO THE STORY IS ABOUT A ADVENTURER HE CLIMBS and jumps the owner name and age is: the owner name is hani Ahmed and his age is 9 years

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No chapter only one chapter

One day a adventurer knows how to climb jump his name was Nathan drake he had so many enemys he wanted to defeat them but he can’t…he did a lots of practice so he finded a temple the temple name was park ridge temple the temple was kind a high up but nathan was practiced he climbed the temple up a enemy was standing up at the temple with a gun named ak 47 he grabbed the enemy’s foot and throwed him down from the temple the enemy died when he get up temple he said Nathan drake:OMG because there were a lots of enemy’s waiting for him he grabbed the gun ak 47 and shooted some enemys died so Nathan finded a way he climbed up but then more enemy’s came he said not again his gun was out of ammo he had only a pistol he shooted again enemy’s died but then he see something he screamed it was a guy with a RPG the guy shooted the RPG at Nathan he didn’t die but got hurt he walked at a mountain then found a guy his name was Dante they become friends then the walked to the mountain then they founded a forest they walked deep in the forest they found a house of enemy’s they walked in the enemy’s showed up then they take a cover and shooted enemy’s had shotguns and iron armour they didn’t kill them to well they shot nathan his heart was beating fast Dante quickly gave him health kit Nathan said thank god you saved me Dante or I was dead that time Dante said ok now kill the enemys!!! Nathan said ok ok they find some shotguns too they shooted them they died then they find a way then they find a paper made of charcoal they rubbed the paper they saw a picture Dante said this must be have to be a clue Nathan said yes it has to be then they saw a girl on the tree Nathan put out his gun and aiming at the girl the girl name was Chase Dante said Nathan to put the gun away and said she is my friend then chase said to Dante I found a charcoal paper Nathan said really where? Chase said at they park ridge temple then Nathan said oh but I passed over the park ridge temple chase said don’t worry I bringed it already Nathan rubbed the paper it was about a legendary weapon Dante said we can find that weapon at dangerous mountains chase said oh yeah we can they go to find it but Dante said I gotta go Nathan and chase said why Dante said no reason Nathan said ok Dante was gone chase said let’s find the legendary weapon Nathan said ok let’s go they go there but there was no space to walk they have to from they corners chase was about to fall nathan said careful! Then when they got a another side they see it was long jump to do Nathan did it but chase waited Nathan was saying something but chase sunndenly jumped chase said sorry what were you saying Nathan said if you are 14 years old you can this high chase said yeah i am higher then 14 I am 16 years old Nathan said ok they passed the mountains it was night they walked to a place where were their enemies they walked there then they saw the main door was high up so chase and Nathan use each other as parthners chase put her foot on Nathan hand and Nathan give her a boost chase get up then Nathan said how am I gonna get up chase said don’t worry I will find a way chase said look a box she throwed the box down Nathan get up Nathan said enemys!!! Nathan give the gun to chase but she said I can’t kill them Nathan said ok I have to kill them myself they died they dropped a new gun the gun name was FAL they picked it up it was kind a like shotgun chase said they stolen my grand father’s amulet Nathan said we have to find it chase said ok they get into the enemys room chase said my god they have the worlds treasures Nathan said to chase what was the amulet Colour chase said yellow and with some red and blue and green gems on it Nathan said find it chase said that was quick Nathan said just kidding chase oh man Nathan said look a metal box chase said we have to enter a password and did you have the charcoal paper with legendary weapon clue Nathan said yes chase said look the legendary weapon has numbers on it Nathan said oh yeah the password is 5267 they entered the password it opened the metal box has the amulet chase took the amulet and said to Nathan keep it don’t lose it it’s really important so they go to a mountain enemys came they don’t have ammo in any guns enemys said give the amulet or we will shoot you Nathan said ok then they fall into the water fall they were going down from the water stones were coming in the way they docked the stones chase was mad because she thought Nathan lose the amulet she was about slap him Nathan showed her amulet chase said thank god if you lose it I was about to slap but then Dante came with gun aiming at Nathan Nathan said why you aiming at me he said you are stupid because enemys were listening from behind him or if Dante will be kind to Nathan enemys will kill Dante Nathan and chase found a car and run from the car they came to a shop then they thought they were safe they found a well there was a ladder into the well they climbed down the well chase said my grand father came here so let’s try to find him Nathan said ok the well was dark so Nathan had a candle he light up the well Nathan find another ladder going down a room he saw pictures chase yelled to Nathan and Nathan got up and then said what chase said look another way Nathan said to many ways this well must be have to be a maze they find some statues Nathan said I think they can be moved by a system they find some levers and buttons the statues moved they find a paper it was a clue where statues need to be moved Nathan moved the statues then a door open then they walked to the door and find the legendary weapon the legendary weapon was a sword chase said this legendary weapon was my grand fathers weapon Nathan said ok but then the enemys came Nathan and chase said we won’t give the weapon the enemys shooted 5 times docked and run enemys were following them but they beat up Nathan Nathan didn’t die he just get beaten up but Nathan stand again Dante was there enemys took chase with them the enemys boss name was Anthony and then Anthony pushed Dante he fall off Nathan said he broked your back why were with him Dante said sorry Nathan said again enemys took chase because of you now they climbed up enemys were shooting them sentry guns Nathan said those sentry guns are really dangerous Dante and Nathan see some obstacles to go pass the sentry guns Nathan said to Dante distract the sentry guns and I go climb the obstacles Dante said ok Nathan climbed there safely now Nathan need to distract the sentry guns Dante came safely too they run fast as possible Dante Apologize Nathan got mad and aim the gun at Dante and Dante said a friend on my his name is sully Nathan said ok I will meet him so then Nathan walked to his home sully said we can deafet the enemys they get on a boat and started going to the park ridge temple again they find stone building they get on it there were enemys and they killed the enemys they found the park ridge temple and they saw Dante there too Nathan said he is a enemy of us now they saw Anthony too they saw a rope the grab the rope and jumped to the temple Dante Anthony and the enemys shooted them sully climbed the mountain to be safe Nathan was killing them alone now Dante died and Nathan’s guns were out of ammo Anthony pushed Nathan to a bridge now they were fighting Nathan was about to fall down but he grabbed the bridge Anthony was breaking the bridge more but Nathan came up again and burn the bridge with the fire Anthony falled and died Nathan said that all you got Nathan get to the mountain where sully climbed to be safe he find chase and sully they talked about Nathan how he killed the enemys and saved Nathan said it’s a long story…


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