Royal Mafia Rescue

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Will Queen Kenzi stand by her King? Will the new King try to overthrow the Queen? Secret, Lies, Betrayal and The Prophecy how deep does it go? Will she Regret it? What horrors will the Almighty Queen face? I can tell you this, It's only the beginning!

Action / Romance
Holly Thompson
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Chapter 1

Book 3 so make sure to read in order 1. Hell's Mafia Rescue 2. Queen's Mafia Rescue then this one! Thank you to all my loyal reader's you inspire me to keep writing and getting better!

Now lets begin

Kenzi's POV

It's been a month since the killing of Issac and colten, and of the last fucking triplet. We can't forget the killing of our unexpected guest Sarah. This past month Abby, Emery and I bought the mansion for our business. We've decided on the name Fairchild Safe Harbor. I figured the name Fairchild had enough pain it was time the name did some actual good for a change. Wyatt and I finally held the two week recruit training camp and made our choice. I choose four Nick, Damon Miles, Tod and Cody the most trusted one of the four as of right now is Nick! His daughter Lilly is five and so beautiful. Wyatt only wanted two from his pick and their names are Aj and Seth. Now Hunter haha, Hunter is the love of my life that man stole my soul. My heart beats for him, I would die for that man he is everything to me. Joey's the one person I trust even more then Hunter. Joey is protective over my heart, I don't think he fully trust Hunter with me. I can't fault him for caring about me.

Hunter's POV

Well shits been running smoothly for the last month, Kenzi and I have gotten serious. In fact i'm about to ask for her hand in marriage. Kenzi is actually on the way home with my brother and his girl Cheyenne who Kenzi just found out is her cousin. Blaze is the only one in my family I have anything to do with the rest can rot in hell for all I care. Blaze is the only one I still claim. I'm in my office when the land line starts ringing.

Phone Conversation


Ahh it's been awhile Hunter!

Earl, what do you want?

You already know, It's time you come home!

Well that's not happening and it never will Earl I suggest you give up.

Haha Boy! You know our families reputation, you'll come willingly or by force. You have a week to show up or the family will do our recon, and you what happens then.

Call ends

I run my hands through my hair and shout "FUCK!" My hands go to my head and down my face while i'm already thinking. Suddenly I sit straight up on the edge of my chair gathering my thoughts. Now it's time to go speak with the most important person in Kenzi's life.

Joey's POV

I'm headed back to the Gambino's Mafia house tomorrow morning. I'm in the middle of packing when there's a knock on my door, I walk over and open the door and there stands Hunter.

Joey- What's going on why are you here?

Hunter- I need to speak with you.

I tell him to come in once he's inside the room I shut the door. Hunter walks over to the desk but remains standing. I walk over and take a seat in the chair and say "Okay what's going on Hunter?"

Hunter- You know how much time I've been spending with Kenzi lately.

I interrupt as I say "Yeah you've two practically been joined the hips." Hunter laughs.

Hunter- Yes we have, anyways I love her more then I've ever loved anyone. I want to be her King and spend the rest of my life with Kenzi, I'd like your permission to marry her!

I immediately stand up and look right into his eyes and say "No!" Before I could finish he rudely interrupted me.

Hunter- What the hell do you mean NO?

Joey- If you'd let me finish my answer is NO! Not until I do some deeper research, I won't allow Kenzi to get hurt again. Trust me Hunter if there's anything your keeping from her i'll find it! Kenzi has been betrayed to many fucking times so if you love her you'll wait.

Hunter steps right up to me basically nose to nose and says "Go ahead you won't find shit, but let's get one thing clear right now. You won't keep Kenzi from marrying me, I asked you out of respect but your answer won't affect the outcome." then he just walks out.

Earl Sullivan's POV

I just hung up on Hunter's ass. I sit down and start doing some recon when Davis, Ed, JD and Dylan walks in. Dylan asks me "What are you doing?" I tell him "I'm doing some recon into your brother!"

Davis- Why?

Earl- Because I gave him a week to show up but I know for a fact he won't come back without a show of force.

Ed- You want us to kill someone close to him again? That's the whole reason he fucking left!

Earl- We don't have a goddamn choice, the Russians are coming.Everyone is this fucking room knows Hunter's ass is the only one who can handle this. Also don't forget we're looking for someone and have been for years. Hunter is needed home by any means necessary. Now everyone get out and go find something I can use!

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