The Mafia Princes And The Assassin Cousins [v.k & y.m.s]

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where jungkook and his cousin jimin alomg with his cousin's boyfriend hoseok made a big mistake by tracking down the retired mafia prince who has his brothers that are always around him in secret, that he doesn't even know... what happens to them when they got captured by the retired mafia prince's younger brothers? . . "you did a big mistake by tracking down my big brother... jung hoseok, park jimin and jeon jungkook..." "who the fuck are you?" "your worsest nightmares"

Action / Mystery
Xi An Lang
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It was a cold night, a ravennette was on the roof with a red haired following him from behind, they jumped from roof to roof without making any sound... well, aside from the red haired behind him shrieking in a hushed voice because of the creatures on the roof...

“Ugh! Hoseok! Will you shut your big mouth?!” The ravenette whisper-yelled in his earpiece

"Well excuse me Jungkook! You know i hate rats! And bats! And cats! Especially black cats! They bring bad luck if they pass in your direction!" The red haired named hoseok whisper-yelled back in the earpiece

The ravenette named jungkook groaned whilw they heared a high-pitched laughed in their earpiece...

"Hobi, relax! Jungkookie ia there to protect you, right cousin?" Jungkook’s cousin said from the earpiece towards his boyfriend hoseok

“Why do i have to babysit your boyfriend jimin?! He’s 22! He should overcome his fears for fucks sake!” Jungkook answered back to his cousin park jimin

Jungkook’s father is jimin’s mother’s younger brother... so that made jimin older than jungkook by two years as he was 21 while jungkook was 19... but however, they are close to each other... their family accept any sexuality in their family as long as they are polite and not fake... jungkook heard his cousin whine on the other side of the earpiece...

"Come on kook! Please!! Help hobi!!" Jimin whined and jungkook just rolled his eyes as he felt a pout on his cousin’s lips which jimin was doing in their hideout

“Ugh! Fine! I’ll protect your horse-faced boyfriend! Are we almost at our destination?” Jungkook asked his cousin

"Yeah! Just two more roofs and you’ve arrived at micasa club" jimin says as he looks at the trackers on their earpiece

Jungkook and hoseok did as told and jump over two more roofs... and they stopped on the last roof and saw the huge and known club in Busan, the micasa club... they looked at each other and nodded and both jumped on the club’s roof and hid inside... their client, alex evans sent a message to jimin on what their target’s name is while jimin hacks on his computer about the information about the target... jungkook and hoseok got into a hidden space and looked into the crowd...

“I thought that this place is supposed to smell sweaty and disgusting and... more on alcohol... but why are the people here dressed in formal attire and more... fancy?” hoseok asks his boyfriend with a confused face

"Because the micasa club is more of a fancy ballroom than a smelly-sweaty club with disgusting stuff... this club is more on where businessmen host parties and means trading illegal things underground... this place is also like a casino but more on drinks and business talk... and there have been many criminal cases that have left unsolved here by the police, detectives, and even fbis!" Jimin says through the earpiece

“Alright... so who’s our target chim?” Jungkook asked

As he scanned the place with his glasses that jimin made to scan information... jimin typed on his keyboard and used his hacking skills and tracking skills tp find the target... and he found him...

"There! By the fountain, talking to two men on the west side!" Jimin says and the two look at that direction

"His name is rm! He’s a married man and an old mafia leader... but i can’t find other information about him... but i know that he’s very rich and very feared in the mafia world... and i can’t find any other information about him..." jimin says and jungkook got confused

“Nothing about his relatives? Family? Real name? Birth? Nothing?” hoseok asks his boyfriend

"Nothing... i can’t crack their code... it’s in another type of code that i have never learned or seen in my researches..." jimin answers with a sigh

“It’s ok chim, me and hoseok hyung will finish this... just try to learn more about that code” jungkook orders

"Sure thing! And... be careful" jimin pleads

“We will my baby” hoseok answers with a soft positive voice

Jungkook and hoseok got into position and aimed their snipers at their target... but what they didn’t know is that a person was watching them the whole time... the mysterious person just watched with his stone cold face as he watched jungkook and hoseok hide in their places to kill his big brother...

“Hey hyung” the male said through his earpiece

"Hey... i’m at their hideout to take out their hacker and bring back to base... hoe about those two bozos?" He hears his half-brother ask

“Still keeping an eye on them... i already sent the drones you made to electrecute them so i can easily bring them into the car and back to base” he says as he sends the drones

"How can hyung don’t even notice he’s being targeted? He’s a mafia prince and leader of our mafia" his brother says with an annoyed voice

“He stopped remember? Because he doesn’t want his husband and daughter to get hurt...” the male answers back to his brother as he watches the drones nearing its target

"Yeah... welp! I got in... time to knock someone out... see you back at base" his brother said

His eyes kept focusing on the drone and good thing it can camouflage with its surroundings... jungkook and hoseok took out their weapons and aimed it at their target... until they stopped when they heard jimin’s voice through the earpiece...

"Hey! Who are yo- yah! Get your hands off of me you fucker! Let go! If you do-GAHHHHHHH!!" Jimin yells and then they heard a thud

“Jimin?” Jungkook asked

“Baby?” Hoseok asked anxious

But... nothing... they heard nothing from the other line... they withdraw their weapons... and then everything went dark for the both of them... and once they were knocked out, two men took them away and carried them into the van... and the mysterious man came out with a mask now on his face as he stared down on the two unconscious men being tied up... he tsked and shook his head while clicking his tongue...

“You should’ve never messed with my big brother and just left your client to deal this by himself... because now... you have to deal with the consequences” the man said

As he entered his car and then drove off towards his base with the van that has jungkook and hoseok hostage...

How is it?
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